October 10, 2016

Heart & Happiness Pt. 3 (3)

Happy Monday!

I hope the sun has been shining in your heart, even if it hasn’t been so bright outside where you are; it has been sunny and hot here.

I got into my car to drive home from my office yesterday and it was 100 degrees! That explained why I was feeling a bit sluggish during my workout.

I hope you’ve all been enjoying my Heart & Happiness series so far. Today I’ll be wrapping it up with part 3.

The exercise I shared in part 2 are quite powerful if you use them. There is a high level of self-responsibility and deep honesty we need to cultivate if we are genuinely interested in healing ourselves along the way of life’s journey.

The ego really gets invested in its own opinion of things, and fears being wrong, having to feel guilt or shame or, God forbid, apologizing to those you may have felt wounded by, but come to realize they were only looking out for your best interests all along.

I recently heard Thich Nhat Hanh say, “Mindfulness is the skin that protects us.” I couldn’t agree more.

I love his beautiful, simple, practical teachings and feel we are blessed to have souls like him and the Dalai Lama alive on Earth to help us all learn the art and meaning of living well.

Today in my blog I will share:
1. Heart and Happiness, part 3 (final)
2. C.H.E.K Institute Advanced Training Program Completions
3. In The News
4. Show-N-Tell with Paul

Heart and Happiness, Pt. 3

Happiness isn’t a state of mind, or of “being” that exists as the absence of sadness, frustration, challenges, or even pain in our lives. It’s much more.

In my vlog today, I explain how consciousness can’t exist without the alternating polarities of positive and negative expressions of energy, information and, therefore, inclusive of all life.


When we have a dream, goal or objective that is bigger and more important to us than maintaining a child-like state of “Christmas forever,” we come to accept that the negative experiences we have are often more potent learning and growing experiences than the so-called “happiness” or “positive” experiences we’ve had.

Many people asking for my help with life challenges get frustrated because their inner state doesn’t change as fast as they’d like it to.

I remind them that the programming they are working to detach from and “dis-empower” as a means of creating new neural networks that carry the energy and information they now choose to experience takes time.

Because energy in the nervous system takes the path of least resistance, we must be committed to converting our dream-negative thoughts and emotions into dream-affirmative expressions of our inner selves.

I often say, “If Thomas Edison had given up at any point in the 10,000 experiments it took him to create the light bulb, we may have waited a long time for efficient electric lighting (illumination).”

Edison had a dream, and was persistent in the pursuit of his dream. We can all take a page from his book of life experiences and know that as long as we are clear in how we manage our intentions, and keep focused on becoming our dream, we will grow each day.

As I share in my vlog today, it is most often during the challenging times that through being aware, and looking for possibilities in our challenges, we find the seeds of greatness within ourselves.

There is no greater feeling than looking back on your recent past and being able to honestly say to yourself, “I have grown!” “I am a better person!”

I hope you enjoy my video blog conclusion to Heart and Happiness today.

C.H.E.K Institute Advanced Training Program Completions

HLC 1, San Francisco with Jator Pierre
I am sure you all enjoyed learning from Jator during your live course over the weekend.

I know he had a lovely time teaching HLC 1 to all of you beautiful students!

I asked Jator to share a few words about his experience teaching and this is what he shared:

“The class participants were open, fun, explorative, supportive, honest, emotive, and tremendously heart-felt. WE ALL GREW TOGETHER. I am so honored to be part of this tribe, and tremendously honored to be a co-creative — opening doors for these explorers who are dancing into continued CHEK teachings – I’m Humbled. <3″

Jator HLC 1 SF feedback from FB
Above, you can see some of the great feedback Jator is getting from his lovely HLC 1 students on Facebook.

I’m very excited to know we have such a beautiful, healthy group of HLC 1s heading out into the world to share their health, vitality, love and healing wisdom.

I am excited to be able to share HLC 2 with you all when you are ready to dive deeper!

C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 2, Toronto, with Matthew Wallden, ND, DO

Matthew Wallden, one of our senior CHEK instructors, just completed CP2 in Toronto with a great group of students.

I’m excited to have you sharing your new skills with the world. I’m sure that you feel blessed to have had both Matthew and Carl Weston there to assist you in gaining your new skills with awareness.

We will be excited to see you in an upcoming CP3 when you are ready to go “much deeper” into your holistic understanding of the human body.

In The News

I recently saw this on the BBC News App and thought you should see it:

Omega-3 oils in farmed salmon ‘halve in five years’: Levels of beneficial omega-3 oils in farmed salmon have fallen significantly in the past five years.


The article goes on to link how farmed fish are being fed to the issue of lowered levels of omega-3 oils in the fish being harvested today.

What I find very sad is that once again, the public is being given an image/message that we must use biotech or GMO farming to produce enough food for the rising population.

They imply that we can’t create enough food with farming alone.

Those who have attended my HLC 1-3 programs know that this is simply not true.

It is government and corporations — these words mean the same things now with government = corporate headquarters — that have mislead the public, with the help of academic institutions.

If you study the book, Farmers Of Forty Centuries: Organic Farming in China, Korea, and Japan, by F.H. King, An Agricultural Testament by Sir Albert Howard and The Living Soil and The Haughley Experiment by E.B. Balfour (among many other great resources unbiased by corporate funding or hidden agendas), you will find ample evidence to support that we CAN feed the world’s growing population with organic farming methods.

Dr. King showed that the average farmer using organic methods at the time of his investigation — his book was published in 1911 — could produce as much food on 1.66 acres as the average American farmer could produce on 40 acres! There are many other potent statistics in his excellent book.

At the rate we are destroying the soils, waterways and water sources (not to mention the negative effects on the atmosphere and greenhouse effects of commercial farming), we are falling right into the trap corporations that stand to profit from the perpetual abuse of the Earth want us to be in for reasons of HUGE profits.

But as the old saying goes, “Money don’t buy love.” In this case, we are talking about the life-sustaining love of the Earth and all She provides for us.

If you haven’t seen my DVD entitled, “Nutrition, The Dirt Facts”, I explain how the soil actually works and what it does to support both the life of our planet and all living beings.

For many, it is quite an eye-opening experience to study.

Nutrition, The Dirt Facts, can be seen in short installments on my youtube channel:

Show-N-Tell with Paul

Student & Client Art

I have been encouraging my patients, clients and students to use art as a means of expressing their innate creativity and as a means of exposing their unconscious minds for healing purposes for at least 15 years.

Judith Marsden has been studying with me for about that long, and her art has developed in tandem with her beautiful soul.

Judith is a Level 4 C.H.E.K Practitioner and an HLC 3 practitioner living in Bermuda.

Judith Marsden tai chi fish 10-2-16

Judith recently shared her beautiful Tai chi fish. I was very impressed with her rendering of this core concept of how life emerges from the primordial forces of yin/female and yang/male energies.

I asked Judith if she would share some thoughts on the creation of this lovely piece:

“My inspiration for this piece came from a recent coaching session with a client where I was explaining the chakra system. As I was explaining the root chakra and how it related to her emotional health, I felt her energy shift. I felt her heart begin to race and I felt her nausea and what came to mind was that she was feeling fearful ‘like a fish out of water.’

“This reminded me of my experience of transitioning from water to earth during my healing journey with you (Paul). I remembered not being able to breathe but, more importantly, I remembered the joy of evolving.

“Anyway, my intention for this piece was to express energy-body evolution.

“The picture can be viewed from any angle thus representing flow (yin yang balance) as well as the potential for perception.

“I was moved to draw this piece because I wanted to respect my client’s fear of addressing her emotional challenges (as well as my own and everyone’s) by showing that the rewards can be bright and colorful!”

Thank you for sharing Judith!

If you would like to learn more about what Judith Marsden offers as a highly skilled C.H.E.K Professional, contact her at [email protected]

My client and friend Jason painted this fun piece this weekend.

Jason art 10-9-16

Jason has just moved his family out of the city into a beautiful mountain home where he, his wife Jacquie, and their beautiful girls can run wild and free.

This art piece carries all their joy and opening, as they have just completed the journey of moving and are now “setting their anchor of love.”

It was quite funny because when he texted me the image of his art, I was drawn to the symbol on the sailboat’s sail.

I connected to the symbol through my field and heart chakra with the question, “What does this mean?”

The feeling I got and the image that came to me was “Home.” I shared that with Jason and he replied, “Close. It is the symbol for Tao, which is HOME.”

Thanks for sharing yet another of your beautiful inner expressions, Jason!

Mana, Our Son


Angie sent me this photo to show me the new shoes she got Mana for their upcoming trip to teach HLC 1 in Toronto next month.

If you are interested in attending, you may register here: https://chekinstitute.com/hlc-register/

It is going to be much colder in Toronto than our little California boy is used to, so Mommy wanted him to have some nice warm boots.

His Grandma Maria (Angie’s mother) will be traveling to assist Angie by caring for Mana while she teaches.

I am sure she is going explore the outdoors and take long walks with Mana, so he’ll probably need his new boots. After all, Mana LOVES being outside!

Mana is crawling like a bandit now, and getting into EVERYTHING. So, we are moving things, locking things up, putting up fences in the house and all we need to do to keep him safe.

This guy is VERY strong too. We are all amazed at what he can move and carry. He was playing with a big stone I use to create grounding energy in the house and we didn’t think he’d ever be able to move it.

WRONG! Angie told me he was sliding it around on the floor and having great fun with it.

When we were watching a show on TV together last night, he was crawling around the living room and decided to “investigate the potted plants.”

I was watching carefully because some of them are on wrought-iron stands with big posts on top of them. They are quite solid and heavy, so I figured he was safe to try and push and pull on them.

Well, I was very surprised to see that this little guy could “easily!” drag either of them across the floor. I reached out to stabilize and hold the big one so he could have some fun without moving it or tipping the tree over that sits on it.

I was shocked at how much force he generated. He pulled on it so hard that he overpowered my arm and it moved a good three inches across the floor toward him.

Angie and I were giggling away at this because he just went to the pediatrician with Angie for a follow-up evaluation. One of the resident physicians held Mana for a few minutes. He said to Angie, “This kid is all muscle! I think he’s going to be a weight lifter or something like that!”

Naturally, she informed him of how we feed and care for him and he was impressed for sure.

Penny and Angie love sharing these experiences with him, as do I.

Mana and Mommas 10-9-16
This little guy was born on the Full Moon, and he really tries to stay awake when he needs to sleep.

We’ve found that we need to “play him out” to get him to go down at bedtime, which helps. But, his will to engage all things is very strong and he seems to think if he sleeps he’ll miss out on something fun!

Mana in pool 1

It was funny because last night he was in his play pool for some time, and then he “climbed out!”

His Mommas thought he was telling them he was done, but no, he just turned around and climbed right back in and played for a while longer.

Later that night, we thought he’d be tired after all the exercise, but no, he started singing away at the top of his voice. We figured he’s practicing for “The Voice!”

Mana loves watching “The Voice” with us too. He gets all excited when people sing great songs and swings his arms in the air and starts drumming on the table of his baby seat where we feed him.

This guy is so much fun! I am sure that his Grandma Maria is up to the test of watching him for several days.

SWIS Toronto


I’m heading off to Toronto this week to attend and present at SWIS (Society of Weight Training Specialists). I’ll be giving my presentation — Back Pain and Emerging Consciousness — Saturday afternoon.

To register for the symposium or to learn more, click here: SWIS 2016 Symposium

I am looking forward to connecting with longtime friends Matt Nichol, Rob Rakowski, Stu McGgill and many more!

I hope you enjoyed my blog today.

I look forward to sharing more with you next week.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek