January 10, 2012


Good Tuesday to You!

I hope Monday unfolded nicely for you.

I had a very busy day, but was most pleased to get a good run of filming in amongst all the other obligations I had.

I’m nearly done filming my new fungus and parasite course, which we will offer as an on-line learning option. If you want to be notified when the institute releases the program, be sure you are registered with the Chek Institute at www.chekinstitute.com.

I had to rush my workout a bit yesterday to keep on schedule, but I had a lovely session of deadlifting, lateral single arm Olympic bar rows, and reptilian crawling.

I just did as many sets as I could squeeze into 20 minutes. That did the trick.

My morning tai-chi with the sun was lovely. I missed the sun in the evening due to being interviewed by Sean Croxton for his new “Paleo Summit“, which we will share information on soon so you can take advantage of all the paleo experts Sean’s interviewing at his website: www.undergroundwellness.com

Sean really does a good job bringing top notch health information to the public and I’m always glad to participate with him on his radio show too.

In fact, I’ll be on his radio show, “Underground Wellness” next month for “Q&A with Paul.”


Vidya’s little granddaughter April just turned 9 years old and came to spend some quality time with her this past weekend.

April is very cool. She loves to dance and do gymnastics. She’s also a great little artist.

April loves to try new things with me out in the garden when she visits. Here you can see me teaching tai-chi to April.

Controlling the breath with the movement is very important when doing tai-chi. Here you can see me teaching April how to control her breath and channel her chi into an outward expression, which I call an energy push; the male aspect of the breathing cycle.

Besides tai-chi I also taught her how to do a zen meditation walk.

April is following her teacher’s every move! She’s a great student.

Here I’m teaching April the simple art of the zen walk.

After we did about 20 minutes of tai-chi and our zen walk we had a good chi-field built up in ourselves, so I showed April how to feel the chi emanating from her body in her aura.


The look on her face was priceless. She was truly amazed at how much energy was coming from her hands and how strong it was. She was giggling when she felt it and said, “Wow, that’s cool”.

Once April could feel the chi, I began teaching her how to use it to give it as a healing gift to others.

She liked feeling the chi and knowing she could give it as a gift to others.

I taught her how to send it through the universe to any living being she’d like to send love to.


This is April and I conducting our closing prayer ceremony where we give thanks for all we have and send our love to all who need it in the world.

I taught her about the non-locality of love so she understood that we can send love to anyone, anywhere in an instant!

I love how receptive and clear children are when we give them a chance to fully feel and utilize the chi practice.

Thank you April for sharing your love with me and the world!

I hope you have a beautiful day today!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek