November 16, 2015

Finding Yourself In The Middle of Love (Pt. 1/3)

Happy Monday to You!

I hope you are having fun in your life, and that my blogs are helping create awareness you can use to live more fully each day.

I’ve been amazed at the response to my last blog on masturbation, and have read most all of the questions and comments.

There were a surprising number of people expressing interest in understanding why they are so attracted to porn, and of course those troubled in some way by porn issues. Therefore, I decided I’d do a follow-up (Pt.2 Masturbation + Porn Explored) blog.

Today I start a new three-part series, “Finding Yourself In The Middle Of Love”, and will share Pt. 2 of the masturbation blog after the series is over.

I’ve got some time scheduled for rest once I arrive home, and this gives me time to formulate my response.

Today in my blog, I’ll share:
– A summary of my trip to Toronto and the 2015 SWIS Conference.
– “Finding Yourself In The Middle Of Love”
– CHEK Institute Advanced Training Program Completions

2015 SWIS Conference Highlights

The 2015 SWIS Conference was well attended, and beautifully managed by Ken Kinakin and his team, as has always been the case with past SWIS conferences.

It was great for me to see so many eager learners, great presenters, and to see many of my students and friends I haven’t seen in years.

My presentations were both very well attended. I pretty much had a full house on both of my presentations; at one point in the first lecture, there were people sitting on the floor and every spare space had someone standing in it too.



It is always fun to have a good turnout when you do a lot of work to put a presentation together. I noticed that there were several of the other presenters in my lectures too, which is great to see as well.

Rory Mullen was an amazing host as always, and CHEK Level 4, HLC 3, Phil Delaire was there to help me throughout the trip too.

Thanks for a GREAT trip Rory and Phil! Your hospitality, love and support mean the world to me and I’m very grateful.

My food was amazing again this trip. Rory’s mother prepared us amazing food as always, and…we had great food from Deborah at

Between Rory, Phil, Rory’s mom, and Debra, I traveled and lived like a king. Special thanks to Rory’s dad for coming to pick me up and deliver me to the airport before the crack of dawn.

It was really great to see Rory’s parents in my second lecture too. They really seemed to enjoy it.

It was quite cute because Rory’s mother posted the same question to me that some of the delegates also asked: “Why do all these muscular guys look so unhealthy?

I basically said that that’s what happens when Dr. Movement isn’t supported by Dr. Happiness, Dr. Diet, and Dr. Quiet. That’s why I’m here.”

I’d also like to thank Frances Michaelson and her team from “Muscle Up”, one of our Canadian distributors of CHEK Institute products.

If you are in Canada and want to purchase CHEK Institute books and programs, you can go directly to Muscle Up and save on shipping by clicking here:

A special thanks to Maria Kovatchev, RMT for driving to give me a lovely relaxing massage treatment after the SWIS conference was over.

If you are in Toronto and want a massage from a strong woman, you can reach Maria at: [email protected] or call 416-920-1811

Finding Yourself In The Middle of Love (Pt. 1/3)

Amidst our seemingly advanced scientific knowledge of the physical and quantum physical works, and our plethora of metaphysical teachings passed down by various mystics and Masters over the past few thousand years, we are still unable to understand the life process, or LOVE in simple, practical terms.

In this three-part video blog (Pt.1 is 18:00), I will share a synthesis of current scientific understanding and metaphysical explorations from the past mystics and Masters as it relates to the amazing opportunity we have to be human and alive today.

In Part 1., we will begin our exploration by looking at the relationship depicted in many religions and by metaphysicians as the Holy Triad created by the relationship between ZERO (the source of Spirit of yin~yang transition at the speed of NOW), Body, and matter.

I mention that “love is a code”, but in my haste to get through the material I explained my definitions of love without giving you my own exploration of what LOVe means as a “code.”

The code of LOVe as I have come to understand it from my many years of meditative and scholarly explorations is as follows:

L = Life = Desire = yin/female: We must all have the desire to live. If we do not, we either stop living well, caring for ourselves, and being creative…a slow death…or we commit suicide.

O = ZERO = PURE POTENTIAL = UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: Zero expresses itself as “unbound”, empty of this or that (The Vacuum), yet, paradoxically, as boundless potential, it contains EVERY-THING within itself.

Zero’s two polarities of emptiness (yin) and fullness (yang) Eternally become one another at the speed of NOW. Indeed, quantum physicists have shown through hard science that what we know of as “the universe” is actually appearing and disappearing constantly at an extremely high rate/frequency.

(I don’t have the exact figure on hand, but it is more than one trillion times a second that we pop into, and out of existence.)

Ve = Volt electron = Electromotive Force = WILL (power) = yang/male
What we can see, and what I explain in this three-part series, is that the emptiness of LOVe (yin) is forever condensing no-thing (CONSCIOUSNESS) into something; anything that “is this or that” is an expression of yang, moved by the WILL of LOVe.

This includes anything that can be named, weight, measured, imaged, including virtual particles.

My blog series then, is an exploration of how LOVe manifests in and as existence, nature, and life.

I share several excellent references you can look into for your own exploration in the video and at the end of this blog.


I define three worlds as depicted in my diagram above:

Upper World = Subtle energies, virtual/quantum particles, MIND (which is inclusive of all three worlds and expressed via the symbol OM or AUM), archetypes and “i-mind” or ego-mind; self-sentience.

The Upper World relates to what is classically known or referred to as the Super-conscious realm.

Here, I refer to “Angels” as an attempt to express ZERO/CONSCIOUSNESS as forces of consciousness that step down in energy progressively to infuse nature with directive consciousness; the intelligence to create life.

For a more comprehensive explanation, see The Secret Life Of Nature, by Peter Tompkins, and other suggested resources below.

Middle World = Animated life as the marriage of what I here define as “the Upper World and the Lower World.”

Here I exemplify the progressive development of self-consciousness (subject-object relationship in and as sentience) as emergent from ZERO or CONSCIOUSNESS (In which there is no subject-object relationship).

I quote a line from a poem by Rumi to exemplify this. Those wanting to explore how these relationships are created may find the book, Space, Time and Self, by Norman Pearson very helpful.

Lower World = Inanimate matter, atoms, and the Unconscious realms; meaning that creation here occurs largely without conscious, self-directed thought (just as cellular functions such as respiration, digestion, elimination, and gestation take place without conscious direction in plant, animal, and human bodies).

I point out that current science has established that:

A. Atoms are not things as they appear to our senses, but are actually fields of force or energy emanating from microscopic black holes.

B. To clairvoyant vision, an atom appears identical to a solar system! Atoms then are “entangled light moving at just under light-speed around a virtual center.

Correlations between clairvoyant descriptions of atoms have been proven to be astonishingly accurate, establishing credibility for what Rudolph Steiner referred to as “spiritual science.”


I hope you enjoy the beginning of this mini-series and that you are excited to find yourself in the middle of LOVe!

Science Set Free, Rupert Sheldrake

The Subtle Body: Encyclopedia of Energetic Anatomy, Cyndi Dale

Dr Quantum’s Guide to the Universe, Fred Alan Wolf

The Spiritual Universe, Fred Alan Wolf

The Source Code Investigations, David Wilcock

The Secret Life Of Nature, Peter Tompkins

Space, Time and Self, Norman Pearson

CHEK Institute Advanced Training Program Completions

Exercise Coach, Sydney AU with Donal Carr


Congratulations to our newest Exercise Coaches in Australia. Faculty Donal Carr has imparted and coached you with how to do CHEK Assessments while grounding you in the basics of my coaching model.

May your clients all benefit through your coaching. May your Love Rise to include all Life besides yourself!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek