December 19, 2012


Happy Wednesday to You!

I had a lovely day yesterday. I enjoyed a great HLC coaching call for my HLC students. I also had a great time on Sean Croxton’s Underground Wellness radio show in the evening.

I answered questions non-stop for over an hour and a half. There were so many people genuinely seeking health. Here is a link to download and listen.

I’m grateful to Sean for facilitating my ability to connect to, and support each of them. Sean’s radio show has grown into a living community of health-seekers. He’s created a health-tribe and it’s a joy to see it growing and feel their honest intentions to heal and grow.

I hope your show becomes a global phenomenon Sean!

I took the day off from resistance training yesterday and enjoyed a lovely stretching session. My body felt much more free once I’d balanced the tensions created by heavy lifting.

It’s hard for me to imagine how confining life would be without knowing how to love and care for my body!


This beautiful image of the human body as an expression of Cosmic Consciousness was drawn by my buddy Donal Carr (CHEK Australia distributor and instructor).

This image beautifully expresses the body as an expression of OM, the primordial sound of the universe emanating from the sun.

In the drawing, you see the world in the left (feminine) hand of man. The right side of the body (masculine) is shown in perpetual transition, expressing the nature of the universe; constantly changing. The third eye is open, implying enlightenment or cosmic consciousness.

It is interesting to note that NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope captured an infrared image of a DNA shaped nebula close to the massive black hole in the center of our Milky Way galaxy – a spiraling stairway to the heavens. This DNA shaped nebula is quite unusual because it is rare to find a nebula that isn’t shaped like a disc or ball of gasses.

You can read about this very interesting finding and see a photo here:

Though there are many conflicting religious and socio-cultural beliefs about the body, what it represents, and how to care for it, there is no escaping several essential realities about your body:

1. Your body is the only thing you know you have for sure! All ideas conveyed in religious and philosophical circles can be evaluated for relevance and functionality by your body.

Any philosophy that diminishes the health and vitality of your body, at once, diminishes the health and vitality of your mind. Any philosophy that diminishes the quality of your body-mind objectively bears the fruits of that philosophy in real time experiences in, and as “self”.

2. Your body-self is the condensation, or product of your mental-emotional self – they mirror each other. There are now mountains of scientific evidence in psychoneuroimmunology, psychology, endocrinology and many other branches of medicine and science to confirm that what the mind believes, the body expresses and conforms to as its reality.

3. Your body shape and overall health and vitality are the product of your choices, which are actions that exemplify your beliefs, and/or your ignorance.

To the degree that you can or cannot see and feel the love in, and all around you, your body-mind is tuned to the reality you’ve chosen to embody. Because the universe exemplifies wholeness, all fear-based beliefs are acts of separation.

The universe does not support acts of separation, for there is no separation in wholeness. Therefore, you must provide the power to sustain such illusions yourself.

To the degree that you embody beliefs and acts of separation toward self and others, you are likely to be tired. If such a practice is continued, illness will emerge.

If the fatigue and pain of such beliefs is not recognized as the source of your own disharmony, and rectified, the pain will increase as a gift of awareness from the Universal Intelligence.

4. Your body perpetually recreates itself out of the foods you eat and the liquids you drink. To the very degree that your dietary choices are not life-affirmative, you will experience de-vitalization of your body-mind.

Each step on this downward spiral brings your mind into self-centeredness as a means of encouraging self-awareness, as essential to your own survival.

When we share personal, professional and spiritual relationships with others, we can potentially block the flow of love and consciousness to the very degree that sharing with others detracts from cultivating the life-force (chi) we need to maintain our end of any relationship, including that which we have with our “self” – “I before WE always.”

You can’t give what you don’t have; cutting off your right arm to save your left arm from poor choices affords no net gain!

Cutting yourself off from the love and nurture your own body-mind needs in attempt to help others is merely to disable yourself to enable another; can you use a dead battery to charge another dead battery?

Any religious or philosophical disposition that lacks awareness of individual needs for optimal diet, quiet, movement, or restricts happy making such that it limits unbound play and creativity in acts of intimacy, music, clothing, exercise, creative thinking, or exploring other philosophies is dangerously incomplete.

If your body-mind is in (chronic) pain, it is a sure sign of what your beliefs and actions are creating in your life. The PainTeacher emerges as a means of intelligent redirection.

To use remedies that extinguish pain without addressing the etiology (cause) is to participate in yet another illusion, and an expensive one at that!

Taking council from those without health and vitality of body-mind is no different than asking a blind man to help you find your way home; how’s that been working so far?

It is essential to understand that memes (ideas) have no respect for genes! Coke would love you to belief that things go better with Coke. But do they?

How many children are finding out the truth the hard way because their parents are not paying attention to the obvious, such as how children behave when given processed sugar?

The Abrahamic religions would love you to believe that God has specific rules you must follow or you will be denied entry into heaven and you will burn in hell; all the while these religions teach that God is Love!Who rented this movie anyway? Take it back and get Alice In Wonderland, or a story about Santa Claus.

If you are not sure how embodying such beliefs is working for you, get undressed in front of a mirror and you will see where you are withholding love from yourself, and therefore others (the rest of yourself!).

If your body appears pleasing to the eye, but you are stuck in emotional pain and inner-conflict, you may well be a fit sick person. I have empathy for you and encourage you to spend less time working-Out, and more time under tall trees working-In.

Those that don’t go within, go without.

Between religion and predatory marketing, people are offered many chances to experience the results of embodying such ideas.

OSHO beautifully states, “There is no such thing as a sin, except doing something twice that you know didn’t work the first time!”

To repeatedly act toward self and others in a way that produces pain is a symptom of sleepwalking.

People that sleepwalk while driving cars, operating machines, and in relationships with people, places and things in general are given pain as a means of stimulating awareness.

Becoming aware of, and taking responsibility for your desires and actions is the only way one can learn to choose more effectively.

For example, if you have a fungal infection, every time you eat something that feeds it, you will experience a worsening of your symptoms.

To take drugs or any other form of anti-fungal medication without first honoring that the fungal infection is there to inform you that your choices are producing more death than life, is merely to participate in a cultural delusion; a delusion that has successfully put most of the world to sleep!

To have digestive problems, yet continue to eat and drink things that maintain or worsen your condition, again, exemplifies a lack of self-love, self-awareness, and/or exemplifies the embodiment of a mind-virus; being brainwashed.

To believe in the science that validates any such medication that retards conscious awareness only confirms that you’ve lost your rational faculty and believe ideas above and beyond your own tangible experiences.

Scientists have proven that they will validate anything if you have enough money! They have become the modern prostitutes of our era.

If you are having challenges learning to choose effectively, it is wise to take council only from those that exemplify the health, vitality, and way of living that you aspire to.

I share my thoughts and observations on my blog, not to be critical of others. I do so because I am aware. My awareness is inclusive of what sustains life for all of us and what retards life for all of us.

I do so because I love life and believe we are all expressions of Universal Wholeness; that makes you and I expressions of each other.

We are as two legs walking for the same body; if one-leg trips, the other leg must catch the whole of you, or a fall is inevitable.

We don’t need to fall together any longer. If we act now, right where we are, we can create wholeness together.

Each time we love and care for ourselves in ways that are life-affirmative, we are making the world a more beautiful place for all others.

This is essential if we are to provide our children with a place to live a life of wholeness where they can develop their potential without perpetually facing fears of physical, emotional, mental, or religiously induced pain and disability.

The question should never be “what can I do to help the world?” until you feel confident that if everyone were to live in your shoes that the world would be a better place for all.

The most important question we can ask to help the world is, “What can I do to live and love more fully NOW?”

When we act to create wholeness within our lives, our minds become whole. From that place of authentic experience, the answers to the bigger questions come naturally, just as the light of day follows the dark of night.

Rumi said, “You can’t find God until you become a heretic.” He simply meant, you won’t find God in books, in words written on paper.

To the degree that you’ve not found God (WHOLENESS) in your life, it may be time to shut off your TV, toss out the rule books, and start by celebrating the grandeur of the fact that you are here!

That you can experience the joy of creating, making love, and pondering the beauty of the night sky exemplifies that you are the book. Learn to read the one that you are – that you wear first.

Otherwise, confusion and pain are inevitable.

That said, God Loves it ALL. We are all given free-will. God has no fear of death. God doesn’t judge (that is the providence of the ego).

I have no desire to tell people what to do. I do have a great desire to share with those that don’t see and feel the majesty and beauty I feel and experience each day.

All I can share is what I know to be true after spending a lifetime coaching people who’s pains largely emanate from embodying ideas that don’t support the truth of the universe, which is wholeness.

Ok, that’s it from me to you today!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek

PS: Feel free to ignore me, but don’t complain if you trip!…