March 2, 2015

Zone 3 Exercise and A Tribute To JR Bachman

Happy Monday!

I hope you are all enjoying your life, and “managing your snakes” well.

In my blog today, I’ll be sharing:

1. A video of me demonstrating the Horse Stance Dynamic (zone 3) exercise from p. 108 of my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

2. A tribute to my friend and personal massage therapist, JR Bachman, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly last Saturday.

3. A celebration of healthy children, and

4. LSD and street drug challenges and tips for healing/balancing from such challenges.

Horse Stance Dynamic (zone 3) exercise – Digestion/Elimination Support


Zone exercises are exercises that address energetic imbalance in specific regions and systems of the body. In my book, “How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!”, I show a variety of exercises to address imbalances in each of the zones/chakra systems that can be effectively addressed through work-in type exercises.

Since so many people today have challenges with digestion and elimination, I thought I’d share the Horse Stance Dynamic exercise.

In my 12-minute video blog today, I review the essential basics of:

1. How to breathe with zone exercises

2. How to use your mind effectively to enhance your zone exercise experience and healing potential

3. What criteria determine the difference between working out and working in

4. How to perform the Horse Stance Dynamic exercise.

Work-In Parameters:

Most people in the world today are both wound up, and indoctrinated into the exercise myths that “more is better”, and “the harder you work the stronger you get”…

Since those myths are not working well at all…and have produced a whole generation of what I often refer to as fit sick people, I feel it is high time that we take the hints that are now very obvious, and develop a counter-myth.

My counter myth to these now dysfunctional myths is “Work-hard – Rest hard.”

In my advanced training programs for CHEK Practitioners and HLC Practitioners, I share loads of information and evidence to support the necessity and validity of my stated counter-myth.

For those of you who may be new to my concept I call “Working-In”, this is a term I’ve created to encapsulate any and all forms of gentle movement or meditative arts that facilitate both inner-growth and development, improve how much life-force energy one has, and serve to harmonize and integrate key energy centers in the body.

To perform a work-in exercise effectively, please benefit from my many years of research and practice by applying the following parameters:

The intensity of exercise (effort) should be such that:

A. Your heart rate does not elevate beyond your natural resting heart rate.

B. Breathing rate should not elevate beyond your natural resting breathing rate.

C. You should be able to perform zone exercises comfortably on a full stomach.

D. Your tongue should stay moist at all times during your work-in training; the tongue is part of the visceral system, and it dries as the sympathetic (fight-flight) system begins to dominate the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system.

The zone exercises I share and teach in my Holistic Lifestyle Coach training programs are very simple, and very powerful when done correctly, and daily.

For those of you that would like to try seven of the meditation techniques I recommend to my clients with minds so busy they find meditation challenging, you can purchase the downloadable Dr. Quiet audio companion that is an extension offering for my book, “The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now!”

A Tribute to JR Bachman

JR Bachman 1
This last week, I was doing some work at the office, and just happened to be sitting at my computer when an email came in from Edward, JR Bachman’s room mate, informing me that JR has passed away the week before, Saturday in his home.

Edward found JR in his home, unconscious, not breathing, and though he tried everything to revive him, neither he, nor the paramedics were successful. Sadly, JR was only 35 years of age when he left the earth plane.

Fortunately, I was able to speak to Edward, and he informed me that the coroner is looking into what caused JR’s death.

JR was first my student. He started studying with me when he was only 21, and progressed to being a very skilled CHEK Practitioner Level 3.

His career path shifted, and he was working on getting into medical school, and was doing a lot of research work at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) as well.

JR Bachman 2
Here you can see JR receiving an award for one of his science projects at UCSD.

JR was a very intelligent man, a world traveler, photographer, astronomy buff, and had a huge interest in all areas of human potential. He was certainly among the very best of the best massage therapists I’d ever worked with in my career, and there have been many!

JR would come to my house almost weekly and work me thoroughly from top to bottom. He was a trained neuromuscular therapist, and for some time, was Paul St. John’s assistant at his office in Florida.

JR and I had many deep conversations on all things “life.” He loved animals, so whenever JR showed up, Angie’s dog Maggie was always excited to see him too because he always took time to give her some love and massage work.

When I got the news of JR’s passing, it was as though someone threw an ax straight into my heart. Tears began to flow from me unstoppably.

I was sad to the degree that words can’t touch the pain of losing him. I actually had a massage scheduled with him Sunday, but had to cancel because I’m so busy building my new Holistic Coaching program for my students.

The week before this happened, JR gave me what would rank as “the best massage I’d ever had.” He spent two hours working on me, with exquisite detail. When I got off the table, it was as though all my sporting injuries were gone, my neck was free and pain free, and I felt an inch taller.

JR always gave me a big loving hug before leaving, but I had no idea that this would be my last hug, and my last massage from him. My heart still aches, and I will miss him dearly. He was a great friend, highly intelligent and fun to discuss things with, a true lover of nature, and a real pioneer.

My love goes out to his family, and all his friends.

If you’d like to see his family’s page they’ve set up as a tribute to JR, please click this link: JR Bachman Memorial

Practitioner Art

Cathy Carr, wife of CHEK Institute Senior Instructor Donal Carr, is a friend and great artist whose art I really love. Cathy’s father is very close to passing away now, and she’s been spending a lot of time with him.

Cathy Carr Death Process art
Cathy drew this art piece to symbolize the death process. I feel this is not only a beautiful symbol of the death process, but the birth process too; there’s something to meditate on there!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful art Cathy!

With the passing of JR Bachman, and others (all around me it seems lately), I can’t thank you enough. If you would like to see more of Cathy’s beautiful art, or hire her to create something special for you or a loved one, you can reach Cathy Carr at:

LSD Challenges Among Street Users!

I am sharing my response to a young man who is suffering from some very disruptive challenges in his body-mind after using LSD. I am sharing this with you on my blog because:

A. I’ve been getting A LOT of people from around the world contacting me with very similar challenges, often after going out into the jungle to do journeys with shaman, as well as people experimenting with psychedelics and some of the new, dangerous designer street drugs.

B. I have a specific knowledge in this area, and have done a lot of research in this area because of my work as a shaman, and feel people need to be better informed as to what they are getting themselves into.

This question is copied directly from my blog 2-23-15 titled: Meditation and Separating Our Snakes, and my answer to him is below the question so you can all read it.

If you have teenage children or children in college, or are someone who buys drugs from street vendors, I highly suggest you read Mike’s question to me, and my response to him carefully!

Mike D writes:

Paul, I’ve been struggling with depression since I graduated high school. My senior year I took LSD and mushroom about once a month sometimes more frequent and after one trip in particular off LSD I felt off the next day and I never got better. I didn’t feel “right”, and I started to get anxiety right before I was going off to college. College didn’t work out so I left and my anxiety and depression got worse. I started eating all organic and ate plenty of vegetables, fruit, and high quality meat but I still have zero energy and tons of anxiety and feel depressed. I didn’t know what else to do so right now I’m trying an anti-depressant (zoloft), been on it for a little over a month, and I do feel more energy and less depressed, but I don’t know what it could possibly do to my brain by inhibiting the re-uptake of serotonin. I’m pretty sure serotonin isn’t the problem based on everything i’ve read and understand but how does it help some people recover from a downward spiral in their life? A family friend of mine’s life was falling apart and as a last resort effort took prozac and he swears it saved his life and he enjoys life again, But could he have avoided something that he was suppose to face without the prozac. Also, could the LSD have triggered something or altered some pathway in my brain? Would psychotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy help? Or any programs you offer to help me overcome this without the drugs? I know I’m asking a lot of questions but I’m uncertain as what to do. Please let me know what you think I should try.
Thank you.

Paul’s Reply:

Dear Mike,
I understand, and am familiar with your predicament. I’ve coached a number of people through this exact problem over the years.

There a few things I feel you (and all) should know in this regard, so I’ll share those, and then I’ll give you a list of suggested methods that I use to help your situation improve as fast as possible, all things considered:

LSD: What is being traded on the street today, is seldom the real LSD isolated and developed by Albert Hofmann (LSD 25). The real LSD does leave one feeling a bit drained or in a state akin to jet-lag for a day or two after use, but that’s about it. Certainly, prolonged use in succession can deplete brain/CNS resources such as serotonin, dopamine, and other neurotransmitters/catecholamine’s (such as adrenaline and noradrenaline).

This response varies from drug to drug and person to person (even on the same drug). One of the key factors that determines an individuals response to a drug like LSD is how they perceive the experience; if the experience of the ego’s filtration system being dissolved, and the shadow or unconscious being exposed to the degree that the experience is perceived as stressful, there will be a prolonged stress response from the sympathetic nervous system, adrenals, and all glands and organs involved in creating the response that reflects the individual’s perceptual experiences.

Since most people using such drugs are already fatigued and have clinical signs of adrenal fatigue, any such drug can “over-extend” their hormonal response, and trigger global fatigue and mental-emotional malaise (or depression if it is more magnified, with suicidal tendencies coming along if one keeps pushing the body-mind into further states of dis-integration!).

Street Drugs: The grand majority of LSD sold on the street is actually not what our culture has come to know as LSD (which is LSD 25, aka Albert Hofmann). Our culture’s awareness of LSD (for better or worse) is what it is largely due to people like Timothy Leary, Ram Das, Ralph Metzner, Stanaslov Grof, Terrence McKenna and other such pioneers of LSD research and use; they were using the real, clinical grade LSD 25, and even in that era, there were people making very high quality LSD to be sold on the street.

Today, there are MANY backyard chemists producing LSD in a variety of molecular forms that differ from what most “think they are getting.” Most street LSD comes on paper, and contains binding agents, one of which is commonly arsenic. When you get LSD from someone without knowing who made it and what it actually is, or is in it, you are taking a very big risk…as you now know very well!

LSD is actually toxic to the body and research shows that the reason it lasts as long as 10 hours is because the cells of the body and our detoxification systems don’t know what to do with it. One researcher said something like this, “the cells of the body don’t know what to do with it, so they just keep passing the LSD molecules around the body until it finally degrades, which can take as long as 10 hours.”

With that said, consider what occurs when:

A. You are getting a drug that is potentially even less compatible due to altered chemical structure.

B. You are getting a drug with potentially any number of other chemicals in it to enhance (weak chemistry), bind it, stabilize it, and the chemical in the paper (if you were to look into the chemicals in paper alone, you’d certainly not eat it!).

C. The user already has a compromised detoxification system, which is the case for a good 95% of the world population!

Chances are very good that:

A. You are suffering from an overburdened detoxification system, coupled with hormonal system disruption/imbalance, which is likely to be coupled with a compromised nutritional profile, and a variety of 4 Doctor imbalances (in other words, when you took the drug, you were probably already toxic and tired).

B. You have acquired toxic molecules your body doesn’t know how to break down and they are still rolling around in the system; In my opinion, this is one of the primary causes of “LSD flashbacks:” as the body gains the resources and energy to detoxify itself, the trapped toxic molecules are liberated from body fat into the blood stream and the whole show starts again…

C. The molecule may be clogging receptor sites on neurons in the brain, spinal cord, or throughout your body.

D. Enough of a dose, and the ego can be fragmented, resulting in the inability to “be in one place at a time,” which is an important function of the ego.

In Native American healing or shamanism, this is called soul loss. Such people have a hard time reorienting themselves in their bodies, and their lives; they are as though living on multiple planes of existence at once, which is the terrain of the schizophrenic.

Suggested Self-Help Action Items

1. Be SURE you are living in accordance with the 4 Doctor principles I share in my ebook, “The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need”, or you will prolong or completely block your chances of recovery.

2. Be VERY careful about the use of any stimulants. They will magnify the problem. Use zone, tai-chi, Q-gong, chanting, rattling and drumming with a consistent rhythm (not erratic), and take at least three cold showers daily (morning, noon, and night, or whenever the depression seems strongest).

Cold showers (as cold as you can get the water!), ideally for 6-10 minutes will naturally stimulate the SNS/adrenals and stimulate catecholamine production. Cold showers also naturally exercise the thermogenic system, which fires up metabolism, aiding detoxification. There are also beneficial androgen responses to cold-water treatment.

3. Order yourself a “grounding mat” to cover bed and pillow. This will help restore your energy balance, calm your SNS, and decrease inflammation in the body. This will help integrate your energy field. Walking barefoot or laying on the ground on a natural fiber mat or towel is also very helpful; always do your work-in practices with bare feet or socks made of natural fibers so the body is grounded to the earth. (Search for: Earthing Universal Mat with Cover Kit

4. Supplementation For Your Brain: I recommend you purchase the book or audio/book (and look at their web site) titled “Power Up Your Brain” by Alberto Villodo and David Pearlmutter. They have several useful supplement recommendations and protocols, and a lot of advice useful to you in this situation.

5. Amino Acid Imbalance/Deficiency: There is a physician by the make of Dr. Amen you can easily find on the web who does a lot of work with brain disorders, including testing for, and balancing amino acids that are essential to brain and CNS function.

Another expert in this area, who also has a clinic to test and address these issues is Julia Ross, author of “The Diet Cure” and “The Mood Cure”; you may find “The Mood Cure” helpful study as well!

6. Detoxification: In your situation, it would be best to have a professional, such as a Chek HLC 3 or someone skilled in functional medicine to both test you, and guide you through the process of:

A. Detoxifying your gut from mouth to anus; I recommend the organic, All Natural Cleanse 60-day Colon Cleanse for my patients. You can start there right away.

B. I’d recommend you try at least one bottle of “Metal Free” (, which is an enzyme-based product that catabolizes heavy metals (such as mercury, which is a binder used in dental fillings, and many medical and possibly recreational drugs), and may catabolize any number of toxins. It is easy to used, and VERY powerful, so follow the directions to the tee! Trust me, I know from personal experience here .

C. A liver-gallbladder cleans: this shouldn’t be done until the above steps are completed, as is the case for this whole list.

D. A kidney cleanse.

This will help clear any drug toxins and other toxins from your body that are contributing to your overall symptom profile.

Functional Medicine Testing: There are many practitioners of functional medicine today. I’d recommend you get a general panel done to see what the state of your adrenals, and hormonal system, and what toxins you have in you. I recommend you get an “environmental toxicity” panel done. The functional medicine experts that I use as consultants (all whom have functioned as instructors at the Chek Institute) are:

A. Dr. Dan Kalish (

B. Dr. Cliff Oliver (Ph. 858-272-2333 San Diego)

C. Reid Davis (also in San Diego;

You don’t need to be in their office. They can consult you by phone or Skype, send you test kits, and you send the lab tests to the lab and they interpret the results and give you a recommended protocol to balance your biochemistry.

7. Brainwave Technologies: There are a number of companies and doctors that offer therapy that uses a device to monitor your brain waves, and then use visual images to balance brain function. I’ve used this in the past because of brain dysfunction after having six concussions, mostly from motto-x racing.

If you look into the “HeartMath Foundation” in Boulder, CA. (see the book “HeartMath”), they have a variety of software programs you can use to balance your autonomic nervous system. This is very helpful for restoring natural internal rhythms and drives, and could be very useful to you now.

8. General Supplementation: I’d recommend you start taking a New Chapter organic, daily multivitamin to be sure you have enough nutrient variety to support detoxification, repair, and growth. A functional medicine practitioner can get much more specific, but they need the test results to do their job.

9. Avoid high-stress situations, and relationships while healing.

10. Be SURE you are following the instructions for optimal sleep given in my book “HTEM&BH!” and take naps as often as needed. This is very important, simple, and FREE!

11: Exercise:

A. Using steady-state, low intensity aerobic exercise at the time of day you feel most depressive will also aid detoxification and will naturally stimulate the adrenal system, which can really decrease depression.

B. Resistance training with intensities between 12-4 rep loads for no longer than 30 minutes with adequate rest between sessions will elevate androgen levels (such as testosterone and growth hormone), which also has a very good effect on mood, counteracting depression. Only do what you can do comfortably. Never leave yourself feeling depleted. Don’t do the next workout until you can improve your performance by at least 1-3%, or you’ll make yourself worse.

12: Finding Direction: I highly recommend you complete PPS Lessons 1 and 2 at this time. These lessons will give you the tools to put this experience into context, and find direction in your life. Lesson 2 teaches you how the mind is programmed, and how to “brain wash” yourself (positively) so your mind stabilizes.

As you can see, I’ve taken a lot of time to help you. I’ve done this because MANY people are experimenting with psychedelics and street drugs in general, and it seems like I’m getting people like you needing help almost by the week in the past few years…

Therefore, I’m hoping others will see this message and “take note” of all the issues covered. I will also post it in my written blog.

WARNING: I am a practicing shaman, with extensive training in the use of “sacred medicines”, most of which are psychedelics. These medicines should not be “played with.”

More problems than good come to anyone who is using such medicines to “avoid the pain of not managing or healing their own life” because such people are already demonstrating ego-fragmentation or incomplete ego development. Such people given drugs without skilled guidance, and integration practices, are like 10 year-old kids with the keys to daddy’s 500 HP Ferrari, who think that just because they drive well on a video game, they can drive a real sports car. Trouble!

Additionally, the masses of people using drugs irresponsibly, and buying garbage impersonations of the real medicines are causing “hyper-vigilance” among government and police officials, which leads to less and less availability for those who use the medicines spiritually, intelligently, with maturity.

If those of you in the world that want to have such experiences want to avoid being in the kind of situation Mike is in (and MANY others!), do some research and find a shaman, or someone that is a professional at leading such inner-journeys; you will know they are a pro because there will be definite process work that must be done on the way into, during, and after such sessions.

Many are now going to the jungles of the world to work with shaman there, but without having a reliable referral, the same problems, or death occur daily. I’ve had many come back from jungle “trips” in very bad shape and need my help, or the help of others with specialized skills to help reintegrate them.

I’ve seen families torn apart from such “endeavors”. I’ve seen families exhaust their finances in an endless loop of doctors and testing and doctors and testing…with no results…but more drugs from the doctors, which in most case, make the whole problem WORSE.

I’ve now had several people as patients, or family members of friends commit suicide while on an antidepressant drug; this information is very suppressed by drug companies.

I’m all for mind expansion and spiritual growth, but I am not at all for putting loaded guns in the hands of children.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek

Raising Kids on A Modern World

Josh and Jude in Japan
A friend of mine recently sent me this beautiful photo of him and his daughter in Japan. He was introducing her to sushi for the first time (sea urchin if I recall correctly), and commented on how she liked it, and loved to try new foods wherever they go.

I really feel it is very important for a child’s growth to “get them out of the US and expose them to other cultures and foods.” Typically American’s have a very narrow view of the world, and a very limited perception of food variety, and other ways of living outside their own.

As a teacher, I’ve found that those of my students that have traveled around the world have a wider perspective on issues, are less trapped in their heads, and less susceptible to falling into the trap of living dogmas.

Jason and Manola
Here you can see Jason, who’s been doing regular Zero Force Coaching with me for about three years now. Since that time, he’s found a beautiful wife, and had their first child, and the second is on the way.

Jason does a fantastic job of exposing little Manola to a variety of amazing foods and experiences, as well as exposing her to other cultures.

Like the CHEK Practitioners that have had children, Jason and his wife have noticed, as have a number of doctors and people that interact with Manola, that she is way ahead of her age group in development in most every way!

Jason was recently in a group meeting with Manola, and many other kids her age. He told me it was shocking for him to see how docile and un-athletic the other kids were compared to Manola. Again, I’ve heard these same comments from most every person, or CHEK Practitioners with children that follow the principles I teach.

Our children are our future.

If we can’t get together and clean up the messes we’ve created in the world for our own health and safety, let’s all do it for the children!
I do my best to so a little something for the world every day. I hope you feel inspired to join me.

Thanks for joining me today!

Have a great week.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek