November 11, 2011


Happy Friday to You!

I hope all is well in your world.

I was busy getting ready for filming yesterday and all went well.

I had a few minutes to visit with the new CHEK Level 1 students taught by CHEK Faculty Josh Ruben here at the institute, which was fun.

They are an eager-to-learn group and Josh said they are one of the most well prepared groups he’s taught yet. I love hearing that!

I had a nice little play in the gym yesterday. I did some breathing squats, heavy single arm rows, and some Swiss ball reverse crunches in a circuit format.

I had two lovely tai-chi sessions yesterday as well. The clouds were covering the sun in the evening but I know where the sun is in the sky and I connected to it with my inner-vision.

So, there’s a question for you!can you see what you can’t see when you know its there?



Yesterday, I spoke about love and explained my diagram above: The Fruit of Love

I shared the step-down process from Unconditional Love (UCL) into tai-chi, and proceeded into the trinity, and went from there into my expression of the six Foundation Principles I teach and live by as it relates to love, living and human life.

Today, I’d like to use the same diagram, but step backward in hopes that I can assist you in better understanding what’s within that which appears.

Everything within the heart of my diagram can only be known or experienced because of the construct I’ve referred to as the trinity (the flaming triangle).

The flaming triangle, as you may recall, is the product of UCL (CONSCIOUSNESS) expressed in and as tai-chi; the male force of light and the female force of dark.

The tai-chi symbol is the basis of mind, matter, space and time. Mind, matter, space and time are all transitional realities; they are as a dancer dancing!constantly expressing ideas, embodied, in space and time.

Every breath the dancer takes changes a myriad of biophysical realities within, while every idea changes the mode of expression in space-time.

That said, one may become aware that like the dancer, all things at the level of the trinity, or tai-chi are ever-changing!never the same from instant to instant.

Even if an idea changes, we change from breath to breath, meal to meal, relationship to relationship. This brings us to the point of my post today. “What then, is truly worthy of worship?”

If we worship space-time realities, we are essentially worshiping ideas, for we can’t consciously (ego-mind) worship anything that isn’t a this or a that. But GOD isn’t an idea.

If we rise now to the top of the diagram, we see a dotted circle, which represents the paradox of being without being.

The dotted circle represents UCL (Unconditional Love) – it can’t be recognized as or known as any “thing”. Not even as an “idea”.

This is the home of both pure ABIDING, and Pure Potential.

Some metaphysicians refer to this level of Being or ABIDING as The Magician. If the Magician gives away the secret of the trick, then the mystery and majesty of the magic is gone.

With that loss comes the lost of wonder. Yet, is that very wonder that keeps our souls on the journey of Self-Realization.

The trick of The Magician is simply this!You must become The Magician in order to truly know The Magician’s trick.

Once you do know the trick, you can’t say anything about it, you can’t describe it, because the instant you do, you’ve created conditions, which negates the Unconditional.

So what’s the ultimate message then?

As I know and experience The Magician, I can only be with and understand The Magician by coming to a complete state of letting go of my own ideas, fears, wants, needs, arguments, doubts, battles, and the likes.

This takes a lot of bravery, for the odd truth is that this is the stuff that substantiates, validates, and gives life to the conditioned ego. Without it, the ego feels it is dying, and naturally, the ego-mind has the same perception.

Once you arrive in the state of Abiding, Silence, Stillness, as odd as it may seem, you cease to “be you”.

The whole universe ceases to be.

Time stops.

Arguments and inner dialogue stop.

As I awaken from such egoless experiences, first the universe appears and I experience myself as one with the universe.

Then, I experience the earth and become aware that I’m breathing.

Then I become aware that everything I’m defending, supporting, loving, etc., is a construct of The Magician, yet, is not The Magician’s authentic state or essential reality.

What we experience as ego-mind, is the product of The Magician’s trick.

The trick is that UCL gives you any and all you can perceive and believe, yet all perceptions and beliefs are products of The Magician’s trick; UCL becomes conditional through the act of tai-chi.

When I spend time in the state of abiding or silence, I become progressively more aware of what I’m painting onto the tabula rasa (Consciousness) of my mind.

I then realize that I, like the artist, can choose what I paint.

If I become aware of what brush strokes create any given emotional or mental experience for me, I can also realize which ones do, and don’t serve me any longer. When the old brush strokes arise out of conditioned habit, I don’t battle or struggle with them, as this only enlivens them.

By putting energy into what you don’t want, you materialize it!

The practice I’ve come to find most nourishing for my soul and mind is one in which I take responsibility for the relationship I create with myself.

If I find relationships challenging, I can look at that relationship, and determine if I want to keep adding to the canvas with that person, place or thing.

If the other wants to keep painting you into their experience and you don’t want to be part of that experience, you can choose to withdraw your energy from the exchanges that create entanglement.

If they keep painting, and you aren’t there, then they only paint their own “reflection” of you, which is of their own imagination; we can’t take another’s imagination, or perceptions from them.

When we free ourselves from relationship entanglements, our internal picture of ourselves, our internal landscape becomes less cluttered.

There are less dancers on the stage, and therefore, less complex choreography is required, leaving us more emotional and mental energy to focus on creating what we do want.

Here’s a Consciousness Exercise for You

Try allowing your ego-mind to drop away, as you do each night, but this time, stay awake, conscious.

Follow your breathing until you go past awareness of your breathing.

Eventually, you will enter timelessness, silence and will be abiding.

When you are there, you will find that there is a paradox that emerges; though there is no-thing there, the potential for every-thing is there.

With that knowing, you can become more like The Magician and paint the dream you want to live; and simply “live it”. If after painting your dream there, it doesn’t manifest in the ego’s space-time reality (your life), this is a great offering too; it means we have shadow elements to our ego that are “painting for us unconsciously”. Once we understand that we have shadow elements at work in our lives, we are gifted with “awareness”. If we are confident that we’ve healed our shadow, then we must accept the responsibility that we are all creating together; your dream can only exist because of the dreams of others and the Universe at large. We can heal ourselves, but we can’t take responsibility for healing others. They may be enjoying their shadow tendencies! As long as we are clear that that is just how love works, we can have the empathy and compassion to work with, and accept that we are all here learning to “love together”. To heal together. To create together. Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Chang Tzu and many others may have reached enlightenment, but the rest of the billions on the plant haven’t. Therefore, because life is ONE, it is as though the organism of humanity has healed one injury or imbalance, yet, in their enlightenment, they become ever-aware that the rest of them needs healing. This is why some, such as Buddha, say that they will be here until all souls are enlightened. NOW THAT’S COMMITMENT!

I’d love to hear how your Magician is painting your dream and how you are living it.

Enjoy your weekend!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek