July 13, 2012

Day 2 of CHEK Level 4

Good Friday to You!

We all had a productive day at CHEK Level 4 training yesterday.

My mother is here to teach Nonviolent Communication and we all got a great introduction to the methods and practice yesterday. We will continue learning this most valuable skill today.

My students are very well prepared and I enjoyed teaching them about the metaphysics of healing yesterday. Today, I will teach them about breathing technique and methods of assessing the full breath as a means of restoring optimal flow of life-force in their body and their clients bodies.

We are working through the organ mapping systems and looking carefully at the underlying behaviors that lead to energy disruption in the body-mind construct. I will teach my students how to use a variety of energy balancing methods that range from energy field healing to structural balancing.

Time was very limited for me yesterday so I snuck in a fast deadlift and reptilian crawling session. I worked up to 315 pounds and then just did as many sets of both exercises as I could in fifteen minutes, which turned out to be four circuits of the two exercises. That gave me a nice jolt of energy to keep me vital for the rest of the day.

We will continue sharing my Tao-Te-zen lessons while CHEK Level 4 is on because I don’t have enough time to create the totem pole offering while teaching.

I’ll begin it again right after CHEK Level 4 is over though. I hope you enjoy the Tao-Te-zen lesson until then.

Water Takes A BEND

The river is the waterfall,
Changing ways,
Droplets do not drown.

They grow wings and take to the skies,
Finding places where even dust cannot hide.

Water makes a myriad of rivers among the stones,
In the plants.

Birds are but the water’s river
Flying to and from the trees.

Water takes a bend so that all lives and all can be.

All can breathe.

Water is the queen of every dream in you.
She gives and takes her vows.

TAO-TE-zen practice is as water falling,
Dew upon the leaves.

Zen is she with the water can,
Feeding all that needs.

Zen is as water worshiping, warming in the sun,
For without her lover’s levity, loving and creating beauty can’t be done.

Practice zen as though a water can,
Meeting self and others’ needs,
Yet know it is the warmth of you that moistens your every breeze,

And so you breathe.

That is zen.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek