April 2, 2012

My Weekend in Tulum

Hello from Tulum, Mexico!

Wow, great weekend, and great trip; I’m very excited to get home though. I miss my lovely ladies, my gym, my garden, and being in my own space.

This weekend, Paul Jr and I were hanging out with my friend Misty Tripoli. Misty lives down here and she is who encouraged me to come here for rest.

Here you can see the beautiful dancing woman fusing with a rock sculpture I just finished.

Here you van see Misty celebrating her first rock stack.

The previous day, I took her through an explanation of how to stack rocks and shared the psychological correlates if the chakras as it relates to stonework.

It got so hot we decided to come back so she could practice Sunday and she did a great job. Misty really took her time and went into meditation so she could hear her own soul, and the Stone Buddhas of course 🙂

Here you can see Paul Jr relaxing between two of my bigger stacks, no gem needed after a day with these big rocks!

This was a gun one to build. The red ants in the area certainly added some spice to the experience. One bit my ankle so hard it bled.

My dream was to create beauty at this little but beautiful beach covered in ocean garbage. By the time we were done and there were eleven rock stacks, the beach was regularly visited.

People were stopping all day long each day taking photos and asking questions. I asked Great Spirit to send help cleaning the beach.

Three days later, a couple families pulled up with a mobile home trailer. They watched us building, saw all the photos being taken, then, Presto! I look up and one of the father’s is out on the beach with a rake cleaning the garbage up!

Many people started hanging out there. It was truly magical!

Misty and I rented this amazing room on the beach at K Diamonte resort. Misty, Paul Jr and I spent the day and evening there playing, stacking stones, doing energy healing work, enjoying art, watching Misty dancing, and having great food!

I had the great pleasure of watching this beautiful cat woman dance with her fans she got while teaching dance in China, very cool!


The show was spectacular! Even the insects stopped biting while she danced!

While I was talking to Misty by phone and email about this trip, and cultivating our friendship, I had a vision.

I drew it and named it “The Divine Mirror” as I was opening my art book to show Misty my art, I happened to notice the mirror on the wall in our room!

There were two of these mirrors in our room, one at each end. This is synchronicity at work!

Well Bye for now.

Paul and I are off to eat and work out.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek