November 14, 2012

Grace is a Boomerang

Happiness to You!

I’m having a great time at home – Life is sweet right now.


You’ve heard me talk about Love is a Boomerang, but so is Grace.

Grace is as a hall of mirrors
Unconditional love is Truth in light
These mirrors cannot lie to you
They have no mind of their own
They only and always reflect the whole truth
And nothing but the truth

But this Truth cannot be seen or know with ego mind
For ego by definition means exclusion
There can only be you if you are not me

Because the ego is by definition limitation
It acts as though limited
Desire described the ego’s longing for fulfillment
Will in turn attempts to fulfill ego’s longing

This wholeness of completion the ego naturally longs for
Can only come with ego’s complete resolution
Grace describes loves unconditional support
Of every act that moves ego towards its divine conclusion

TAO-TE-zen practice is to act gracefully in life
So that you can enjoy your truth
When standing alone in the hall of mirrors

If one only remembers in their life that “Grace is a Boomerang” and acts accordingly, the whole world will become respectful and we can all live happily in tune with nature once again.

It is my dream and my personal path to seek to be as conscious as I can each day knowing that even the slightest interaction can change a person’s life forever.

One hug, one kiss, one well placed accolade is the difference between a child that fears and a child that creates.

TAO-TE-zen practice is to remember that grace is any act of love that fosters wholeness. Anything else is maya, illusion, division.

Because of the grace of the universe, we all get to experience the truth of our thought, word, and deed creations.

To the degree that our actions create peace within, we manifest grace.

To the degree that our actions create division for self and other, we manifest division. Fear is the result of perceived division.

Grace is the experience of the awareness of wholeness. We receive grace by being graceful.

When grace is the gift on our boomerang, it always comes home to find us gracefully.

That is zen.

I hope you’ll join me.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek