May 13, 2014

Movement As Medicine Pt. 6/7: Work-Out Transforming

Hi everyone!

Today in my vlog, we dive into some of the essentials for maximizing your opportunity to work-out effectively and have the body mind you’ve always wanted.

Movement As Medicine Pt. 6/7: Work-Out Transforming


As I have mentioned numerous times, working-out operates on the fire or catabolic principle – which means that you have broken tissue down. The key point here is that fire transforms things.

Fire is only half of the creative cycle. To the degree that you are working out, you’ll require anabolic rebound or recovery time to rebuild and aid in the regenerative strengthening process.

Most people are wound up due to their life stresses. Working-out can aid in dispelling some stress, but I want you to remember that the more wound up inside you are, the more you workout (fighting fire with fire) is dangerous if not well managed. Otherwise, I’ve seen more athletes addicted to their workouts than I can count.

This is why inner awareness is so very important otherwise you don’t know what you are doing and end up having more problems than you really want.

Working out should stimulate a desire for rest, good whole food and water. Working out requires a planned recovery – bottom line! Take good care by getting regular massage therapy to help with recovery.

I hope you enjoy my video blog today!

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My Teaching Tour – Lake Macquire Australia!


Here you can see my HLC 2 students at Lake Macquire resort outside Sydney about an hour and a half drive. What a beautiful spot!


Our class has been gong fantastic. My students are all lovely, beautiful, intelligent, and motivated people!

Stork Flight

I have really enjoyed meeting and working with this amazing group of budding Holistic Health Coaches.


Thank you and Congratulations to you all! I know you’ll be successful coaches by following and living the principles as I have taught them.


I’ll have a few days off here before I begin teaching my 4 day workshop series on “How to Design Exercise Programs For Unhealthy People” consisting of separate topics over 4 days.

I’m really looking forward to teaching this series Thursday 15th – Sunday 18th May. To learn more or if you would like to attend, please go to

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