May 15, 2014

How to Empower Change in Your Clients

Hi All!

I began teaching my four-day workshop series yesterday in OZ with How To Empower Change In Your Clients. This is something that all new or inexperienced holistic lifestyle coaches (or any other coaches, therapists, teachers) struggle with when working with their clients.


My students are attentive and I believe gained a lot of empowerment through the synthesis of important concepts and the practical techniques and tips that I use personally when working with my clients.


With having a chief goal, dream or motive for change as the basis of the change process, clients can be motivated to take manageable, but practical steps toward that end.

A special “Thank You” to my organizers Donal and Cathy Carr at Place of Chi! And to my wife Penny, who worked up to the last minute putting the workshop manuals together – Thank you! You are my rock!

Today, I’m teaching Roll, Wiggle, Crawl and Climb to Walk, Run and Jump Pain Free!


This workshop will focus on the essentials of infant development exercise as a rapid, effective means of body-mind integration. Students will also learn how to master the essential Primal Pattern movements.

Tomorrow, I’ll post the conclusion to Movement as Medicine series vlog: Part 7: Program Design. I’m sure you will appreciate my perspective with what it takes to design effective exercise programs.

Have a great day!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek