November 22, 2012

Love Flowers All Around You!

Happy Thanks Giving Day to You!

I hope you are all enjoying your life and cultivating well-being each day; to me, well-being means seeking to balance your inner world with your outer-world.

Since I arrived home last week, I’ve been cultivating well-being for myself and enjoying it too! I’ve been having a great time at home visiting with Penny and enjoying my rock garden and my gym.

When I arrived, a good number of my rock stacks had fallen over in the seven weeks I was gone, so I was excited to take the opportunity to give my garden a face-lift.

I created a labyrinth of stones in one of my meditation areas that emanates outward from my meditation seat like a spider’s web.

I walk the arms of the web going stone to stone bare footed. After just 20 minutes of playful balancing on the stones and walking different patterns, I felt as though I’d been given a total body tune-up! It always amazes me what we can do to keep ourselves healthy and vital for free!

With Thanksgiving today, I’ve been more aware of all the lovely people that have contributed so beautifully to my life.

Of the tremendous many, I’m certainly grateful for the parenting I received as a child. My parents taught me to be strong and get a job done without making excuses. My mother taught me how to live naturally and be open to new religious ideas and experiences; what a blessing!

My wife, Penny, has been my Buddha when it comes to being an example of what a lover and partner can be. She is amazingly compassionate and patient with me and allows me to truly be myself without judgment.

Penny has stood beside me every step of the way to building the CHEK Institute. That journey has been almost 17 years for us now as partners and I still love her as much as I did in the honeymoon of our relationship.

Vidya has supported me for over six years now to fulfill the mission and vision of all my businesses, with special emphasis on the PPS Success Mastery program and the CHEK HLC programs. She has been my medicine woman in many ways, feeding me such that I feel younger than when I met her. We have shared many great experiences in many countries together.

My staff at the CHEK Institute, James Phelps (Dean of Education for PPS Success), all the amzing CHEK Institute Instructors and Team CHEK Presenters, our CHEK distributors around the world, and my students have all been a great blessing. Without them, I could not have shared my love with all of you.

I wanted to share this mandala I drew and the beautiful flowers on one of the trees outside my window at home. If I were asked to paint a picture of how I feel about my life after 51 years, this would be it.

I hope that by being present with this picture of my mandala and my flowers at home, you can enjoy the bliss I feel as I express my love and creativity each day.

Happy Thanks Giving and Many Blessings to each and All of you!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek