March 14, 2013

Creating Body-Mind Balance in Your Life (Continued)

Happy Thursday!

I hope you are all feeling as vitalized and excited to greet the day as I am!

I had a beautiful day yesterday. Lots of work done catching up with paperwork, client coaching, and PPS Success Mastery coaching; we had a great coaching call last night with lots of great questions!

It was a lovely hot day here yesterday. When I got into my car to drive home at 5:00 PM, it was 81º. Mother nature is preparing me for the summer heat we will experience at my Heaven House; it will be between 85-105º most days in the summer and even the lizards have umbrellas here!

I love the experience of the seasons though. It is a constant reminder for me that each season brings a unique form of creative energy and that when I’m in tune with the season, I meet less resistance from the environmental energies.

My workout for yesterday is in the photos below that go with my little lesson on body-mind balance for today.

I finished my day with a lovely tai-chi session at home in my rock garden. I love to do tai-chi twice a day, but sometimes, I’ve got to be more adaptable due to scheduling changes and challenges.

I find that if we just stay consistent with our practice, even if it means a less ideal situation, such as a shorter session, or only one session, we continue to make progress in our inner-development, while at once maintaining good habits.


Stone Circle
A circle of stones creates a functional relationship. There is an inside, and an outside to any circle. When we put people, places or things into functional relationships, there is a natural sharing of energy.

Things happen inside the circle that don’t affect what’s going on outside the circle directly, yet all thoughts, words, deeds, and objects are ultimately connected in the Big Circle, The Universe.

What we do to better ourselves, or our chosen circle of friends, is ultimately an improvement to any related circle, for all space is continuous, divided only by the perceived “relationships” we create.

Throughout antiquity, farmers have known that placing a circle of stones around trees, plants and gardens improved growth and development.

This occurs because the stones capture environmental energies and the energies of yin are held within the circle, while the excess yang energies are radiated outward from the circle, as the sun radiates the yin (energy of the core) outward to us all as Unconditional Love.
Human Circle
A simple, effective way to being or enhance your practice of body-mind balance is to find people that share the same core values that you do.

Whenever we desire to create anything of significance, we can rest assured, we WILL need the support of others.

The very people that are of the quality that you feel comfortable holding hands with and crating with are the kind of people you are likely to enjoy supporting, and being supported by when faced with the challenges natural to our growth and development in all aspects of life.

Your friends and business partners in essence, become extensions of your family; sometimes, for some people, they become their family.

The beautiful people you see holding hands with me here are people that support me in my growth and development, and I support them in theirs.

When we connect with the common intention to create beauty, harmony, and gifts of love to ourselves and others, we create and share energy outside the circle; the circle is a place where we become charged and inspired by each other. We cultivate love and friendship in our circle(s), and become more full, more alert, more alive and aware.

We learn to love more openly and fully and that oozes from our purpose everywhere we go; we become a source of light and love to all who enter our field.

Soul symbolized in circle
Though human beings have individual souls that perceive an “inside” and an “outside”, the ego creates an illusion of isolated-individuality.

But as you can see looking at Ryan Hughes’ Rain-man Mandala, though he has an inside and an outside, s/he is created by all things, from all times, and all places, for the Universe is One, without beginning or end.

Without the perception of self and other, love can have no function, no one to love, no one to experience not-love with to become clear as to what love is and isn’t for us.

If our daily life choices result in us being so stressed that we break our support circles, we become isolated and often feel alone. This leads to us living out illusions, such as, “no one loves me.” “No one supports me.” “No one cares about me.”

Or, “All I ever do is care for others and never have time for myself!” But these are choices we have made, created, and therefore, naturally get to experience.

Only we can decide how much support we need. And only we can determine how much reciprocity and what kind of reciprocity is an authentic expression, and extension of our love.

If we feel alone, it may be that we are leaving others alone and they are reflecting our conscious or unconscious desires back to us. Pain is a tool of awareness used by the soul to highlight where we are living an illusion that isn’t supported by the natural state of the Universe, which is integrated wholeness; anything else is an illusion that we must support with our own will power and emotions.

Breaking the Circle 1
When we work in harmony with our circle, breaks in the circle are not breaks. They are “investments” in mutual creation.


Functional Units Evening

Though at times we have to let go of hands to work in smaller functional units, just because the appearance of the circle changes, doesn’t men that connection or power are lost.

As long as harmony and conscious integration are in play, the energy of the circle expresses itself in a myriad of patterns and ways. Sounds Divinely familiar to the metaphysical ear ah!

Overcoming Resistance

There is always a natural limit to what we can do alone. If we take on more than we can handle and recover from effectively, we decrease our ability to contribute in our circle effectively, and can put an unnecessary drain on those in our circle.

Overdoing ultimately becomes not doing. Each member in your circle has their specific strengths and weaknesses. By learning from those that are stronger, or wiser than you in their areas of specialty, you can learn to expand the size of your own individual circle of influence, and at once, you are expanding the strength and abilities of your own circle(s).

Team work
Sometimes, it’s easier to be wise, and honest about when you need help. Often, we are afraid to ask for help because we fear we may be bothering someone that is, or isn’t yet in our circle.

I’ve found that with a little effort, you can usually find people that enjoy helping you because they enjoy participating in what you are doing; there is some form of mutual benefits or growth to be obtained. Soon enough, you find that your life is easier, more fun, and that many others have grown because you asked them for help and invited them into your circle.

As long as there is mutual reciprocity, then you have a circle.

Big Project
This is as far as I could go alone on this “Big Project”. Though I created this alone, it is essential to share that many of the stones in my circle (of friends) you see here arrived from the brush by the helping hands of my friends and students.

Jeff and Brrandon
Therefore, regardless of what I create here alone in Heaven, I’m never alone and have never been alone in my process; what you see here is also a gift from Jeff Brion, Brandon Wickland, and a few more of my students.

Each time I pick up a rock that I know I didn’t carry out of the brush, I’m grateful to the support of others who have supported me so I could enjoy a beautiful creative experience of meditative self-expression.

As I learn and grow, through the connections of the circle, they do too! Love is as love does.

Transforing the circle
Here you can see every stone in the circle invested in something special we created together. Everyone you see here moved stones from this very spot and all participated in building a beautiful water charger, and many other natural, beautiful artistic expressions here in Heaven.

One thing many people have a hard time with is change. Yet, change is the only constant we can rely on FOR SURE in the Universe. Everything is moving, evolving, becoming and unbecoming in the process of Kosmic (A Greek term meaning physical, biological, mental, and spiritual wholeness) Self-Realization.

The stones you see above (no easy feat by the way!) are no longer in this formation.

Stone Circle
They have become the circle.

Each day as I balance myself through creative, unbound play – self-expression – I am extending the love and legacy of the beautiful people who helped me create this circle in their own special way.

Jeff's circle
When you think that you are alone, or feel that you may not have been heard, listened to, or appreciated, if you look around, you will often see that the parts of you that were comfortable to connect to magically express themselves all around you.

This is a photo from Jeff and Rosie’s home in Laguna Beach. Jeff took the wisdom of how to create a bioelectrical circuit of stones home with him into their private meditation garden. The energy of that circle (though seemingly separate from me, Paul Chek), is now cultivating life-force energy within Jeff and Rosie’s home. It radiates outward to all around them, known and unknown.

This is how the love of the circle extends itself outward.

Soul symbolized in circle

Though the Rain-man may appear to be alone, as all human souls do, the truth is that the Rain-man knows s/he is one with all that is; today’s rain here is yesterday’s rains in Africa, and tomorrows germinating seeds in Australia.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek

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