July 18, 2016

Calm and Enhance Mental Performance

Happy Monday!

I had a busy week at work, but enjoyed a lovely weekend of reading, exercise, painting, and spending time with Mana, Angie and Penny.

I hope your week was productive, and your weekend peaceful.

In my blog today, I will share:
1. Calm and Enhance Mental Performance
2. C.H.E.K Institute Advanced Training Program Completions
3. C.H.E.K Institute At IDEA in LA
4. Show-N-Tell With Paul

Calm and Enhance Mental Performance

Today, I take you through a short explanation of the Zone 6, Eye Rolling exercise in my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!, and then teach you how to do it.


I think you’ll find this simple exercise — that can be done anywhere, any time – very powerful.

Hopefully,  that new awareness will inspire you to try the many other zone (Work-In) exercises in my book.

If you feel inspired to gain more training on how to implement the methods of my book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!, my ebook, The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need, and my audio/workbook program You Are What You Eat!, you can check out our new on-line Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 program at www.chekinstitute.com

C.H.E.K Institute Advanced Training Program Completions

Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1, UK, with Jennie Delbridge


Congratulations to our new HLC 1 Practitioners that studied with the amazing Jenny Delbridge in London last weekend – Welcome to the CHEK Tribe!!

Jennie is a busy CHEK Practitioner and HLC Coach besides being a full time mom while living in France. Thank you for sharing your love and empowering your students!

Golf Performance Specialist Program, UK, with Duncan Reeve.

Congratulations to all of you who completed the CHEK Golf Performance Specialist program with Duncan Reeve July 4th weekend in the UK.

I’m sure Duncan kept you all very inspired with his deep knowledge of the game of golf, the physical body and his great sense of humor! Thank you Duncan and crew.

I’m excited to know there will be many more healthy golfers in the world now!

Exercise Coach, NYC, with Tomi Toles

Congratulations to the new NYC CHEK Exercise coach students for completing their training with Tomi Toles, and interning CHEK Instructors, Nicole De Vaney, and Carl Weston.

It must have been one hell of an amazing class with three Awesome Instructors – ah guys and gals!

I’m excited to know you are all empowered to share functional training and your love and wisdom with the world!

C.H.E.K Institute At IDEA World Convention in LA

A BIG “Thank You!” to Angie Lustrick-Chek, Penny, and the C.H.E.K Institute staff for a great show at the IDEA World Convention in LA this past weekend.

Angie gave a workshop titled “How To Work-In”, and one of my favorite lectures titled, Flatten Your Abs Forever.

If you couldn’t make it to the convention or to one of our Faculty presentations, you can order Flatten Your Abs Forever on DVD from www.chekinstitute.com.

Angie and Penny went to the IDEA conference without me this year. I really needed to rest so I enjoyed being at home for a few days.

Angie took Mana to the booth, and a couple times, they were showing video clips of me from my various DVDs, and she shared with me that “Mana knows exactly who Daddy is when he’s on TV!”

She was so amazed by his reaction, she asked Penny to play a DVD with me on it and film his reaction to it, which is the video you can see above.

It is so heart-touching for me, and amazing to experience your own little child at just 4.5 months of age being able to clearly recognize Daddy, even when he’s on TV.

I hope you enjoy this little video of our most amazing little bundle of love and light seeing PaPa on TV.

Angie said he was swinging his arms around for some time after that practicing what he saw Daddy doing on TV, which is so cute. “I feel Loved!”

The feedback from Angie’s classes was amazing, and we even had excellent feedback from the IDEA staff member who attended, so FANTASTIC JOB Angie!

If you’d like to join me for a rare opportunity for a live 4-day, deep intensive workshop with me, feel free to click the link below to learn about my San Diego, CHEK 4-Quadrant Coaching Mastery workshop September 15-18, 2016, I’d love to personally meet you!

Show-N-Tell With Paul


I recently started Zero Force Coaching with Sean, a friend of Danny Way’s.

Sean came to me for help recovering from chronic back pain that resulted from an auto accident nine years ago (along with a list of other injuries from his life as a skateboarder and snowboarder).

I feel blessed to have a chance to work with Sean. He’s an incredible man with a beautiful soul.

Sean getting ankle mobilized by Paul

Above you can see me mobilizing his talus (an ankle joint) so he could have natural ankle dorsiflexion when doing the tai-chi ruler exercise.

Sean tai chi ruler and breathin with Paul

I got him started on using the string to remind him to “breathe and smile” during the tai-chi ruler exercise.

I’m sure he’ll discover that this amazing, powerful exercise opens the doors of perception while helping him integrate body, mind and spirit.

Thanks for all the love you share with the world Sean! You are a beautiful source of inspired-light for all whom you touch.

My recent ART

Adam and Even acrylic unfinished by Paul Chek
I had a powerful vision while working with a friend recently who is healing from painful Christian childhood programming.

I’m about half way finished with it, but look forward to each moment I have to paint it.

When I get a powerful vision for someone like this one, I love to paint it and give it to them as a gift.

I hope each of you feels inspired to share your inner-gifts with others, and art is a beautiful way to say “I love you” to someone because they always know “you made it for them”.

That’s a lot different than getting the typical gift, as I suspect you all know.

My Buddy Jason’s Recent Art

Iasmin 21st birthday painting by Jason

My buddy and client Jason painted this awesome piece for his step daughter’s 21st birthday this weekend.

I’ve had the joy of watching Jason’s, and his wife Jacquie’s art just blossom.

Thanks for sharing and inspiring us all Jason!

I Couldn’t Resist!

Buddha and I say fuck a lot

Vidya (my personal assistant and business manager) found this on the web and forwarded it to me this weekend.

I couldn’t resist sharing it because anyone out there that knows me personally will resonate with why I’m sharing it (click on the image).

Spirituality comes in many forms…. and God Loves It All!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog today.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek