March 13, 2013

Finding Balance with Weight Loss (Kids and Teens!)

Happy Wednesday to You!

I had a great day yesterday. Sean Croxton (Underground Wellness) and I recorded my presentation for his upcoming SexyBack Summit.

I always enjoy working with Sean. He’s easy going, knowledgeable, and does a great job sharing the wisdom of the wise ones with people around the world.

I love supporting the people get things done instead of just talk, talk, talking about it!

I got into the gym for a nice lung, squat, and reptilian crawling session yesterday too. I warmed up progressively to my training weight for the day in the lunge, which was 225 for three sets of 4 on each leg followed immediately by reptilian crawling with some brake-dance-like modifications (fun!). Then I did three sets of 20 breathing squats at 135 followed immediately by more reptilian crawl work.

I felt great when I finished and looked forward to getting some rockwork in today.


Fat kids
A little while ago, Troy Casey (The Certified Health Nut) referred “Benji” to me from BenjiManTV.

Benji is a very cool young man with tremendous love and passion for sharing health and vitality with the youth of the world in his site.

In the video below, I share a short summary of my approach to getting slim for teenagers (and all ages really).

Benji asked me to share some simple tips for the youth of the world on how to lose weight safely and effectively, so I did and you can see how I basically encapsulate the view shared in my blog yesterday with him in just a few minutes of video. I hope you enjoy the clip and looking at some of the other offerings on BenjiManTV.



To learn more about how to use nutrition and exercise functionally to create radiant health, please read my book: How To Eat Move and Be Healthy!  or listen to my audio series: You Are What You Eat!

Have a great day!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek