March 9, 2012

7 is an open gate

Happy Friday from NYC!

The preconference workshop on Functional Core went really well at ECA NY. Great students, attentive and keen to learn.


I seem to be mobbed every time I hold still and it is amazing how many people with questions there are. I am having fun though.

I got some quality time in with my Team CHEK Instructor Tomi Toles last night, which was very nice.

Today I’m looking forward to sharing more on Critical Program Design Strategies and Posture today!

Tomorrow I’ll be presenting Balance Training and Rotational Training.

7 Is an Open Gate

The human body is the objectification of an energy-form. It cannot be separated from the energy-form that created the universe itself.

We are both “in”, and “of” the Universe, part and parcel of the “WHOLE.”

To have a healthy perspective on life, we must also have a healthy mind.

What few seem to realize, be they doctors or professors of academia, is that the mind can only be as healthy as the body.

If your diet and lifestyle pollute and debilitate your body, your body becomes ill and malnourished and likewise your mind.

This means your blood is both dirty and lacking vital nutrients.

Therefore, it is essential to remember that your brain, an organ which uses fully 80% of your available blood sugar and a tremendous amount of your nutritional resources, can only be has healthy as the blood feeding it!

To truly practice zen means that we see ourselves as an extension of the CREATOR.

As such, we honor our bodies as the essential place of worship. We also honor the world as the temple of the Divine.

In so doing, we manage ourselves creating harmony both within ourselves and outside ourselves.

By eating and living in such a way as to not create unnecessary challenges to the flow of life with us, or in our immediate and extended environments is zen. In zen, we manage ourselves with a degree of consciousness.

One’s view of life is not tainted, or distorted in such a way that thoughts, words and deeds don’t create disharmony—in and around us.

To do this is not a matter of complexity as so many think. It is indeed, a matter of simplicity and efficiency.

Live simply and efficiently!

That is zen.

Love and Chi,

Paul Chek