April 20, 2015

From AU with Love + Reflex Reactions and Movement

Happy Monday!

I hope all is well in your world, and that you’ve been enjoying my blogs.

I’ve been enjoying my time teaching at beautiful Lake Macquarie Resort outside of Sydney. Angie, Penny and I arrived last Monday for a couple of days to catch up to ourselves before we started teaching.


I truly enjoy my morning reading time; it nourishes my soul and set the tone for my day. One morning a kookaburra visited us on our patio. They are very friendly birds!


My HLC 3 class is going great and my students are all a fantastic joy to teach. They are all learning a lot about life in general, and their life specifically.


We’ve covered a lot of material together now, had some lovely breathing and tai-chi sessions, and are working on finishing their training on the life process maps, organ reflex maps, and medical dowsing.

Tuesday is our last day together, and we’ll be practicing breaking cases down and using their new HLC 3 tools to better fine-tune their overall assessment and program design skills. We are all having fun each day, exploring the depths of human life.


Angie has been having a great time teaching HLC 2 with Jo Rushton. The students are all lovely, motivated, and beautiful people that have really applied their HLC 1 training, which is lovely for all of us instructors to see.


Something cool to share: I got quite a surprise the fist day I walked into Angie’s class to visit her students, because one of the students, Quentin, is one of the professional rugby players I rehabilitated all the way back in 1997 when I was an “emergency consultant” for the Canberra Raiders.

Their top 10 players were all out with debilitating injuries so they hired me to rehab the players and help the players get back in the game before the start of their next season.

Before I visited the class, Quentin had shared with everyone when he introduced himself that my conditioning program both rehabilitated him, and “made him so strong no one could tackle him or throw him down!”

When he retired from professional rugby, he became a personal trainer and decided he’d start studying my teachings. So, many years later, still looking good by the way, he’s now becoming a CHEK HLC 2!

Very cool stuff. I was so surprised. It’s lovely for me to see him progressing so well. He still looks strong and fit, which is beautiful to see because so many professional athletes let their bodies go once they retire and Quintin is still looking “game ready” even though he’s not a young buck any longer. Great Job Quintin!

When our students come prepared, and practiced, it is much easier to take them to the level of training that HLC 2 and 3 offers.


Jo Rushton has been lovely to have working with us, as always. She’s an amazing instructor and Jo and Angie are a great team together; they are both perfectionists in their teaching and are working together regularly to improve the course, making it easier for the students to understand.

One of the challenges I’ve always faced is finding that fine line between too deep and just right for the average student entering my program.

I realize that because I have been dong this work for 32 years now, concepts that are well integrated inside me are often not so easily grasped by students.

Thanks to my instructor’s feedback, they are often helping me fine tune, expand on, or stage concepts and their order of presentation based on how they feel students can best grasp them.

Donal Carr (our senior instructor in Australia) and Cam Nell (one of our Australian CHEK Mentors) both came to visit for a couple days, so at times, the students in Angie’s class were blessed with four instructors in the room at once!

They seemed to really love it, and Donal shared some useful information with the class regarding Australia’s water and the best filtration systems for the Australian students to use and suggest for their clients, which was great.

Thanks Cam and Donal for all the Love and knowledge you share!!

Reflex Reactions and Movement


Today’s blog is an excerpt from my little, but powerful book titled, Movement That Matters, which contains a lot of practical and important concepts beneficial to everyone.

Reflex Reactions
In my video blog today, I share an explanation of the two key types of equilibrium (balancing) responses we all need for optimal function in general, and sports or work specific environments.

1. Tilting Reactions: Tilting reactions occur when the surface you are on moves underneath you. Examples I share are treadmills, subway trains, skateboards and boats, as well as Swiss balls used appropriately.

2. Righting Reactions: Righting reactions are equilibrium reactions that occur when you are acting upon a stable surface, such as the ground, or a gymnastics balance beam.

Danny Way air

I’ve coached many of the world’s best athletes in my day, such as Danny Way, and have successfully applied this knowledge to them, and helped many heal, and perform better when they and others thought their careers were at a standstill, or an end.

In my video, I share explanations both as to how these reflexes work in different environments, and I share how you can use a Swiss ball to effectively condition either class of reflexes, providing you meet the specific criteria for activating each reflex type.

If you want to learn many practical ways to improve your ability to design exercise programs, or condition yourself for injury prevention and enhanced athletic performance, you will love my little book titled, Movement That Matters.

If you are ready to become a master of the science and art of exercise, we have several options for our students.

CHEK Exercise Coach Advanced Training Program, which is our entry level course, is suitable for athletes, exercise enthusiasts, and personal trainers that want to really master their craft.

This program is the doorway to the more comprehensive CHEK Practitioner program that goes from Level 1-4.

I hope you have fun applying the concepts I’ve shared here today.

CHEK Course Completions

HLC1 UK with Jennie Delbridge

Beautiful, vibrant Jennie Delbridge HLC3/ CP2 just finished teaching her first HLC1 course in the UK.


Jennie’s enthusiasm and skill teaching really enlivened her students. Jennie is a recent mother (Bella is 5 months) so her partner Duncan Reeve (Golf Performance Instructor) did what all generous dads do, stepped up to support Jennie so that she could give her best. Welcome to our latest HLC1 students!

For those of you who are interested in attending HLC1 and deepening your holistic lifestyle skills, please click here: https://www.chekinstitute.com/register/HLCregister.php

Tomi Toles – Exercise Coach

Last week I posted on my blog about Tomi Toles Exercise Coach Course completion, but I also want to share the following pic and statement from Tomi about his experience with his students:


This is what Tomi had to say:

“At the moment, I don’t have the words to describe this class. I wish I had a video. The words just can’t describe what eventually lead up to today’s finale. Students didn’t want to leave: they had more energy!!!

Not only was this my biggest class (13), this will be one of the most memorable classes I’ve taught thus far.
Paul, I know you are use to hearing this kind of things, and, I’m kind of use to it also. But, this class was just amazing!!!!

The connections that each one of the students made with each other on the last day when they all had to do the practical assessments along with the nutrition and lifestyle questionnaires. I asked all of them to be “open and honest” with each other. ‘Become the client looking for someone to really truly guide them without judgments on their journey to unravel the “mask” that we all wear.’

Hugging, crying, it was beautiful.

They all asked me why did I match them up the way I did. I just smiled and said, ‘It was the universe, not me.'”Ÿ˜‰

Again, well done Tomi and Jennie! Thank you for living the CHEK Principles and being guiding lights for others in the world.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek