April 25, 2011

How Life Works – MIND ~*~

Good Day!

I arrived in OZ actually feeling pretty good. I slept at least 8 hours on the plane and I’m really enjoying my stay with Donal and Cathy Carr. We went to the beach and I taught everyone how to stack rocks as you can see from my pics below. We had a fun day of play and movement!

Today we are traveling up to Myall Shores Lakes so that I can settle in to start teaching HLC2 here tomorrow.

I hope you are enjoying learning about How Life Works through my series of articles on my Blog.

Today, we journey into MIND.

In our discussion of relationships, we learned that the two essential qualities of THE ABSOLUTE are Absolutely Everything, and Absolutely No-thing.

We learned that due to the gravity of Everything and the Levity of No-thing, movement in and as transformation is created. We can say that matter (yin) in-folds or in-forms (embodies) and that light (yang) un-folds and expresses.

Light unfolds and expresses the in-formation held within the matter of the seed. We learned that matter, mind, and time all interrelate.


Whenever matter and light interact with each other, entanglement is created. If you put on a pair of pants, you are entangled with your pants. If you enter into a relationship with another person, place or thing, you enter into entanglement.

In Chinese cosmology, it is said that THE DRAGON (TAO) has a favorite hobby, which is to give birth to universes.

When THE DRAGON breathes a new universe into existence, THE DRAGON’S children are identical twins, yet, one is a female (yin) and the other is a male (yang). They are each identical in their powers and intelligence, yet, she has a slightly greater comprehension of matter or body, and he has a slightly greater of light or transformation.

Though they love each other, and only have each other to play with, they can never fully get along because they always have a slightly different perspective on things. She is a little more dark and mysterious than he, yet, with his powers of illumination, he eventually figures her out by looking into her. He is a little mischievous and likes to run around, but she can always absorb, and therefor, get to know him!she eventually figures him out!

THE DRAGON always say’s to the new little dragons, “This is your universe. The two of you can rest when you learn to get along!”

Practical Exercise

1. Jot some notes as to a few experiences where you’ve found it hard to rest and enjoy your life with a personal partner or business partner because you couldn’t figure them out.

2. Reflect and then jot down the process that you went through that ultimately led to your having to resolve the relationship and move on, or led to your understanding their wants and needs so you could indeed, get along and rest in the relationship.

In this exercise, you will have a chance to actually see how your mind works in relationships.


In my diagram, you see a candle burning. The body of the candle represents matter or body. The flame of the candle, which gives of light as a byproduct of transformation, expresses movement and/or time. Above, you see the words Consciousness and -Abide-.

Again, this is your trinity. Mind is composed of a trinity; yin-body-Vishnu-Son, yang-fire/light-Shiva-Holy Ghost and UCL-CONSCIOUSNESS, or that which is unchanging, or as GOD is sometimes referred to as The Unmoved Mover; in zen, this is the state of no-mind.

You then see a dotted yellow triangle with -Abide- at the top representing CONSCIOUSNESS, UCL, or ZERO. The bottom left of the triangle is labeled “Reflect” in yellow. The bottom right of the triangle is labeled “Re-present”.

All that is embodied “represents” some-thing. The body of a star represents a star. The body of a man or woman represents a man or a woman. A mountain represents a mountain!and so on.

When you look at the body of any “thing”, you can only see it because light is being radiated from that body – light is “reflecting”.

If you close your eyes and perceive the image of yourself, someone or some-thing you know, your ego-mind will have to bring up that idea.

All “ideas” have a beginning, middle and end. If they didn’t, you wouldn’t be able to distinguish the image of your mother from that of the mountain or the star. Yet, when recalling the image of your mother or a mountain you love, the person or mountain isn’t there.

Only the “image or idea” is there. It is because all such things, images and ideas are essentially made of light (E=MC2) that you must reflect upon them.

We cannot hold any representation in our minds without reflection.

Reflection without representation would be empty, therefore, disembodied. Representation without reflection would be un-known or not knowable. The only way you can get your mother or the mountain in you is to create an image (representation of), upon which you reflect.

It is only because of representation and reflection that CONSCIOUSNESS can be conscious of. CONSCIOUSNESS can only represent and reflect ITSELF. This is exactly what St. Francis of Assisi meant when he said, “What you are looking for, is what’s looking”, in regard to searching for God.


All “things” are embodied, be they ideas or otherwise, are representations of the past.

The earth was here before you got here. It didn’t just manifest magically at the moment someone educated you as to what the word “earth” means.

Light represents future. All things now embodied are in a process of decaying into and become light through the process of radiation.

Therefore, in order to experience any-thing in your mind as a perceptible thought, you must either think about something that already occurred, which means you must “reflect” on it, or, you must project your mind into the future. To do that, you must project your ideas forward in the light.

But since the light is empty of anything other than the representation you’ve put into the light of mind, you can only “imagine” the future.

The word “imagine” means to “image – in”. Either of these processes of mind by necessity of being able to comprehend any “thing”! create time.


All time, in totality, is infinite.

Consciousness then, as THE ABSOLUTE can only become “conscious of”, in time.

And, it can only become conscious of ITSELF in and as a relative experience. If there were no past, there would be nothing to represent, and there would be nothing to project into the future, which requires reflection.

To “ABIDE” means to be fully present in the “NOW”. To Abide is the state of UCL and abiding is the equivalent of SILENCE, STILLNESS, which are all synonymous with FIRST LEVEL CREATION. It is only when the EVERY-THING of the ABSOLUTE meets the NO-THING of the ABSOLUTE that relativity and/or MIND is created.

MIND then, means “VIBRATION”.

Vibration, energy, and Spirit all mean the same thing. They mean transformation of this to that and that to this. Your mind can only make something less into something more or something more into something less when you are using your mind.

Meditation is the process and practice of Abiding.

By relaxing your “self” or ego-mind and regaining union with CONSCIOUSNESS, you can see all the mind-stuff being both reflected and represented. Yet, as witness to the contents and activities of your-mind, you can come to realize that you are not, and can’t possibly “be that stuff” because here you are, witnessing it all without attachment to, or entanglement with that stuff!

Now, referring back to the “How Life Works” diagram, you see that in the circle with MIND in it, a triangle peaks to a point at MIND, within which the word “Being” is written.

To “Be” is to “Abide”; to “be” is not “to do”; it is because CONSCIOUSNESS ABIDES that mind can do or move.

CONSCIOUSNESS may be thought of the reconciliation of all expressed potentials in and as vibration, which oscillates between positive (upward) and negative (downward) cycles in a sign wave.

Think of CONSCIOUSNESS as SILENCE, with ABSOLUTE POTENTIAL. It is literally bursting into action, vibration, making it’s matter or in-formation available and possible in it’s EMPTINESS.

Because THE ABSOLUTE is EVERY-WHERE and NO-WHERE at once, vibration (2nd Level Creation) becomes a dance on an Eternal Dance Floor!

Therefore, what we see and experience in and as “life” or “existence” is 2nd Level Creation. Your “perception” of 2nd Level Creation produces 3rd Level Creation.

Each perception of any prior representation is dependent upon your own programming, without which, you can have no perception. Each time we make perceptions based in other people’s representations (which is what you learned to do as a child by being programmed by your parents, family and society), we risk departing from THE TRUTH of any representation.

This is what creates entanglement, stress, confusion, and frustration and changes the nature of time. The more deluded we become from ill-use of ego-mind, the more time seems to drag on.

Your Practical Exercise Today

1. Explore your mind and see if there are any ideas at all that don’t depend upon prior origination. See if you can even use your imagination to create something that isn’t dependent upon prior origination. Remember though, if you can describe any of it to me, or anyone else, you are using language, which you learned and is therefore dependent upon prior origination.

2. Look at the three biggest challenges in your life right now and see how much of your “percept of the concept”, and therefore the stress you may be experiencing is entangled with ideas you’ve been programmed with?

3. Use your imagination to go back into your ego-mind and reprogram it. For example, if you have a fear of snakes, go back to your first event that triggered this fear and recognize it.

Then, pause the tape of your memory just before that event and pre-tend, with your image-in-ation to have taken a biology class where you learned about snakes and how to handle them. Then, move forward with your new programming and revisit your stressor. How has it changed?

4. Write down three ways you will now use your understanding of the fact that UCL is all there really is and that all second and third level creations are but CONSCIOUSNESS dancing on the dance floor of SELF (GOD).

Realize that without this dance, GOD could not possibly come to know GOD through you, for you and I are all GOD’S gods! Now that you know you can’t ultimately die, but that you have been expressed as life, how can you use your ego-mind to create what you want (Your Dream!) knowing that GOD (UCL) can’t possibly say “NO”, for that would be a “condition”; if God created “conditions” as such, then as Prime Source, the whole universe would, by definition, become that condition.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our blog lesson today! Now you know that your potential to live and love are truly unlimited, for we are All People Playing Spirit!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek