August 24, 2010

Freedom from Addiction in Toronto

Hi Everyone,

Vidya and I really had fantastic time working with our 1~2~3~4 of Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease! Live Workshop participants. We met lovely new people and many of our local, loyal and practicing PPS Practitioners joined us. This is one of my favorite topics to teach and both of us were pretty impressed with the quality of each student to recognize the contributing factors that drive their individual addictions, their willingness to try something new, their bravery to face their ideas and thoughts about themselves and their lives, and witness love become manifest through acknowledgment of a living philosophy worth living for!

At the conclusion of the workshop, my soul led me to sit and write a poem. Here is my poem and some photos of our time together!

I saw my Soul today
In your eyes

I was your pain
A back that works all day
Without thighs

I saw your chant
“Wo I nee”

I heard your bird
begin to sing

Counting by 3’s
You lost everything

I saw you draw
Your broken heart
You learned to heal
Through the power of art!

You found harmony
Laughing today

Even Rory’s parents
came to play
And Played!

I saw Spirits
Like broken roads
That left as
Lovers ready
to shed
their clothes

May the printing-press stop
When JP’s music
puts the world  in shock

I’ve kissed flowers
and loved the world

I’ll be back in the morning
Dear Soul
Ready to Play!

Paul Chek