April 11, 2014

Exploring CHEK Exercise Coach Training Pt. 3/3

Happy Friday!

I hope you’ve all had a productive week, and that you’ve enjoyed my mini-series on Exploring CHEK Exercise Coach Training Parts 1 and 2.

Today, I’ll be finishing the series with Part 3: The Principle Of Stress Summation.

I hope you find time to enjoy it over your weekend while you are relaxing.

In my blog today:

1. Part 3: The Principle Of Stress Summation

2. My mother’s most (bronze) recent sculpture of Chef Joseph

3. Chek Level 4 Practitioner Phil Delaire’s new Healthy Travel Show!

Exploring CHEK Exercise Coach Training Pt. 3/3: The Principle Of Stress Summation

CHEK Exercise Coach is my entry-level program, and focuses on teaching the science and art of holistic exercise prescription and coaching.

Exploring Chek EC blk bd

Though this program is quite simple in the overall learning curve compared to the more advanced CHEK Level 1-4 Advanced Training Programs, it is still by far the most holistic, comprehensive program for entering the world of personal training than any program I’ve ever seen (and that’s a lot of them).

CHEK Exercise Coach teaches my essential 1-2-3-4 approach to holistic program design, and includes comprehensive instruction on postural assessment, program design, the science of exercise, stretching, and mobilization prescription, and more.

I begin by defining the six key classes of stressors that we are all exposed to, and explain that we all need some degree of functional stress in each of these categories to be healthy.

I also explain what occurs if we are being overly stressed in any one or a combination of these essential categories of stress.

I use the diagram above to explain how stress summates (adds or accumulates) in our body-mind construct.

I explain how to choose the intensity of your exercises based on how much stress you are experiencing with the intention of your exercise activities being supportive of your overall well-being.

By using a variety of testing methods, we can determine how well balanced any individual is by assessing body systems that are under autonomic nervous system (ANS) control.

I explain that the ANS is “automatic or autonomic” explicitly because if we had to consciously think about performing the myriad of functions controlled by the ANS, our brains would be so flooded with information we’d never stand a chance of surviving the challenges of life in nature.

Having assessed thousands of elite and amateur athletes, and individuals from all walks of life with almost every challenge you can think of, I can assure you that it is very rare today to find even an elite athlete who is healthy enough that their autonomic body systems are optimally regulated.

Examples of poor ANS regulation, or “stressed regulation” if you prefer are:

1. Breathing pattern disorders

2. Temperature regulation challenges (often caused by inflammation in the guts!)

3. Circulatory and heart stress signs

4. Bowel and bladder stress signs

5. Digestive challenges

6. Hormonal regulation challenges, etc…

These challenges are clear indicators that an individual’s body is having a hard time keeping them alive!

One could rightly say that the ANS balances the forces of life and death; to the degree one has ANS regulatory challenges, they are leaning toward more death than life! This is not at all uncommon in our modern era of the fit sick person.

I hope you enjoy my video today:

CHEK HLC 2 In England With Angie Lustrick

Chek HLC 2 England AL
Angie Lustrick is doing a fantastic job teaching CHEK HLC 2 in England right now.

She informs me that her students are bright and motivated to learn, and that they have been having a lot of fun doing their 1-2-3-4 Dance.

Though this is Angie’s first time teaching HLC 2, she comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Angie ran her own personal training and nutrition coaching business for over 13 years before becoming an instructor for the Chek Institute, and was very successful.

She also has university degrees in biology, energy medicine, and nutrition, as well as being a practicing shaman/healer, which makes her a PERFECT HLC instructor.

Angie demonstrated her amazing skills as a presenter at the CHEK Conference in San Diego a couple years ago when she won The Ultimate Chek Professional contest. Needless to say, I was very impressed and am very excited to have her teaching for the C.H.E.K Institute.

Body By Angie cover
Angie is the author of a beautiful, simple book titled “Body By Angie” that is great for those that need a clear, straight-forward nuts-n-bots approach to creating a beautiful body; obviously, it works!

She has also produced a few DVDs on exercise that are available on her web site (see below).

Angie is a little woman of about 5’1”, but when she’s on stage, she feels as big as the room!

If you would like to learn more about Angie, her coaching and shamanic healing offerings, or learn more about her book and other products, feel free to visit www.angiesworld.com and check her out.

If you would like to join the CHEK Institute’s Holistic Lifestyle Coaching (HLC) program, you can!

HLC 1 is open to anyone who wants to learn to master the principles and methods I share in my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!, as well as my multimedia ebook, The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now!

People of a wide range of ages, from teenagers all the way to the elderly have attended and enjoyed HLC 1.

In fact, I’ve had many parents and one or more of their children in class, and that is always exciting for me to see; the youth of today are the world’s future tomorrow! We best get them healthy…

All of us at the CHEK Institute would love to support your journey into well-being, and HLC 1 is an amazing place to start.

If you are more motivated to improve your exercise technique and learn to design effective programs so you can be amazingly beautiful and functional, and help others do the same, than CHEK Exercise Coach is the place to start!

The Reincarnation of Chief Joseph

Chief Joseph for Nesperse

Those of you that follow my blog are aware that my mother is an accomplished sculptor. She has sculpted many of the world’s laudable peace-keepers, which she shares in her book, Humanitarians for Justice, Nonviolence, and Peace:
Journey of an Unexpected Sculptor, by Meera Censor.

My mothers beautiful book of her sculptures and the riveting stories of the amazing peace keepers she’s sculpted is available to you at: https://www.humanitariansculpture.com

While you are there, have a look at the photo gallery. I’m always impressed when I look at my mother’s sculpture – not so much because I’m her son – because even though I’ve seen her create such beauty over and over again, I still am amazed at how she does it!

That said, I think one of her best works of art is the one I see in the mirror every morning .

My mother was recently commissioned to make a bronze sculpture of Chef Joseph (I have an original made from clay just like this one in my office and it stops people in their tracks when they see it; it looks so real it scares people a bit sometimes).

Above you can see that it is in its final stage of production.

Chief Joseph was the Chief of the Nez Perce Native Tribe. His story is one that is likely to bring tears to your eyes.

I’m glad my mother has chosen to revive his presence in her sculpture of him. He certainly deserves to be remembered, honored, and respected as a man who truly sought the best for his people and practiced non-violence in the face of tremendous pressure and abuse by the US government.

Are you surprised?…

CHEK LEVEL 4 Practitioner Phil Delaire’s New Healthy Travel Show

Every now and then in life, you meet someone so unique, so special, you just can’t forget them. Well, Phil Delaire is one of those very special people in my life!

When I met Phil, he had just begun training as a CHEK Practitioner. That was about 12 years ago.

Since then, not only has he mastered all my CHEK, HLC and PPS training programs, Phil progressed to being the manager of the health and exercise departments of one of the most prestigious health clubs in Canada, The Granite Club in Toronto.

While there (23 years!), Phil single-handedly put together one of the most impressive teams of CHEK and HLC Practitioners in the world!

Last year, Phil retired from his position to pursue new passions and interests. Well, his new baby has arrived and you can see the first edition of Phil’s new “Healthy Travel Show” featuring myself, and CHEK Practitioner (and former CHEK Instructor) Robert Yang.

Robert is one of the healthiest men you’ll ever meet and you can also meet his beautiful boys in this first edition of Phil’s show.

The feature shows life in Encinitas, California.

Strangely enough, Phil shows a picture of the meditation bench in the Self-Realization Fellowship temple grounds in Encinitas where I had my first Samadhi experience (Union with ALL) in meditation.

To stay tuned to Phil’s new releases, feel free to register on his web site: https://level4wellness.com

I hope you enjoy Phil’s new show:

Well, that’s it from me this week.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the blogs this week, and I’m sure Great Spirit will whisper in my ear with more topics to share next week!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek