November 15, 2013

Illumination Can Come In A Moment

Happy Friday!

Yesterday was my day off and I spent a lovely morning reading in my sauna, finishing some art, and then JR Bachman came over to give me a fabulous massage. Sean Greeley arrived a couple of hours later and he got one too! We had a great evening doing tai-chi, eating great food and watching a little TV.

This weekend I’ll be in Oceanside delivering my How To Be A Healthy Business Owner in collaboration with my good friend and buddy, Sean Greeley for the NPE Fast Forward Event. I’m sure I’ll meet some awesome people today and if you attend, I look forward to meeting you there. I think my good buddies, Troy Casey – The Certified Health Nut and Sean Croxton – Underground Wellness Radio will be attending too.

Illumination can come in a Moment!

In my blog today I share a passage from the book Universal Sufism by Dr. H.J. Witteveen.

I chose to share a passage by Hazrat Inayat Khan, the renowned Indian musician and Sufi mystic who brought Universal Sufism to the Western world in 1910 because I believe that the his teachings are some of the most enlightened.

Inayat Khan says that states of illumination can come in a moment. This is especially true when we annihilate the “false self.” The false self is full of judgements and is over-identified with his or her self in “separation.”

The central theme of the Sufi Message is one simple thing, and yet most difficult, and that is to bring about in the world the realization of the divinity of the human soul. In my system we must evolve through stages of self-awareness as a means of intellectual, emotional and spiritual evolution. It isn’t always an easy process. Love is deep.


I guide people through this process in my MP3 audio and workbook, The 1234 Of Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease. Through this process we can become more aware of our prior conditioning, our limiting beliefs and come to the realization that each step along the way we become a little more illuminated each step along the way.

Hopefully it won’t take a lightening strike to wake you up! Once through however, we become identified with the magnificence of our soul and our shared illumination!

I hope you enjoy my vlog today.

Thinking and Effective Use of Mind

Next week on Wednesday, November 20, 12pm PT, I’ll be giving a webinar through The C.H.E.K Institute: Thinking and Effective Use of Mind – A 1234 Approach.

I’ll cover what mind actually is and how thought emerges. I’ll also explore the relationship between stress, balance and effective use of mind. This is one of my favorite topics so I know I’ll have fun and I hope to empower and inspire you to use your mind more effectively.

Have a great weekend and remember, you are always safe, always home, always whole.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek