March 30, 2012

Another Laid back day in Tulum

Happy Friday to You!

I had a lovely day yesterday in Tulum.

My son and I took our time in the morning as we discussed the many challenges life brings us all.

My first adventure was to add more creative energy to the little beach that called my name the other day.


I built the stack you see in the forefront, and the little one further up the trail.

I had to carry and toss these rocks from 30-40 yards away, so teetotal work involved, plus the heat gave me a deep workout.

Next, I met with Mauricco, who gave me another excellent massage.

After that, Paul Jr and I had an awesome lunch together. On our bike ride home, we stopped by the beach with our rock art to find three new people creating a circular pyramid over behind Paul Jr’s stack.

They told us that they were inspired by our work and wanted to contribute.

Not only have I seen many people stopping to take photos, others have told me they’ve seen lots of people stopping to take photos of our rock art.

I think I’m creating a world-wide inspiration trend!

My dream was to balance the energy at this special beach. It is very beautiful, but covered in garbage. It is privately owned, yet looks abandoned.

I put my intention into bringing spiritual, Eco-conscious people to this beach; I felt they would appreciate the beauty and feel inspired to carry a little garbage away.

Interestingly, when I brought Mauricco over to see our stone art, as soon as he saw the beach, he said, “Paul, guess what I was doing all day before I came to meet you?”

I said, “I don’t know”. Mauricco said, “I was teaching children how to make art out of garbage; maybe I should bring them here!”

Of course I affirmed that; that’s a lovely idea!

Paul Jr and I snacked on papaya and mango for dinner since lunch was still fueling us.

After watching the movie “300” for a while, I hit the sack; I dreamed about all the people and things I love at home!

Paul Jr and I are going to do some more exploring today of some underwater caves at a cinote not to far from here.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek