March 26, 2013

Balancing Your Emotions and Mind (Pt.2 The Basics)

Happy Tuesday from Heaven!

I hope your day is beautiful wherever you are!

I had a lovely day of catch-up yesterday after a very busy week seeing clients, and had a good time coaching as well.

I got into the gym in the afternoon for a lovely lunge, squat, and Swiss ball supine lateral ball roll workout.

I was very drawn to my rocks, but when I’m on a time budget, getting outside is dangerous; I loose track of time and often don’t want to come back to work!

This morning, Vidya and I were here before sunrise. As the light began to shine through the dense fog, this is what we were fortunate to enjoy:
Morning Mist in Heaven
Morning MIst 2

Morning MIst 3

We feel very fortunate to be able to witness the moving landscape throughout our day.


At the end of my little section on balancing your emotions and your mind on yesterday’s blog, I suggested that before you can live life in ideal terms, you must conceive of it that way.

I share photos of my work home because the environment here is very conducive to mental-emotional balance. But, I had to clearly conceive of what the optimal environment was for myself before I could begin to create that opportunity.

Once you are clear, your mind is tune to the frequencies that resonate with your dream and you attract the dream to you.

Therefore, my first simple lesson today is to be clear as to what you need in your environment to feel good, both inside yourself, and with your surroundings.

I suspect that if you’d finished your day at work by cleaning your office and desk, only to show up to work the next day to find it a mess, you’d have an emotional reaction that would be less than inviting.

But what’s changed since you left? You may have slept well, eaten great food, and even enjoyed some passionate lovemaking. You come into work in a state of serenity, and BOOM! You are irritated and frustrated, and probably on the warpath.

Why? because someone has created chaos in your environment and that chaos is now expressing itself in, and through you! All mental-emotional balance boils down to choices.

Only you can choose your environment and only you can choose to stay in stressful environments, or recreate your environment to suit your needs, or find a more suitable situation for your individual needs.


tai-chi Paul B&W
All life results from two basic energy qualities, which are referred to as yin (feminine) and yang (masculine). In my drawing (above), you can see my drawing of myself expressing each of these energy forms in my tai-chi practice.

The moon symbolizes yin; it is receptive and reflective, but doesn’t generate it’s own heat like the sun does. The moon has a massive influence on the water of the planet and water is essentially a yin element. You can see that the yin of me is softer, cool, inward flowing, and receptive.

The yang of me is outward flowing, hot, expansive, radiates energy, and is represented by the sun.

The yin cycle attracts energy or life-force (charges the body), and is anabolic, or tissue building, regenerative. To inhale is a yin function – to fill emptiness.

If I don’t inhale, I can’t convert my yin to yang and express myself outwardly; just as a snake must coil (yin) before it can strike (yang).

When we learn to manage our diet and lifestyle such that we maintain a functional balance of yin and yang energies, we are energetically stable.

Too much yin, and we expand while at the same time, becoming excessively damp and stagnant within. Too much yang and we over-express, spend, exert, and dry ourselves out; this is exactly what coffee does to you and why it is so dangerous to females who need to be more yin than males to balance themselves due to the biological imperative of the female; to mother life.

What is also important to remember is that each of your hormones can be classed as yin (cooling, slowing, and water binding) or yang (heating, speeding, drying or evaporative).

Whatever you do to yourself through your diet and lifestyle choices is reflected in and has your state of hormonal balance, or lack thereof!

Whatever you create (thoughts and choices) in and as your functional (dynamic) state of hormonal balance becomes your emotional expression; e-motion literally expresses the meaning, energy moving.



Slide1Long ago, biologists discovered that the human body is a collection of single cells working together in, and as a community, an organism.

What few realize today is that the organelles (miniature organs) within each cell are each expressed collectively as the organs within our bodies.

The digestive organs of the single cell are represented as the digestive organs in your body.

The respiratory system of the cell is represented and supported by your lungs.

The circulatory system within a cell is represented as the circulatory system within your body.

The cell membrane is represented as the membrane separating your insides from the outside environment.


Slide1Realizing that you are a collection of single cells that all have essential survival needs that are ubiquitous throughout your body-mind organism is a great place to start better understanding why so many people suffer chronically imbalanced mental-emotional states.

Before we discuss the essential survival needs of every cell in your body-mind construct, it is important to understand that all emotions are expressions of two classes of emotions:

1. Love based emotions: emotions the respond to and encourage inclusion and connection, and

2. Fear based emotions: emotions that respond to and express exclusion and disconnection.

These two emotions can also be categorized as:

1. Love = inclusion = yin = anabolic (tissue building, regenerative)

2. Fear = exclusion = yang = catabolic (tissue destructive, deconstructive)

Underlying our intellectual-ego processes and experiences is our unconscious mind and instinctual intelligence.

The unconscious body-mind functions are essentially the dance floor upon which the intellectual-ego mind dances; the dancer is either facilitated or debilitated by the overall condition of the dance floor!

Every single cell in your body has to meet its essential survival needs from moment to moment to keep the fabric of your body-mind and instincts functional. The survival needs of every cell in your body are:

1. It must have food that nourishes it.

2. It must have warmth.

3. It must have (relative) shelter.

4. It must have water.

5. It must have respiration (energy transfer)

6. It must achieve and maintain relative safety within its environment, and

7. It must have love; love at the level of the cell means reciprocity.

That means that there must be a functional give-and-take relationship between the cell and its environment or it will cease to exist.

If a cell over-consumes relative to what the environment can sustain, it will die.

If it doesn’t give something back to the environment, the environment will generally cease to support it. This is how nature works!


It is actually a paradox to me that with all the advanced technology, drugs and surgery available in medicine today that we’ve overlooked and under-appreciate natural technologies that are far more evolved and effective than our inventions.

I say this because we can’t live without Mother Nature’s technologies, as simple as they are, but we CAN live without medical, scientific technologies (as used for mental emotional disorders in general) in the grand majority of cases where they are used as front-line treatment approaches.

If you want to begin to balance and heal your body-mind thoughts and emotions, it is very simple to realize what every cell in your body needs first, if you are to avoid being dominant in fear-based thinking and emotions.

Let’s look again, but from the perspective of what you can easily do NOW:


1. Food that nourishes it: Your cells are designed to run on nutritious, whole foods. Living foods. Not processed, packaged, scientifically validated S.A.D. C.R.A.P. (Standard American Diet of Carbohydrates, Refined foods, Additives and Preservatives).

To the degree that your cells are not being effectively nourished, you will experience an uprising of fear. It is usually unconscious; you don’t realize that your fears are the messages of your cells being miss-interpreted by your ego-mind as fear of something else.

Eat real, organic, whole foods and your emotions will stabilize and your mind will calm to the very degree that you are nutritionally deficient.

2. Warmth: Your body and your individual cells have a very tight temperature range, within which, life occurs.

If your body is chronically too hot, or too cold, you have problems with diet, movement, rest, or are unaware of how to dream and create to meet your needs, first and foremost.

Anything producing inflammation in your body, or too much physical activity relative to your bodies regenerative capacity, will cause excess heat.

When excess heat goes on too long, your body will rebound with an equally protracted period of excess cooling to try and balance you; this is referred to as hypothyroidism.

3. Shelter: Every cell has an environment that it has adopted to for its survival.

The process of adaptation is such that if the environment shifts faster than it can adapt effectively, it dies.

Your mental-emotional state is dramatically influenced (as I share above) by your internal, and your external environment.

Meeting the essential needs of your cells is the FIRST step toward establishing a healthy internal environment that supports life.

4. Water: There are approximately 6 Billion(!) biochemical reactions per second in the human body.

Every single one of them is water dependent; your thoughts and emotions are expressed and experienced because your biochemistry creates and facilitates them.

It has been shown by experts that if your central nervous system is only 1% dehydrated, it can cause significant psychological disorders! If you are not drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water daily, you are probably setting yourself up for biochemical distress, leading to thoughts and emotions that express deviance from meeting your essential survival needs for water.

Start drinking high quality water now. My book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! has all the information you need to make sound water choices.

5. Respiration/Breathing (energy transfer): Poor breathing mechanics is as common as white bread.

If we don’t ventilate properly, we lack the oxygen needed for optimal cell respiration, which directly effects cellular metabolism, assimilation, digestion and elimination.

I teach how to breath properly in my multimemdia e-book, The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now!

Of all the thousands of people I’ve coached, less than 1% of them could breath properly!

Those of you that are familiar with the CHEK (Survival) Totem Pole will know that breathing is at the top! Without oxygen, you have about three minutes before your brain begins to die.

If you want to do a quick experiment to see how quickly a lack of breathing/oxygen affects your mental-emotional state, just get someone to put a bag over your head and stop you from breathing; or hold your breath for as long as you can.

Within a very short time (usually about 60 seconds), you will begin to have a flood of fear-based thoughts and your mind will race wildly; so what do you think is happening when you aren’t breathing properly all day long and suffer chronically low levels of oxygen, excess oxygen from hyperventilating, or are holding your breath without realizing it?

6. Achieve and maintain relative safety within its environment: Just as a cell in the ocean that naturally lives in cool waters must be careful not to get swept into the currents of a hot spring or it will die, we too must be aware of what environment supports our needs.

Some people do well in the desert, some don’t. Some like being near the ocean, some don’t. Some like the cold and snow of the north, some don’t.

If you want to go a long way toward mental-emotional balance, just listen to yourself complain about your environment, but this time, do something about it!

If you don’t, you just die a slow death and take all your family members and friends on the journey with you with all the constant whining!

7. Love; love at the level of the cell means reciprocity: There must be a natural give and take between both the organism (cell) and it’s environment, as well as among other cells of the same, and often, different types.

Just as you may love making bread so that people that love to eat it can buy it and support you, each cell essentially loves what it is and does and needs (loves) the things that other cells do and love to support itself.

Where love is imbalanced, our mind and emotions reflect that imbalance. To love yourself is to care for yourself enough to be healthy and contribute to the lives of others, in reciprocity.

Those that take more than they give end up in plenty of stressful situations and relationships, often turning to drugs to manage the problem. This generally only makes them more toxic and does NOTHING to solve the root problem.

Those that over-love or give more than they can authentically give without it leaving them short often have hidden resentment toward themselves and others. This also destabilizes the mental-emotional functions of our body.

This, by the way, is what I call the “over-loving mother syndrome” and I have found this challenge very common among females with breast cancer.

Learning how to be honest about what your love needs are, and doing your part to meet them is a fantastic fist step toward mental-emotional balance.

I go into this aspect of mental-emotional balance in good detail in my program titled, The 1-2-3-4 For Overcoming Addiction, Obesity, and Disease.

OK! That’s your little lesson on the essentials of mental-emotional balance for today.

I look forward to see what your souls are ready to learn tomorrow!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek