July 6, 2012



Happy Friday to You!

It’s a beautiful, sunny, Southern California day here ☺.

So nice to be home too!

Today I came to work to get some good inner processing done and catch up on the many things that pile up whenever I’m on a road trip. It’s amazing how much there is to do after being on the road for a month.

I got into the gym to celebrate my body and disappear into my personal studies as I trained. It’s so nice to be in my own gym where I’ve got excellent (Eleiko) equipment and space to move.

It is always amazing to me when I have to use gyms on the road how poorly they are actually designed for exercise!

Today I started by dong some walking lunges with club-bell swings out in the sun to warm up. Then I coupled lunging (135 x 10 ea. + 185 x 6 ea. + 225 x 2 (x3)) with Swiss ball dumbbell bench press (70 x 12 (4)) and followed those with Swiss ball Bruce Lee Push Ups to fatigue.

That stood my backside up nicely and got my androgens flowing like a young man again. Love it!

Now that I’m progressively getting more sleep, it’s as though my nervous system is turning back on and my natural strength and power are returning. All the time zone shifts and sleep deprivation can turn a naturally strong man into a wet dishrag after four weeks.

Add the challenging experience of not being able to get organic foods in some locations, and weak organic foods in others and having to interact with LOTS of people with LOADS of questions and a few long flights in a germ-tube and you’ve got every reason for a regular tai-chi practice, I assure you.


I designed the CHEK Totem Pole around 1994. I created it after ten years of clinical practice as a Holistic Health Practitioner, strength and conditioning specialist, and Neuromuscular therapist specializing in chronic injury and medical failure cases.

I worked for four years in Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy in San Diego, Ca., where we were in partnership with an in-house orthopedic surgical center.

During my time there, I worked closely there with a number of orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, athletic trainers and my staff of clinical massage therapists.

After that, Steve Clarke, PT (an Orthopedic and Sports Certified Physical Therapist) and I opened Golden Triangle Rehabilitation, where we continued to specialize in challenge cases.

At that time, I was working closely with 36 physicians of a variety of backgrounds, producing a wide variety of patient referrals from those with CNS injuries, TMD/J injuries, to chronic disease states and acute pre and post-surgical rehabilitation.

While working with the surgeons for many years, I was invited to attend many surgical procedures and attended five cadaver dissection courses, which was an essential part of taking my textbook knowledge of anatomy into a comprehensive 3D understanding of how the musculoskeletal system and other systems of the body work together.

When I would get a new case, it was normal for me to review their entire medical history, which often took many hours to do as some of them occupied multiple medical folders! I was quite interested to see what methods of treatment the patients had tried.

I soon found that many of my patients had seen multiple doctors of a variety of types, but noticed that for the large part, they all stuck to the treatment of the patient’s symptoms.

The chiropractors approached the patients with manipulation as their most common tool. The surgeons used drugs, injections, and surgery.

The PTs used a variety of modalities, including a lot of isokinetic exercise machines, PNF stretching and strengthening and lots of gadgets!

Each profession I’ve interacted with has their unique approach, but at large 99% of them are addressing symptoms within their own paradigm, which is still true today.

During the first 10 years of my career, I also spent a lot of time studying human physiology. If my right arm looks bigger than my left arm to you, it’s because I carried Guyton’s Text Book Of Physiology everywhere!

I soon learned that to help people with the magnitude of challenges I was dealing with on a daily basis, I would have to look deeper than my peers.

The process I’ve briefly outlined above led me to the study of control systems in the human body; which is essentially the study of human physiology.

With a LOT of study, clinical practice, consulting with experts from a wide variety of fields and clinical experimentation, I began to correlate my studies of developmental man with anatomy and physiology, which was sparked by studying the hierarchical nature of the nervous and hormonal systems.

I looked carefully at the development of species over time from the beginning of the taxonomic tree of life.

What emerged progressively was an awareness of the absolute essentials of what it takes to sustain life in a body of any type, be it a single celled organism, jellyfish, dog, cat, horse, chimpanzee, dolphin, whale, or human being. The CHEK Totem Pole is my artistic rendition of the fruits of my studies and clinical (empirical) practice and the results I obtained to give me confidence that I was indeed, on the right path.

The symbols on my totem pole are not fixed at every level and to fully explain the totem pole is very complex and can only be understood by those with significant knowledge and experience in a variety of related fields. T

hat said, my CHEK Totem Pole has been studied by a variety of astute medical professionals, reaching as high up as the Mayo Clinic.

In no case to date has anyone that has been trained in the use of the CHEK Totem Pole system of analyzing the human body found it to be incorrect and all that use it correctly have found it very useful, particularly with challenging patients.


Before I share a little about breathing, I’d like to share my own personal philosophy about a subject rarely looked at!the origin of breathing.

Even when I’ve had discussions with experts very skilled in breath work from a wide variety of fields, very few had any idea at all where the urge to breath originates from. That seemed to me to be a fundamental question; they are like breathing atheists that seem to be perplexed by, afraid, or unwilling to ask THE BIG QUESTION.

In my life, I’ve found that you can’t ever really understand any topic without exhausting prior origination to the best of your ability or the ability of the human mind.

To answer this question myself, I had to leave the library and clinic and get deep into meditation. That process took me to the place of becoming one with the Universe.

But I was still breathing!

I found that there are two essential qualities to the Universe:
1. Emptiness or “no-thing”, and
2. Fullness or “some-thing”.

What my inner experience showed me is backed by science now. I saw that emptiness (which reaches its peak in a black hole) was perpetually becoming something; something expresses anything from a quantum particle all the way to massive stars.

The perpetual interaction between no-thing and some-thing ultimately creates all the forces known to physics and quantum physics, and are the basis of both life and human physiology and psychology (mind).


Above, you can see a picture of a galaxy with a black hole in the center. The black hole draws every-thing, including light (and therefore virtual particles if you consider bosons to be virtual particles); extreme yin.

This we shall refer to as cosmic inhalation.

Astronomers and quantum physicists now confirm that black holes eject massive amounts of light and matter.

Current observations and theory suggest that a black hole can give birth to a white hole, from which a new star is born; extreme yang.

This we will refer to as the cosmic exhalation. As you can see in the photo of a black hole galaxy above, it is ejecting huge amounts of light and matter out of itself; the out-breath of the in-breath.

Since all matter at the level of atoms upward are constantly radiating and exchanging energy, it appears to me from a combination of my inner explorations and a review of relevant sciences that breathing is an inherent quality of the universe itself, and therefore, all things embodied within it.

In other words, we breathe because the universe breathes.

Why Bother Breathing?
The truth is, you don’t have to. The third symbol up from the bottom of my totem pole (inverted heart with black lobes sitting atop the sacrum) represents the limbic/emotional system of the human brain/body.

This is where we attach feeling and meaning to sentience. If a person (or mammal!) becomes adequately depressed or afraid, they can, and do commit suicide, ending breathing in a physical body.

Flip that coin over and you have a relative viewpoint; if you have adequate motive to live, you have adequate impetus to breath.

With that understanding, I found very clear evidence in MANY of my challenging patients that they had progressively lost their desire to live.

Oh, yes, they were here in a body. But though they were alive!they were often not living!

In practice, I found that many people’s emotional and energy states improved with breathing practices that improved breathing technique. But I also found that if people consciously or unconsciously had lost their sense of value and meaning in their lives, they would not stick to their breathing exercises/practice.

In such cases, my efforts were often short lived. This realization led me deep into the study of human psychology, religion, and metaphysics, which became the basis of my more advanced training programs (CHEK Level 4, HLC 2 and HLC 3).

It took me another ten years of study and empirical research to bring my knowledge and understanding of these issues to a zen state, which is essential for purposes of teaching.

If you look at my original CHEK Totem Pole above, you can see that there is a symbol missing when compared to my artistic rendition above. That symbol (see artistic rendering above) represents what I eventually found to be the origin of most diseases of body, mind and soul.


Love is a word that describes the essential process of both energy exchange in the universe, and the subject~object relationship inherent in any relationship we have with person(s), place(s), or thing(s).
Ultimately, L0Ve is the process that created the impetus for Kosmic Breath; Kosmos is a Greek word that means the functional marriage of the physiosphere (physical), biosphere, and noesphere (mind).

Love is a process of giving and regiving. This process is inherent in nature.

For example, what we breath in (giving to ourselves) gives way to the outbreath (regiving), which is the substance of inbreathing for plants and tress completing an essential cycle of life in the biosphere we live in.

My clinical research showed me over and over again that whenever people are in a state of imbalance with regard to how much love they receive and give, or, give and receive, their breathing and all related physiological and psychological functions respond in accordance with their own judgments of “self”; most of which are motivated by programmed religious ideals that are inherent in the fabric of every culture.

Though I go into much more detail about the nature and function of L0Ve in my program titled “The 1-2-3-4 For Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease” as well as throughout my PPS Success Mastery Program lessons, my only objective today is to share that how we breath quite vividly expresses how we think, perceive, emote and feel.

I found (eventually ☺) that before I could expect any long-term positive changes in an individual’s breathing pattern and performance, I had to address as many of the underlying mental-emotional stressors or triggers as possible.

The closer I could get to finding their biggest stressors (and miss-perceptions) and help them resolve misunderstandings and/or situations, the better their breathing became and the longer it stayed optimal.

Sadly, I found that the most common cause of mental-emotional stressors and triggers that retarded breathing performance were issues relating directly to beliefs about God and religion! (Thus the long period of studying these issues, which still goes on full speed ahead to this very day!).

To make a long and complex story short, I found that I had to help patients identify what they loved enough to change/heal for. I had to find a motivator more powerful and influential than their perceived or real stressor(s) or I could end up added to the long list of doctors and therapists they’d seen.


Next, I had to look carefully into their diet and lifestyle to see where they were out of balance with the two basic forces that create the universe and all in it – yin/female and yang/male.

First, I had to look at these forces from the perspective of achieving baseline physiological functioning. Then I had to address them relative to their stated dream, goal or objective for changing.


I found that there are only essentially three choices we can make in relationship to any person, place or thing:

1. The optimal: The best for everyone involved in the key relationship(s)

2. The Suboptimal: The choice that usually brings instant gratification, yet tends to create pain in key relationships.

3. Apathy: To do nothing. This is the most devastating of choices and results in something akin to a human being literally rotting off the vine so-to-speak; these were, sadly, many of my chronically ill and challenged patients.


Finally, I had to develop a functional, simple living philosophical model I could use to help my patients (and students!) create core values.

Only when I knew their dream (1 Love), where they were imbalanced (2 Forces), and what choices they needed to make to heal and prosper could I determine what values they would need to consider adopting to heal.

I found that I could break the essential core values down into four functional categories:

1. Dr. Happiness (your reason(s) to desire to keep breathing)

2. Dr. Quiet

3. Dr. Movement, and

4. Dr. Diet

These topics were so important in my practice that I produced a multimedia ebook called The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need, How To Get Healthy Now!

This little eBook may be just the medicine your soul, or someone you love needs to begin their path down the CHEK TOTEM Pole to well-being.


I have now come to fully understand why many of the people I gave my best to over the years didn’t fully recover.

I had to look first and foremost at their impetus to breathe. This is the realm of both psychology and metaphysics, neither of which are very popular subjects in doctors, nor most therapists offices!

Neither of which tend to make me popular with closed minded students or delegates at conferences either, but hey, I can see how they are breathing and watch their energy field fluctuations from the stage so I understand the nature of their fears!

With this preface to the CHEK Totem Pole now addressed, I will continue to give an overview of each of the nine symbols, beginning with breathing over the next 9 blogs. I hope you enjoy the process and that you pick up some practical tips for creating your dreams.


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I hope you’ve enjoyed our topic for my blog today.

I look forward to sharing more with you Monday.

Enjoy your weekend, and may the force of L0Ve be with you!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek