December 18, 2012

Your Empty Page

Happy Tuesday to You!

I had a lovely day at work yesterday. My day began early due to a business meeting. I finished writing my blog, and then went out and did some Stork walk tai-chi on the wet grass. The chi-field was dense and the connection to the earth had an immediate grounding and calming effect on me.

After meeting with some of my genius business friends to discuss ideas for helping humanity find health more easily, I went to the gym for a lovely lunging workout. I was comfortable lunging six sets and worked up to 225 lbs. for my last three sets. I coupled the lunging with reverse Swiss ball crunches.

After a nice workout, I enjoyed the C.H.E.K staff Holiday party. We had lots of lovely food and treats and shared Christmas gifts with our secret Santa.

For those of you inclined, you can catch me live on the line with Sean Croxton as I answer questions tonight starting at 5pm PT, on his Underground Radio Show. I love sharing my knowledge!

As the holidays get closer, there is going to be LOTS of food around. Much of that food you will be tempted to eat.

I practice the 80/20 principle I teach all my clients and students. This means that I am well managed in accordance with my core values and dream at least 80% of the time, and I enjoy exploring the wild side up to 20% of the time.

The healthier you are, the smaller your 20% becomes because the side effects of foods and drinks become pronounced as your body-mind balances and heals.

The healthier you are, the more aware you become with regard to how toxic many of the things you once thought were good are. This is but one of many ways to exemplify how our perspective changes as our body-mind improves in health and vitality.


Each day of our life, is an empty page.
Will you draw your dreams from you heart, to set the stage?
Or will you rekindle yesterday’s rage?

To the left of now, are the stories told.
Are any of them getting old?

To the right of now, the future is white,
what colors, what shapes, express your dreams, your delight?

From the emptiness of white, you can draw Love.
The Unconditional is your center – your heart – not above.

The Empty and The Full meet within as two.
The way your fish swim
is how you do you.

The past lives in the fish that left.
I see to the right, you’ve learned to dream now
the future looks bright!

Birds of a feather
flock together
Letting go of a past that seems, at times
to cloud fresh dreams.
Celebrating life and what it really means.

We are our brothers, and
our sisters too.
The love you share
always comes back to you.

Each day you wake up to an empty page anew
Unconditional Love leaves the drawing
to you!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek