January 9, 2012


Happy Monday to You!

Wow, it always amazes me how fast a weekend goes by!!

I hope you had a restful, peaceful weekend; I wouldn’t want to be alone in that!

I had an OUTSTANDING weekend! It’s truly amazing how rejuvenating rest and time in my garden is to me!

I spent most of the day Saturday sitting outside in my garden reading, which was lovely. I actually sat down in the quiet and wrote my goals for 2012 as well.

I did some more drawing as well so I could finish creating my thank you cards for the CHEK Distributors, which you can see below.

Sunday was my day to create my 2012 mandala. I’ve been dealing with the urge for a couple weeks now, but was patiently waiting for my soul to give me the vision.

I decided to write my goals first, then see if the vision would be more clear. As I was writing and meditating on my goals, the vision appeared clear as a bell.

For me, being very visual, I prefer to draw off my intuitive images so I often wait for the vision to guide my artistic expression.

I was very inspired by Vidya’s 2012 mandala, which is stunningly beautiful and very much aligned with my own vision of 2012 for myself, which helped motivate me. I can’t wait to show you Vidya’s mandala too!

I’ll be posting both of our here through the blog later this week and on the PPS website to inspire our DREAM BIG Contest applicants.

Sunday, Wayne Daniels (Chek Level 4) came to visit me for a couple hours as well. I was deep into drawing my 2012 mandala, but Wayne got the rock stacking bug and went out into the garden to respond in kind.

Here you can see Wayne’s beautiful addition to my zen rock garden. I’m always amazed at how good Wayne’s rock stacking and art has become in such a short time.

Thanks for the beautiful addition to the garden Wayne!

Wayne’s business is in Irivne, Ca. for those of you who may want some guidance in creating your own health and well-being. His web site is: www.HolisticHealthFitness.net


Today, I invite you to join in with me as I thank the CHEK Institute International Affiliates for all their contributions to sharing my educational offerings. I hope you enjoy the art.

Our Swedish International Affiliates – Gunnila and Lennart Blomberg of Eleiko Sports Sweden

Dear Lennart and Gunnila,

I’m deeply grateful for all the work you and Eleiko have done to expose the people of Sweden to my teachings.

I’m also very grateful to you Gunnila for doing the tremendous amount of work you did to translate my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! into the Swedish language so people there could more easily access these essential teachings.

Penny and are deeply grateful for all the personal and professional support you’ve given us over the years and we and the staff at the institute wish you and the Eleiko team an abundant 2012!

Love and chi,

Gunnila’s Card

I drew this card, which is titled, “Mother’s Nature” for Gunnila because she is an amazing mother to her children and all who seek her support for their own growth and development.

Gunnila has a deep love of nature and is very much a natural yogi in the core of her being.

Though my drawing doesn’t do justice to her physical beauty, Gunnila is a very beautiful woman for a woman of any age, with a long, lean, strong body. She keeps herself in excellent physical condition, and shares he love and wisdom with her family.

The drawing shows the marriage of the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether (space)), depicting her undivided union with nature.

The tree of life is growing through her being and out of her heart. Her crown is composed of gold and violet, expressing her spiritual awareness and openness.

Lennart’s Card

This card I drew for Lennart is titled “The Priest”. Lennart is very “Priestly” in that he is open minded, allowing each person to express their viewpoints on issues, even if he personally holds a different viewpoint.

He is a business advisor to many people in many different corporations and has an amazing ability to get along with people from all walks of life.

As a father, he created space for each of his children to express their individuality, which is very rare for a father to do. The three feathers stand for body, mind and spirit.

The gold represents Lennart’s ability to “conduct the flow of energy in any relationship or organization. The black represents his ability to maintain order in a process of change.

The bird represents the bald eagle, which symbolizes Lennart’s ability to offer both a very broad view, or a very close-up detailed view of any situation.

The animal form represents his love of nature. The birds in the sky represent all the relationships he has with people he flies to see all over the world.

The tree of life insignia represents his love of life, as well as his wife, which is always in his heart; it is bordered in red because he helps create safety and security for so many.

The eye next to the black circle with radiation lines represents the eye of the bear; the bear is a very self-sufficient animal and Lennart is very self sufficient. His golden headband represents the power of his mind.

Our UK International AffiliatesGavin and Gabby Jennings

Dear Gavin and Gabby,

Thank you both so much for your hard work and commitment to growing the CHEK Institute student body and awareness in the UK! It has been a great pleasure to work with both of you this year (and prior).

I’m excited about our future together in 2012 and feel blessed to have both of you as our UK distributors!

Love and chi,

Gavin’s 2012 Card

This is a drawing of a Native American Indian Chief blowing smoke from his tribal Peace pipe. The Chief represents “Great Spirit”, who is breathing creation into existence.

Rising out of his breath (smoke) is the sun and earth; the universe we are most familiar with. This vision came to me because Gavin has such a peaceful nature and always wants the best for everyone.

Gabby’s 2012 Card

This vision came to me for Gabby because she is like a beautiful flower, yet, she is the “vine that supports Gavin and the business”.

There are eight petals on the flower, which represents infinity – no beginning – no end! There are three leaves representing body, mind and spirit.

There is a gentle vortex in the center of the flower representing that the flow of “energy” in the family and business runs through Gabby as the “accountant” in the family ☺.

Our Danish International AffiliateAlun Biggart

Dear Alun (and Maggie),

Thank you for last years support and the many years prior. You brought the Institute’s message of holistic living to Denmark, and in so-doing, helped thousands find natural living options.

Your work was instrumental in creating a fine pack of Danish Chek Practitioners, through which, we continue to help untold numbers of people. Y

ou also brought PPS Success Mastery training to Denmark and we had great turnouts for those programs, which is also a great gift to Denmark – Thank you for that too Alun. I wish you an abundant 2012!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek

Alun’s 2012 Card:

The fish represents “life” the symbol of metaphysics. The fish is created of earth tones with red hues because Alun enjoys nature and is very good at providing safety and security for his family.

The left and right hand spirals on the fishes body represent the creative forces of yin and yang. The water represents the cooling energy of yin and the green sea plants represent giving and receiving love.

Our Australian International – Donal and Cathy Carr – Place Of Chi

Dear Donal and Cathy,

thank you for your ongoing support. Your love and commitment to helping others grow is second to none.

I’m grateful Donal for all your years of work and commitment to help me bring the CHEK message to the Australian personal trainers.

I look forward to sharing an abundant 2012 with you both and Place Of Chi.

Love and chi,

Donal and Cathy’s 2012 Cards:

Donal’s card was featured previously with the other CHEK Instructors. Feel free to scroll back until you find Donal’s picture and card if you’d like to see it.

Cathy is depicted as the woman bringing the bird (the soul) to meet the fish (life). She is surrounded by life, emerging from the marriage of the five elements.

The gold in the sidewalk represents Cathie’s radiant love and healing energy, which is a blessing to all who know this beautiful woman.

The flowers in the garden represent her yoga students being preset with her. Her feet are bigger than usual to symbolically represent her connection to the earth and the stability she provides her family (sorry about the poor pedicure Cathy)!

The grass represents the willingness to ceaselessly overcome the many challenges of life; you can cut the head off the grass every week and it just keeps growing!

Our New Zealand International Affiliates – Greg and Nancy Doherty – Highest Quality Health

Dear Greg and Nancy,

You were our first distributors outside the US and have successfully brought the CHEK Education programs to more people than any other distributor, for which I’m eternally grateful.

Through your efforts, we created many healing possibilities for thousands of people in the South Pacific.

I wish you an Abundant, peaceful 2012!

Greg’s 2012 Card:

The stone arch represents the ego; it captures the light of the Divine so that consciousness can see and experience itself. The elements of life are all represented in the card.

The card represents that without the ego, there is no such “idea” as life and death, they are one continuous dialectic (field of tensions).

The red energy around the stones represents Greg’s focus on safety and security for himself and his family.

The black represents Divine Mother (you are seeing her breasts from a top down view) expressing Greg as life from her heart.

The stars represent that though Greg is here on earth, he is really from the stars. The water is also there to represent Greg’s love of the water and sailing.

Nancy’s 2012 Card:

The red represents Nancy’s willingness to do what it takes to create safety and security in her family and her business; the hearts represent her labor(s) of love.

The open chakras represent her true intentions in relationship to herself and others.

Her body is clad in a blue dress, representing the female energies of the water, which helps cool her male nature when needed.

The hearts outlined in black with purple between them represent that her consciousness is spiritually driven and that she isn’t fixated on earthly existence; she knows this life is only a stop on an eternal journey.

The gold in her eyebrows and, heart and sixth chakra represent the wisdom she’s cultivate in this lifetime as a human being.

The sadness lurking in her eyes represents her challenges with people; though she fully realizes “all is God”, the challenges of human relationships leave their mark on us in each lifetime.

Our Canadian Affiliate – Louis and Margaret Stack – Fitter First

Although Fitter doesn’t book our courses in Canada they have been a long time supporter of the CHEK Institute so I wanted to include them here.

Dear Louis,

When I was a child riding saddle broncos and bulls in the rodeo, the clown was always a welcome sight!

Eight seconds on a bucking bronco or bull seems like an eternity, especially if it’s getting the best of you!

I remember either being thrown off or finishing my eight seconds and hearing the horn blow, then being concerned about “how to get off this thing without getting trampled!”

As soon as I saw the clown appear, I knew s/he would keep the horse or bull away from me while I got up and ran to the edge of the arena.

Louis Stack’s card:


Louis, you have spent so much of your life helping people restore health and balance in their lives with balance tools and toys.

In that special way, you have always been there to help people select the right ride for their own safety and development.

Thank you Louis for being “The Clown” for so many people around the world for so many years! I look forward to sharing an abundant 2012 with you and Fitter!

Dear Margaret,

Your card represents both the infinity symbol, and the Mobius strip (If you aren’t familiar with the Mobius strip, look it up on Google and it will mean more to you…it’s deep in it’s potential metaphysical meanings.

My soul gave me this vision for you because like Penny, you are in the background always dealing with the many people and challenges inherent to running a business, particularly of the size yours is! This card symbolizes your (infinite) commitment to forever helping people in relationships.

The gold symbolizes the synthesis of knowledge as wisdom you’ve created within after a life of handling (mostly other people’s) challenges.

I’m grateful for all that you do and wish you and Abundant 2012!

Margaret Stack’s 2012 Card:


So that brings us to the end of my special “Thank You” messages and my wishes for an abundant 2012 for all my Instructors and International Affiliates.

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting these amazing people both in a personal and in a symbolic way and if you live anywhere in their territories I encourage you to contact them via the links above.

Have a grand day!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek