April 14, 2014

Paul Chek’s Essential Tips For Travel

Happy Monday!

I hope you all enjoyed my three part series exploring the C.H.E.K Exercise Coach program.

I appreciate all the great comments left on my www.youtube.com/paulcheklive channel.

In my blog today, I will share:

1. Paul Chek’s Essential Tips For Traveling

2. HLC 1 San Francisco and HLC 2 England Highlights

3. Healing Terrible Skin. A case history to share with you!

4. Catching up on my personal life a little.

Paul Chek’s Essential Tips For Travel

If there’s one thing in this world I have A LOT of experience with, it is jet travel.

I traveled throughout the US teaching my approach largely to physical therapists and athletic trainers between 1988-1995, which was challenging enough on my body and mind.

Little did I know at the time, but this was just the “warm-up” for what Great Spirit had in store for me. In 1995, I began traveling very regularly to Australia and New Zealand, sometimes making three trips a year; once there, I was hopping all over those countries teaching as well.

By 2000, the demands for my teachings had grown significantly, and Penny and I spent the grand majority of our time right up until a year ago traveling all over the globe running CHEK Institute courses.

The demands of being on the road for recreation, vacation, or enjoyment are completely different than having to get off an airplane in another country, in very different time zones, and before you know it, you are standing on stage in front of hundreds of people.

Trying to stay sharp, motivated, and “motivating” to my students took every ounce of my inner-strength and self-management. In addition, Penny and I had to run our businesses from the road; I built the entire PPS Success Mastery program in airplanes and hotel rooms…

Through all these experiences, I developed a comprehensive method of traveling to keep myself healthy, fit, and motivated the best of my ability.

Though I could easily write a book on the topic, today I share a few essential tips that anyone can apply easily, and immediately to reduce travel stress.

My vlog today covers these Essential Travel Tips:

1. Drink lots of good quality water. Always carry quality sea salt with you so you can add minerals to water. Some airports, but not many, have decent waters, such as evian or Fiji.

Often though, you are caught with garbage waters like Aquafina or Dasani, which are essentially just filtered tap water, which is usually energetically dead.

Adding a pinch of salt can go a long way to turn naked, dead water into something that is useful to your body.

2. Carry Oreganol P73 at all times! Oregonol P73 is one of the best “cure all” products I’ve ever found.

Cass Ingram and his wife Judy created this excellent product and sell it through their company, American Wild Foods (www.americanwildfoods.com) and it is available in most health food stores and Amazon.com too.

If you feel anything trying to get you, or are traveling with unhealthy kids and people, taking 1-5 drops three times a day or as needed can be the difference between getting ill, and NOT. It has helped me avoid illness MANY times. In fact, I’ve never missed a day of work due to illness in my 30 year career, even with all the travel and work stress.

3. Belly Breathing: In my video today, I give a quick review of how to breath properly so you can effectively oxygenate and energize your body-mind. Very essential when traveling!

4. Pump Your Body Regularly!: Using the zone exercises I share in my book, How To Eat, Move, and Be Healthy! in airports and on your journey is very helpful to help your circulatory, digestive, eliminative, and immune systems.

When you are traveling, you need all systems go. I give some simple examples of how to pump your body while traveling and there are many more practical examples in my book.

5. Carry Good Food With You!: Eating the food in airports and on airplanes is a great way to increase stress and speed the aging process. Always carry “real food” that you can eat on the fly.

6. Natural Fiber Clothing: Wearing clothing made of natural fiber, such as organic cotton, help, bamboo, or wool can go a long way to increase comfort and decrease travel stress.

Back in 2000, when I started taking tai-chi lessons from Master Fong Ha (see: www.fongha.com), I did a series of 100-day Gong practices. These practices significantly enhanced my intuition, and my capacity to feel subtle energy flows in the environment and in my body.

During that period, someone gave me some natural cotton tai-chi pants and shirt. I put them on and did a tai-chi session and noticed right away that my connection to the environment was much improved, and that my ability to feel the flow if chi was significantly enhanced.

When I went back to wearing my normal “sports clothing”, I felt as though I was suffocating so-to-speak. After that, I began a much more focused study of what was occurring within myself when wearing synthetic based clothing vs natural fiber clothing.

The best simple example I can give you is this: Think of the time when you’ve been in a building, or a hockey rink and had to look through Plexiglas as opposed to normal glass (which is a natural product made from molten sand); looking through Plexiglas is like looking through a dirty windshield or dirty glasses, while looking through clean glass causes little obstruction to your vision.

Wearing synthetic containing clothing creates an obstruction to the natural flow of your life-force energies, which are expressed outward through your chakra centers before looping back into your body-mind via your own energy field.

Wearing natural fiber clothing does not create any unnatural obstruction to the flow of your own life-force energy.

Additionally, just as “information” is lost when passing light through an unnatural substance (like Plexiglas), I feel from my researches on myself and others that we loose essential information we need about both our internal and external environments when unnatural substances mediate the experience.

Since travel in general is a stressful experience, it is logical that we’d want to remove any unnecessary source of confusion or stress we can.

7. Sleep Aids: Carrying some high quality organic sleep aids is always a wise idea, particularly if you are crossing time zones. I find that even a shift of one hour can disrupt my sleep quality, and the bigger the time zone difference, the more challenging it is to sleep well.

Yogi Tea Company makes some great teas to help you sleep, as do others.

You can also purchase a variety of flower essences and essential oils that help improve sleep quality, I prefer Young Living Essential Oils because their quality is excellent. You can learn more here about Young Living Essential Oils and how to become a distributor so you can get them at wholesale prices.

I hope you enjoy my vlog today.

HLC 1 San Francisco and HLC 2 England Highlights

HLC 1 SF Jator
Here you can see Jator Pierre (https://www.wehlc.com/) with his first HLC 1 class as a fully qualified HLC Instructor for the CHEK Institute.

I’m very proud of Jator. He’s one of the most committed, respectful students I’ve ever worked with, and it is a great joy to see him sharing his love and wisdom with the world.

Great Job Jator! The whole institute is proud of your accomplishments as an instructor.

Here is one of the comments I’ve received from Jator’s students already!:

Brother Jator,

I know it is midnight right now and I should be in bed. However, I am so inspired from this weekend’s course and riding the wave of Qi. There is so much that is clicking inside and I feel a deeper aspect of awakening is occurring because of being in contact with you and the vibe of our group.   I can tell you have been on the path of Awakening not only for years but for lifetimes. You walk the spiritual path in the world with grace, humbleness and strength. I see you as a Brother and a true Warrior of Light! The way you blasted that the field with love, trust, vulnerability and authenticity made everyone feel completely safe and secure in your presence.  I teach Djedi Activation workshops and have traveled the country for the last 5 years certifying qigong teachers. I know a Djedi when I see one=)
One Strong Love,

HLC2UK Angie
Angie Lustrick (www.angiesworld.com) has just successfully climbed the instructor ladder from being an HLC 1 Instructor to being an HLC 2 Instructor faster than anyone ever has in the history of the CHEK Institute.

Angie was able to do this because of her extensive background in exercise, nutrition, energy healing sciences, and her practice as a shaman/healer.

Angie’s capacity to take in, and apply technical information is incredibly high, and her ability to convey a complex message in simple, realistic, understandable terms is excellent.

Here is one of many positive comments I’ve received already from Angie’s students who just attended HLC 2 with her:

Hey Angie

Thanks again for such an amazing course it was really awesome and I learnt a lot from it. Plus your energy as a teacher was awesome too.

I wrote a new One-love song I thought you might like to read.

One love is all you need,
Two forces choose which you feed,
Three choices, only one to be made,
4 doctors to heal your soul and the fun with never fade.

Anyways wishing you safe travels and loads of positive energy.

Love, peace, Om

In the past year, Penny and I have put a lot of effort into traveling less and rebuilding our business, including up-skilling and bringing on new instructors and training them.

We’ve made a number of staff changes to improve both customer service, and enhance the learning experience for our students.

Having Jator teaching HLC 1, and Angie teaching HLC 1 and HLC 2 has been a big breath of fresh air for the institute, and the students who have been fortunate to have them as their instructors. I can’t express enough how proud of Angie and Jator I am! Great work guys!

We also have several other new HLC 1 instructors who have finished training, or who are about to finish. Among them are:


Ashley Mazurek: Ashley is an incredible instructor with a wealth of life-experience. She comes from a solid background of athletics, and has turned in some very impressive performances at Ironman Triathlon competitions in the past.

Ashley is a very loving and wise mommy, who does an excellent job of living the principles and teaching them to her family. Ashley also teaches CHEK Exercise Coach, and will soon be qualified to teach CHEK Practitioner Level 1.

If you like taking classes from a fit, beautiful, highly intelligent woman, with lots of life experience and mothering experience, she could be just the instructor for you!

Or, you can view her excellent blogs: www.chekinsitute.com/blog

JennieDelbridgeFacultyJennie Delbridge of Peak Of Wellbeing has qualified to teach HLC 1 and will be offering classes in France, Switzerland, and the UK through CHEK Europe (www.chekeurope.com).

Jennie is also a beautiful, fit, highly intelligent woman with a lot of great clinical experience. She has great focus and a great sense of humor too!

Jennie, like the other instructors I’m sharing here, has done a lot of personal healing, through which she’s learned a lot about herself, and life. There is never a better instructor to learn from than the one who’s walked the path of their own healing!

Great to have you teaching HLC 1 Jennie!


Matthew Wallden is one of my longest standing instructors working at for the institute today.

Matthew has degrees in naturopathy, and osteopathy, as well as having spent many years mastering all things CHEK.

Matthew is a genius with his ability to synthesize very complex topics and concepts in such a way that his students can comprehend them. Matthew is not only an excellent presenter, he is one of only two people qualified to teach my most technical advanced training program, CHEK Practitioner Level 3.

It’s great to have him teaching HLC 1 now too! Great work Matthew!!

Gavin Jennings

Gavin Jennings is the principle director of CHEK Europe. I want to take a moment to acknowledge the amazing work Gavin has done for the CHEK Institute in the UK and European markets.

Gavin is one of the most incredible people I’ve ever had the joy of meeting and working with, and his lovely wife Gabby is his equal counterpart.

All my instructors love coming to work with Gavin in the UK and Europe because he’s so organized, courteous, and is truly a hard-core CHEK and HLC Practitioner. It has been amazing to work with Gavin for the past several years and see how his deep knowledge of business and his own practice as a CHEK/HLC practitioner has influenced his CHEK Europe business.

Gavin single-handedly built the CHEK Academy, which allows CHEK students a much more focused, supportive learning environment.

Students in the program are regularly tutored by CHEK Instructors and Mentors, and the quality of students he is putting out through his program is excellent. In fact, we are working to take Gavin’s model worldwide because it works so beautifully.


Healing Terrible Skin. A case history to share with you!

I was recently contacted by Simon Fitzgerald who lives in Australia. Simon wanted to share his story of how he healed a very painful skin condition (eczema) with me because he used my approach and it worked very well for him.

Simon has completed my HLC1 course and he has very successfully applied the methods he learned to benifit himself and other. He is an avid reader and viewer of my blog taking advantage of the methods I share on www.youtube.com/paulcheklive

Here is an abbreviated version of the letter he sent me with some incredible photos to go with it!

Hi Paul,

This is an extremely brief rundown of what actually took place, but it gives an indication of what I went through. I wouldn’t change it for the world because now that I have healed myself it feels like I have won the lottery everyday of my life.

I heard a story of Michael Meade’s (not sure if u have heard of him); it basically stated that sometimes you have to go into the darkness to find the gold and jewels as all the stuff in the light has been found. Bloody true in this case mate!!

Simon Fitzgerald Skin Condition foot

Simon Fitzgerald skin  condition arm

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures at the peak of my healing crisis, but these are gruesome enough anyhow. You will notice that some start to decrease in severity as healing was starting to occur.

I was earning my income by working for money instead of doing something I love to do, that I could feel good about. I was also a 50% owner of an organic supermarket and training clients in my home studio, but my main income was another business that was draining me.

After a decade or so of doing this my inner-self was sending me clear messages that this had to stop.

Letting go of this income stream brought up a lot of fear surrounding my ability to support myself (and trusting the universe). At this same time I had a stressful experience with my work that added some extra anxiety to the situation. All of a sudden my skin broke out in an extremely itchy rash due to the various forms of stress. My skin condition was diagnosed as eczema.

Methods you teach that I applied:
–    I immediately went on an anti-fungal eating program.

– Through your How to Find and Live Your Legacy, Lessons 1,2,3 and I reconnected with my purpose and unique gifts as a healer.

– I re-programmed my mind/thoughts through respecting the power of my conscious mind.

– I balanced out The 4 Doctors in accordance to where I was in the process of my healing at any particular time.

Simon Fitzgerald healed

Paul, thank you for your life’s work/offerings. I won’t get all mushy, but I will say that the love and gratitude I have for you is immense. Please feel free to use the pictures as you wish.

Thank you my friend.
Simon Fitzgerald

Thank You Simon! What a great testimonial to the fact that:

A. We can choose to change our lives and reduce our stress by doing what we loge to do instead of doing what we think we have to do to make money!

B. Holistic methods work, even when most medical professionals would tell you otherwise!

C. Once we are clear as to who we’ve chosen to be and start living that way, we become that person!
Thanks for your generosity with your case history Simon. I’m sure reading it will inspire many!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek

A Little About My Life Lately

Things have been very busy for me lately, as I’m preparing to teach new workshops in Sydney, Australia in May.

I have been busy coaching clients, revising existing programs, training new instructors, and the many tasks I do on a daily basis, including blogging…

Paul Stone circle Heaven

I recently got outside to my stone circle and had a lovely hour of stonework in my bare feet under the beautiful California sun. In the photo above, you can see the results of my last Chek-style workout!

Well, that’s it from me today.

A long blog for sure, but exciting stuff!

I’ll look forward to sharing more with you this week.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek