October 23, 2012


Happy Tuesday (Wednesday here in AU) to you!

This has been the most amazing course for me to teach because of the setting that we are in. All of our needs are taken care of and I’ve loved teaching these beautiful students while here.

I feel very harmonious in my own rhythms here. Below you can see me reading Arnold Patent’s Universal Principles in my cabin during my morning practice to Donal Carr.

I’ve taught my student’s to read and study these principles as they are non-denominational and embody the highest principles to live life by. They have rewritten them in their own words to bring home the meaning of the principles in their own language.

The food has been excellent too! Here you can see Jo Rushton who worked with the chef here creating our morning snack.

There has been great rotation with our food and the we have enjoyed delicious variety of wholesome organic meals. Here you can see us sharing our meals together in the common dinning room.

The past days I’ve taught so much regarding client management, diagnostics, assessments and putting concrete plans together to help overcome the common problems we see when our clients show up tired, sick, stuck and lost.

I’ve taught how to access client breathing and how to coach corrections.


The environment has been conducive to learning. We’ve had a balance each day between inside learning and outdoor learning.

On the other side of the Billabong there is a beautiful little open air gazebo where we gathered to learn a variety of chi-building exercises and infant development.




My students are so eager to learn.

It is truly an honor to give and share with my students. I know that they will make remarkable changes through their coaching their clients in the many years to come!

Here you can see my student’s learning one of the Infant Development exercises that improve posture and coordination.

I wanted you to see the range of my teachings with the pics of my student’s on this blog post.

Please take some time today to get into nature, breath and look at the myriad of colors that will sooth your body, mind and soul.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek