December 23, 2013

Zumba and Relaxing in Heaven

Happy Monday to You!

Well, I’m officially on Vacation. Last Thursday was when my vacation started, and we had a C.H.E.K Institute company team-building event scheduled that day. That turned out to be very fun! We all went outrigger canoeing in Mission Bay.

The CHEK team was split into two groups, each with their own boat and coach. We learned how to work the boat and paddle properly, and then we got to race…yum yum…

Our teams were quite evenly matched with my team winning two of three races. Penny and I each won one of the treasure hunts with our teams, so the event was very evenly matched among us. It as a great day and Penny and I really had fun with everyone!

Paul and Penny Zoomba

I lost my Zumba virginity to my wife Friday night at the Encinitas YMCA!

Penny has been trying to get me to come to one of her Zumba classes for a couple years. She’s been teaching Zumba for ages and I’ve always been a big fan of Zumba as an exercise form in general. I also think they run their business really well.

Well, now on vacation, I finally found time to get to one of Penny’s classes and it was great fun!

Penny is a very skilled group exercise (and dance) instructor. I used to love seeing Penny present at conferences in our early years together. It was fun to see her in her element – I am forever amazed at how she can make every single piece of her anatomy move independently of every other piece?

Thank you for not killing me off in class Babe! I need more cardio training and dance lessons with Christina Aguilar to keep up with you; you can use the later to guarantee the former!

I’ve been bitten by the creative “art” bug. I call this drawing “soul Flower.” I drew it during the finals of “The Voice”, which is a show that inspires me and gives me hope for modern TV.soul Flower

This mandala symbolizes all the love I am experiencing in my life at the moment I’m drawing. My life has been blessed with a lot of love, and loving people.

The Voice Spirit

I call this one “The Voice Spirit”. This is a drawing of what I feel inside me as I watch all the beautiful competitors on “The Voice” face the dragon within themselves, and seek to express their authentic greatness. The music is so good, I often have to get up, put my art pad down, and dance, dance, dance…sometimes Penny catches me and giggles at me a lot.

So, now you know…this is me feeling the love of “The Voice” move through me and dancing to it!

PC RM AL Paintings Day 1
Saturday, I got to spend the day painting with two of my best friends, Angie and Rory. We began a painting project that would take two days to finish. Above, you can see what our art looked like at the end of the first day.

Angie and Rory painted the top painting, and the bottom is the beginning of my painting of a female shaman I wanted to share with Angie.

Rory and Angie Painting

I really love what Rory and Angie created together. The dragonfly is appropriate for both of them as a spiritual motif. It shimmers beautifully in the sun because there is glitter in the paint. It makes the dragonfly look like its flying above the painting. Great job guys!

She Shaman

This is my finished piece, which I’ve named “She Shaman” for now. There is much I could say about her. But no worry, she will always come to you when you are ready to meet her.

The painting represents her mastery over the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space. Her right hand shows she can make and control fire and contains the spirit of the coyote, the trickster; her left hand shows that she can rain and control the weather and contains the spirit of the Raven.

The smallest heart within the big lower heart holds her soul. It empowers conscious awareness of choice, which is represented as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; the tree’s roots are black (death) and white (life), symbolizing her mastery of life cycles.

The middle heart shows her ability to shape shift, and to access all the knowledge of her past lives. Her eyes show that her Aboriginal origins are recorded in the starts of antiquity.

The upper heart symbolizes the air element, and represents the vast reach of her mind. It is through mastery of her mind that she has mastered space, for all perceived spaces are expressions of the ideas of mind.

Her left eye shows that she has the empathy of a mother, and that she cried through many hard times; the yellow above her eye symbolizes that power must be balanced by empathy or what could be beautiful becomes painful.

Her left eye is the eye of her masculine self, symbolizing the principle of logic and rationality. It symbolizes her ability to balance her male, judging aspect with her female nurturing aspect.

Her strong earthly legs symbolize her ability to ground the tremendous amount of energy and information that comes through her crown and chakras in general.

She is standing in The River Of Life, of the TAO. She is saying that if you learn to master the two forces I hold in my hands (yang-right and yin-left), you can control how smoothly you sail down the river.

The plants growing out of the riverbanks symbolize that she has been everything in the river, from the soil and plants to the animals and the water and the sky. The plants also represent the feathers of her soul-bird’s wings, which fly to retrieve information from her memory of past life experiences for her.

The OM symbol painted in the sky just above the black triangle represents her true nature, which is musical, and harmonious.


Just to keep you updated, I’ll be taking a break from shooting video blogs until my holidays are over in the first week of the New Year. I need to spend some time without any schedule and enjoy doing nothing!

I will share an update blog in writing as I can, but look forward to sharing lots with you all in the New Year!

In the mean time, here’s a great HEALTHY DESERT option Angie Lustrick, CHEK HLC Instructor ( has to share with you a healthy holiday season:


Have a healthy Holiday Season!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek