February 3, 2011

WHO AM I? ~*~

A Beautiful Day To You!

Today is a good day to ask yourself, who am I?

Most of us have quietly asked this question many times.

Some think they are their body; but can that be true when the body is forever flowing and changing like a river? Without breath, water, food, movement and love, your body gets weak, changes, whither and dies. Therefore, the body must be largely air, water, food, the need for movement and love’s destination and return. If you loose an arm or a leg, are “You” still there? Are you your body then? Or is your body a temple in which you reside? If your body is your temple, certainly, it exemplifies the nature of your worship!

Some think they are their emotions. To some, they are a raging river of rapids. To others, they are a frozen dike. Yet, to others, they are as hot as the sun. Ask ten people who you are and you will get 10 answers, so, who do you feel you are? Do you feel the same on Sunday morning as you do on Monday morning? Who do you feel you are as you sleep at night? Which is truer for you? Which of these “I’s” would you like to spend time with?

Many feel they are their thoughts, their mind. Placing your identity with your thoughts is possibly the most illusive illusion of all. Simply put, for every “is”, there must be an “isn’t”; If you are the “nice guy”, you can’t be the “bad gall”; when you talk about your red car, you aren’t talking about the green car. The mind is an exclusion tool; all language is exclusion-based – “I” excludes “we”! Yet, we know we are water, but how many realize that their water is the water – their air is the air, that their food is The Nature?

Asking the question, “Who Am I?” is the first fundamental flaw your mind imposes upon Consciousness, for Consciousness is WHOLE – UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. If Consciousness had any ideas of it’s own, could you have any other thought or reality of your own? As my drawing shows, Wholeness is as a perfect circle – no beginning, no end!

To ask the question – any question – is to have the answer, for a very simple reason. If you ask, “what is day?”, you need only know what isn’t day? Even the most simple of intelligences knows that day “isn’t” night. Yet, we also know that day can’t be day without the night.

It is only because you think you are this or that that you can trick yourself into the ignorance of the fact that if “I were not me, you could not believe you were you”. Therefore, what I am is the part of you that allows you to maintain the illusion of separateness. If my “I’ness” is an essential element that allows your “I’ness”, then it is certainly more true to say that “what you are is the gift of what I am”.

When we come to realize that the only true expression of who, or what we are is Consciousness itself, we come to realize that any “I” vs. “you” is a quaint illusion.

As our love of self grows and fulfills itself, we naturally feel our love overflowing to all around us; in that experience, we begin to have empathy and compassion for ALL, for in feeling and understanding others, we realize that it is because we are “one with them” that we feel and understand them. As long as we avoid feeling and being with others, we can only project our judgments upon them, enhancing the illusion of separateness, which heightens our feelings of isolation.

Such feelings typically lead to acting out, becoming something for others so we can feel valued, wanted, or needed. This illusion eventually leads to pain, for we realize that we are only loved, valued or needed when others want something from us. In time, we find it much more rewarding to not have to bolster our sense of self with antics. We realize that when we take responsibility for fulfilling our love needs through honest self-responsibility, we don’t need to masquerade as this or that for others. We learn a shocking and amazing truth if we wake up along the way!when we are quiet inside, silent – yet Awake, we are one with the source of all vibration – all light – all sound – all things – WE ARE ONE.

When we become one with the dance floor, are we not One with all dancers?

When we become One with Love, are we not One with All Lovers?

When in your moments of feeling alone, as though a mere strand, just remember, a rug is only a rug because all strands are One in and as The Rug. We are never alone, that’s just a quaint trick of the ego-mind. For a while it is fun, just like Santa Claus was fun for a while, but when you learned the truth, you may have let go of Santa, but you didn’t have to let go of the spirit of Christmas did you?

Merry Christmas Santa!
You are THE ONE.

Enjoy your weekend
Enjoy your dance
Enjoy your thoughts
Enjoy sleeping until you awaken to the realization that asking questions isn’t necessary when you are the answer!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek