November 10, 2015

Is Masturbation Healthy?

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you are all happy and well and that you enjoyed your weekend.

I had a GREAT weekend off. I took Friday through Sunday off and totally enjoyed myself with reading, painting, a little exercise, some tai-chi, got two massages, and watched some movies.

I’ve really been having fun feeling Angie’s belly because Mana is very active now. He’s doing all sorts of gymnastics in Mommies’ tummy.

The other night, I could feel him poking me whenever Angie’s tummy was against me and I was really surprised how strong he is.

Angie says he likes to “dance on her bladder” now and then and she has to run to the bathroom. Wow, I can’t imagine being a pregnant woman!

It takes a lot of love to have a little being dancing on your bladder and using your organs and exercise tools or punching bags. Angie loves being pregnant though; she loves her little being of life “Mana,” and so do I.

It’s funny because Angie’s pug, Maggie, is now hip to the fact that “there’s something in there;” she keeps smelling and nuzzling Angie’s belly like it is a package she wants to open.

It’s really cute to watch. She can probably hear Mana’s heartbeat in there.

In my Blog today, I’ll cover:

1. Is Masturbation Healthy?

2. Parasite DANGERS Making Headlines Again!

3. Christian Wrath for Gay People

4. A Visitor From Germany

Is Masturbation Healthy?
When it comes to the topic of masturbation, I think the card above says it all!

Masterbation and Happiness card

We live in some very interesting times indeed…and we are the offspring of people who lived not so long ago in even more troubled times when it comes to the issue of masturbation…

Masterbation Blk Bd
In my 33:00 video blog today, I share eight key points on why masturbation IS healthy!

I think the points I make are very important ones.

My viewpoints come from my extensive experience coaching and being a therapist to people of all walks of life with deep, painful issues around sex, sexuality, self-pleasure, and all the contorted religious ideas that go hand-in-hand with such issues.

It has always been paradoxical to me that the very people claiming authority over such issues have turned up in the news over and over again for sex offenses, often against children…and that would be church pastors, preachers, priests, and the likes.

In my vlog today, I refer to the best book I’ve ever read on issues of sexuality, monogamy, and multiple partner relationships, and yes, masturbation too.

The book, Sex At Dawn by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha as well as the audio book version is excellent and I can’t recommend it enough.

In fact, the more convinced you are that monogamy is “what God wants”, or that “masturbation is sinful or bad for you”, the more important this very well researched book is!

I also suggest that anyone wanting to explore how children can be raised with a healthy understanding and appreciation for sex should read Voices Of The First Day, by Robert Lawler.

This book is a beautiful expose of the Aboriginal culture of Australia, an amazing and impressive race that lived very harmoniously with Mother Nature, and for the most part, each other.

The section describing how children were trained to understand, explore, and enjoy sex is very impressive, healthy, and would certainly be worth of consideration as a model to explore worldwide.

I can only express deep empathy and compassion for any human being that has been conditioned to think that loving, pleasuring, and nurturing one’s natural needs in such a healthy way as masturbation is bad.

As the old saying goes, The Devil’s favorite place to hide (and raise a lot of shit!) is in the church…and this whole issue is proof of how sadly childlike (and confused) people who believe such things are.

If you could see what I’ve seen as a therapist, you may need therapy yourself to deal with all the painful emotions arising from witnessing what happens to people when they are told “what God wants.”

As a tip from Paul, anytime someone tells you they know “what God wants,” turn and walk away because you are about to be exposed to a dangerous mind-virus.

Until you “are God”, you can never know what God wants, and when you are God, you won’t need anything because you will be, and have EVERYTHING.

A much healthier thing to do for children than exposing them to “what God wants” is to expose them to Alan Watts teachings.

You can easily find his books, audios, and video clips on Naturally, there are many other great teachers, but one authentic teacher is all it takes and all the good ones essentially “get it.”

I hope that you too enjoy my holistic health perspective about masturbation.

Parasite DANGERS Making Headlines Again!

Parasite and fungal infections are both very serious, and very common today. I have books in my library indicating that approximately 90% of the world population suffers from both a fungal, and a parasite infection.

I began an intensive study of fungal and parasite infection around the year 2000, which occurred as a result of challenges I was facing with my own body.

To make a long story short, I found that I had a deep fungal infection, for which I could track the symptoms directly to my teenage years.

As I studied the available books and research studies on fungal infection, I found several research papers, and heard from skilled teachers in the field, that fungus release mycotoxins into the body of the host, which down-regulate immune function, opening the door wide for parasite infections.

This lead to countless hours of studying parasite infection.

I found that I had many symptoms of parasite infection, and realized that the physiological load (stress) and inflammation caused by the parasites, and the fact that they make their hosts crave anything sweet made it very hard for those with parasite infections to ever heal from fungal infections.

I’d identified a self-sustaining loop – fungal infections facilitate parasite infections – parasite infections facilitate fungal infections…a dangerous loop that can run indefinitely, and lead to a very wide range of symptoms from fatigue, to chronic fatigue, to adrenal exhaustion, to blood sugar handling problems and pancreatic failure, to obesity, to malnutrition and loosing tremendous amounts of weight, to glandular and organ failures, and even to parasites in the eyes and brain.

I went through a variety of protocols to remove parasites from my body, and had times where I was shocked and amazed at what came out of me!

I’d seen this in many of my patients before I’d seen it in myself – and naturally had an unconscious belief that I was free of such critters – Not so.

I learned a lot and was amazed at the difference in my energy levels, dietary needs and how they changed, exercise recovery, skin quality, joint and muscle health, and much more as I removed fungal and parasite stress from my body.

By 2005, I was offering lectures on the dangers of fungal and parasite infections in conferences around the world and began introducing methods for recognizing and addressing these issues into my HLC training program.

My focus was not oriented around what herbs and drugs to take, but what diet and lifestyle factors must be addressed first and foremost.

I saw over and over again how patients that had come to me had often been through six or more rounds of killing parasites or taking anti-fungal supplements and drugs, only to have the problems return within 2-3 weeks.

In each such case, what was missing is all the essential changes in diet and lifestyle to give the body the rest and resources needed to generate enough energy and immune support to begin defending itself against creatures that are as old as nature.

I developed my DVD series titled “Healing Fungal And Parasite Infections – The Absolute Essentials” to be comprehensive, easy to follow, and effective at teaching people how to balance their bodies and lifestyles so they have adequate immune function to deal with what is prevalent everywhere in nature, and more prevalent wherever you have populations of people living further and further away from “natural living practices.”

3d vector mesh disc boxes isolated on the white background

I was also motivated to create this important educational program because fungal and parasite infections are RAMPANT among children, and are equally damaging to them on many levels.

Many a child diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, and other behavioral and cognitive disorders are actually suffering from fungal and parasite infections as a symptom of seriously imbalanced diet and lifestyle influences.

Below, I have put links to two recent articles about serious cases of tapeworm infections that first perplexed doctors, as is so often the case (with all healthcare professionals without adequate training and awareness of symptoms).

Live Tapeworm Pulled from California Man’s Brain

A man has died with cancerous growths of mutated parasitic worm tissue growing in his organs, doctors report.
Man died with ‘tapeworm tumours’

If you are ready to learn simple, powerful methods to improve your immune function and general vitality, as well as several powerful, easy to use methods of healing fungal and parasite infections, then my program, titled “Healing Fungal And Parasite Infections – The Absolute Essentials” is the way to go.

Learning how to keep yourself healthy inside is a LOT cheaper than bouncing around from doctor to doctor and therapist to therapist chasing after a never-ending string of disabling symptoms.

Christian Wrath for Gay People
Evangelist pat robertson
Many of you have heard me express my concerns regarding confused and twisted beliefs about God, and the dangers of dogmatic, orthodox religious programming (brain washing!).

I am often criticized for bringing this disease of humanity into people’s awareness, and naturally, the criticism largely comes from the very people that suffer infection of such mind viruses.

A very powerful, and very sad example of what I’m teaching people to be aware of made the news when TV Evangelist Pat Robertson made comments like this in the article I offer a link to below:

Televangelist Pat Robertson recently repeated his prediction that LGBT rights will provoke God to destroy America’s financial markets, warning “The 700 Club.”

I personally believe that we must impose a rule on the gay population that would require them to wear specially-colored clothes, for example. I’m thinking we need to go through the Senate with this and we need to make it official.

That way, regular people would know that the person wearing the said color is a deviant sodomite and that they need to stay away from them at all cost, as well as keep their children away from their reach,” Robertson opined.

You can read the article here: Pat Robertson: “Gay People Should Wear Specially-Colored Clothes To Warn Straight People

What concerns me most is the fact that research sited by Ken Wilber in a recent interview I listened to through my integral life membership showed that approximately 60% of the US population falls into the “ethnocentric” group.

This group exemplifies people that are willing to “exclude or even exterminate others with differing viewpoints on such issues as God, religion, and their beliefs about what God wants!”

What Do We Do?

My feeling is that these people are the children of parents, and a culture riddled with the same disease.

We shouldn’t see them as “bad people”, but should see them as people infected with a dangerous mind-virus that disables Love’s natural desire for empathy, compassion and connection to self or others.

If we hold space in our hearts for them, and give them living examples of healthy leadership, they are more likely to “see the light” than if we use the very tactics they use in the creation of criticism, accusations, and segregation.

It is sad to me that people don’t understand that GOD IS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and that there is no GOD but God.

ALL that IS, is GOD, and all forms of love that help people of different needs and life experiences love each other, is both religion, and spirituality in vivo.

They also seem to overlook the fact that as GOD, GOD is ONE. Therefore, paradoxically, GOD makes love to, and creates life from within GOD. If that’s not a “same sex relationship,” then what is!

It is also very important to realize that throughout recorded history, different cultures have openly practiced and enjoyed every combination of sexual and relationship combinations one can imagine.

Clearly, Love has no rules, but lives as the flow of energy and information shared through empathic and compassionate connection to self and others. As I often inform my students, “Love is Consciousness becoming aware of itself”.

May we all be more aware of what love is, and embody love, empathy and compassion for Pat Robertson, and all such people that are confused about life and God. May we all give them living examples of OSHO’s dictum, “There is no such thing as God, only Godliness.”

Because challenging religious upbringing and the painful ideas that are often imparted to us in childhood are common blockers to the creation of our own inner peace, joy and dream fulfillment, I created a self-help program to identify and eliminate mind viruses.

PPS Success Mastery Lesson 2: Self Management gives you a comprehensive understanding about how the mind is programmed by religions and predatory marketers.

With that understanding and the tools I offer in this program you have the ability to free yourself of dream negating thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

This lesson requires honest self-exploration and a willingness to learn, grow, and love one’s self more fully, but the reward gained is FREEDOM!

A Visitor from Germany

Paul and Clemens stacks
Last Thursday, I had a wonderful visit with Clemens Walter, a student of my teachings from Frankfurt, Germany.

Clemens had some health challenges of his own that were not resolving through traditional means, so he did some digging and came across Elliott Hulse.

Elliott is one of my most active students in the public who supports young men beautifully around the world with his teachings.

Through Elliott, Clemens came across my teachings, which he used to bring his body-mind back into balance.

Clemens was so excited by what he learned in the process of healing himself, he and two friends started their own 4 Yourself FB page to share holistic health information.

While Clemens was here, I took him out to my rock circle and he created his first rock stack.

I created on too and we had lots of fun talking about stacking rocks, how it relates to life, and about life in general.

Clemens is a beautiful, highly intelligent young man and I’m sure he’s destined to really contribute to humanity in some very special way.

Great to see you Clemens, and thanks again for the beautiful painting you gave me a while back too! I look at it every day.

I hope you all enjoy my blog and vlog today.

I can’t encourage you enough to look into the resources I’ve shared in my blog today. They could literally save your mind, your sex life, and your life in general.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek