November 21, 2012

Your Story is in your Hands

Its a good day!

I’ve had some great days alone in my office catching up and visiting with some of my colleagues at the CHEK Institute.

I’ve been working on clarifying my intent in the next year to five years and it feels good to get my thoughts onto paper.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a day in the US when many people get together with their loved ones whether they be family or tribe. I’ll have a quiet day with Vidya and Penny, celebrating our gratitude for the lives we live, for our families and our many students and friends. We’ll share stories remembering the good times (hopefully) and planning for more.

Our story is really all we have. Without our story, who would we be

Your very name is part of your story. Any experience you share is your story. When we realize that we create our own story in large part by choosing to or not to participate, we come to the realization that we indeed do have free will.

We do have the capacity to create what we want or what we don’t want and that creation is largely in our hands.

The way we touch, the attention we pay, when creating a piece of art, or building a new doghouse or a garage, or adding a room to the house, or doing a sculpture, or holding a child, or petting a dog or a cat.

Those things are all part of our story. The action of creating, manifesting, changing, editing, all of those actions are largely dependent upon what we do with our hands.

Your Story is in your Hands

Two hands come together
A story is told
Yours, mine

Will you pull me towards your chest like a teenybopper?
Bang knuckles or high-five
Will your hug me?
Will I hug you?

What’s in your hands changes your body
Your body changes what’s in your hands
How you love and how you nurture
That is the story in your hands

TAO-TE-zen practice is to connect your heart expression
To the tailor in your hands
Hug, feel, create,
And watch the garden grow.

“TAO-TE-zen practice is to connect your heart expression to the tailor in your hands.” If we get out of our heads and into our hearts, our hands reflect that.

Hug, feel, create, and watch the garden grow means when you change what’s happening in your story by connecting to the heart and letting that flow through your hands, your nurture expresses itself all around you as beauty in the garden ~ life itself.

May your Thanksgiving be a day of reaping the harvest of your love.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek