January 6, 2012


It’s Friday and I hope that you are all in well-being today!

I had a lovely day of productivity yesterday. My film project is moving right along. I’m on the final segment now.

Today I begin filming a new program on how to deal with parasite and fungal infection.

This is the most comprehensive program I’ve ever created for both the professional and public markets on the subject of parasite and fungal infections.

It will be available as an on-line e-learning course once the editing is done and the manual is created and it is uploaded.

If you aren’t on the CHEK Institute’s mailing list, feel free to register at www.chekinstitute.com and you will be notified of the program release.

This program will offer many practical tools for healing from these common problems, allowing people more ability to take responsibility for their own healing.

I’m very excited to be finally getting this program done because I am constantly getting requests for help from these problems from all over the world. FYI, this program is a segment of a much larger program I’ve been filming.

I’ll let you know what that surprise is when it’s done ☺.

Have a lovely day and I hope you are enjoying meeting my amazing instructors!

The instructor thank you’s begin here:

Dan Hellman:

Dan, you are such an amazing teacher, student and friend. I can be with you anywhere any time and it’s peaceful.

You’ve always supported me and my teachings, and been brave enough to ask challenging questions.

You truly embraced my PPS teachings and carried them into your personal and professional life beautifully.

You have become a great teacher and presenter and have a great following everywhere you go. I’m eternally grateful for you and your efforts to support the institute Dan!

Thank you for being such a beautiful, loving friend and for giving me the space to be “me”! I look forward to a beautiful 2012 together Dan.

Dan’s Card:

This is my styalized OM symbol.

Dan is a man balanced in his female and male nature and has a great capacity to feel, to have empathy, which is exemplified in the black of the OM symbol.

Dan’s mind is truly open to any and all of the relevant issues and challenges of life and relationships, which is represented by all the hearts in the drawing.

Thanks for being such a beautiful man Dan!

Leigh Brandon:

Dear Leigh,

I’m very grateful for your constant pursuit of excellence. I’ve watched as you’ve become not only an outstanding instructor, but an excellent presenter as well.

Your contributions to both CHEK Conferences (London and San Diego) were excellent and I’m grateful.

Your ability to network with a wide variety of health and exercise professionals is amazing and I’m grateful for how beautifully you’ve represented my teachings.

Your capacity to write and share your knowledge is also amazing. Your books are a beautiful contribution to the public and professional markets.

I look forward to sharing an amazing 2012 with you.

Leigh’s Card:

When I am present with Leigh’s spirit, I see a man that give so much to others, but like me, could use some time alone with nature to be able to enjoy some deep quiet.

The symbol with the flame represents “fecundity”, the power to create new life, which Leigh does beautifully through his writings and teachings.

The small sperm-like symbols on the bottom left also represent fecundity. His tent and fire are in the middle of an infinity symbol, outside of which nature exists as the embodiment of infinity; he kneels outside the circle representing that our bodies are a product of space-time, but what goes with us is the synthesis of our life’s actions in and as love.

The food cooking on the fire represents the love principle of give-and-re-give. The simplicity of Leigh’s card represents his ability to do a lot with a little.

Tomi Toles:

Dear Tomi,

Thank you for a great year of learning, traveling and teaching. I’ve been graced with the ability to watch you learn, grow and mature as a person and an instructor and presenter.

Your willingness to take constructive feedback and put it to work is highly commendable. Your capacity to love and care for your students and clients is also commendable.

Your willingness to explore the unknown makes you a true pioneer in life. Your ability to accept me as your teacher is a very special complement to me.

I look forward to sharing a productive, happy, successful 2012 with you!

Tomi’s Card:

Tomi’s card is called “The Meeting”. The moon symbolizes “self-reflection”.

The eye is that of Father Sun, who looks in and through Tommy as he lives and breathes the unfolding of the Universe so beautifully and bravely.

The card is a reminder that the sun (male energy) has the power to destroy the moon and that one should approach Unconditional Love wisely, for it’s gifts become conditioned as soon as the ego begins the process of translation.

The black pupil represents the fact that Father Sun holds Mother Sun within His core.

The silver of the moon represents that though the moon is yin, she reflects His Light as an offering of deep awakening for all who are willing to go past surface impressions and be present with what is all around us at every moment of our lives.

Karen Redmond:

Dear Karen,

Thank you for making the long, tedious journey to being an instructor for the Institute. You too are one of the original instructors and have been instrumental in sharing the CHEK message with many.

You are a methodical teacher and your students (and I) love your precision in all that you do.

I’ve really enjoyed working with you all these years and look forward to a beautiful 2012 together!

Karen’s Card:

Karen has a very powerful mind that can handle lots of details.

This card represents the challenge she faces as a mother and husband to find time to balance her life; the black and silver stars represent her female nature and nurture.

The left eye represents her male aspect and her love of studying and learning. All the hearts in the background represent her clients and students, who receive all the love she so graciously gives them with an honest interest in helping them live more fully.

Her ear rings represent that Karen’s mind is “golden” and there is a lot of valuable information contained within her.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed getting to see and know a little about all the amazing instructors at the CHEK Institute today!

Next week I’ll post a special thank you to our CHEK International Affiliates who work hard to bring my teachings to other parts of the world.

Have a great weekend, I plan to!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek