February 7, 2011


Hello and Happy Monday!

I hope your weekend was as restful and fulfilling as mine was!

This weekend, Penny, Vidya and I shared a day of joy with some of our dear friends.

In the first image, you can see JP, myself, Julia (visiting from Toronto), Jator (visiting from San Francisco) and Wayne; the next image shows Wayne, Jator, Julia, Vidya and JP. We shared a lovely brunch together before Wayne arrived to stack rocks with me.

While we were sharing each others company, we created the mandala you see below; once Wayne arrived, he added his touch to it as well. This is what our love together looks like when expressed artistically.

Wayne (CP4) loves to stack rocks, like I do, so I invited Wayne over to help me finish my large and complex infinity-pattern bio-generator.

In this image above  you can see Wayne and I working on the completion of the top row. This is where things get very tricky because sometimes, Spirit directs us to large stones (largely due to their electromagnetic qualities) and if we aren’t VERY careful, large sections of the project crumble.

This infinity-pattern bio-generator is something my soul has been guiding me to master the building of. It is a carefully constructed pattern of stones in an infinity symbol formation. What makes it unique isn’t so much the pattern itself, but the combination of stones used and the intricate weave of stones in numerous interlocking infinity patterns. The stones create a biologically charged (sun light and earth energies interacting with water molecules and air) circuit. The circuit radiates energies in natural pulse-waves that change as the sun and moon change position relative to the pattern. I’ve built this formation about a dozen times but because of its delicacy (there are many small stones you can’t see that are gemstones and they modulate the energy frequency), birds, squirrels, lizards, and weather can knock section of it down.

Friday, I had a new delivery of stones and the truck driver asked me, “what do you do with all these stones. I took him over to the infinity-pattern generator and hooked him into it just like you see Wayne here  (the left hand touches a highly yin lava stone and the right touches a yang stone to induce polarity). I said to the truck driver, “put your left hand here and your right hand there and tell me what you feel?” It was so funny what happened next considering that most people are so energetically clogged up they can’t feel much of anything that isn’t as strong as Starbucks coffee or stronger. Immediately, he got a big smile on his face and began giggling like a little body. He was a Mexican man with little English so when I asked him, “what do you feel”, he said, still giggling, “Wow! Man! It’s alive!like a wire running around in me – it makes me feel good!” He stayed there for several minutes just giggling in amazement. Little did he know that his entire autonomic nervous system, glands and organs had just be re-harmonized to the natural frequency of the earth.

In this image, you can actually see the magnetic light created by the energy field of the stack interacting with the sunlight. This gives you a visual of what enters your body when touching, or in the presence of a well constructed healing stone configuration.

In this image you can see Wayne and I putting the finishing touches on the infinity-pattern generator. You can better see the black stones, which are highly yin and create a strong polarity shift relative to the many other stones, some of which are very high in quartz, which acts as both a yang counterbalance and they broadcast the energy of the formation outward. The stack you see in front of me was the first spiral stack my soul guided me to building, which was a little lesson for me on how our DNA actually works as a complex antenna system for tapping into a massive number of cosmic frequencies.

Here you can see Wayne celebrating the completion of our lovely day together. I had an amazing time working with Wayne. He’s got tremendous natural stone sculpting talent. I normally wouldn’t invite someone to work with me on such a complex project because I usually spend more time fixing the formation than building it due to it’s specific bio-electric properties, which must be carefully constructed. My soul informed me that Wayne could contribute and indeed, HE DID. His work was excellent and I certainly couldn’t have done better work myself! Great Job Wayne!

You can check out Wayne’s blog here. Just to share the kind of beautiful work Wayne does on his own, here is a stack Wayne built on the beach.

Well, that brings you up to date on what Vidya, Penny, myself and our dear friends were up to this weekend. I sure hope your weekend was as fulfilling and healing as ours!

For those of you who are interested in rock stacking and would like to spend some time with me in my zen garden on Saturday, February 19 you can sign up through PPS Success.

I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek