August 4, 2014

The Mind-Body Connection Pt. 2: Creative Sex Potential

Happy Monday to You!

I hope you’ve enjoyed Part One of my Mind-body Connection series; the series contains six parts, just in case you were wondering.

I’ll share one part each week while I’m away since several are longer than usual.

This material is essential study for anyone willing to take charge of their own life and embrace the spiritual path.

Today, I’ll share a little update with our progress returning Sunil (Angie’s baby humming bird that I helped her rehabilitate), and then we’ll get into the topic for today.

I arrived in Toronto yesterday with Penny getting ready to teach at Can Fit Pro this week before heading to England to our first UK C.H.E.K Conference, and teach HLC 3 there too.

Angie Lustrick will join Penny and I in England to continue her training as she works toward becoming an HLC 3 Instructor. Angie is always loads of fun to have with us; you certainly never know which animals or birds will follow her home!

Sunlil Returns to the Wild

I suspect some of you have been following our story of Sunil, the baby humming bird Angie rescued. Well, after two weeks of daily love, care, and flight training, Sunil was ready to take a shot at living on her own in the wild.

It was an emotional time for Angie and I because we both fell in love with Sunil. It was as though we were watching our little baby leave home to go to college.

Sunil had a tough first day out. Angie didn’t see her all day, but she came home to sit on her cage and Angie found her first thing in the morning.

Sunil was soaking wet, and looked all beat up from the other birds battering her around; humming birds act like a bunch of hungry boxers competing for food and are quite territorial about their “tree spaces”.

Yesterday morning, Sunil returned again and she looked much better. She is flying stronger than ever. I actually got to pet her again yesterday while she was sitting atop of her cage, which was lovely.

I also really enjoyed seeing her begin to protect her little feeder and cage from the other humming birds. It was like watching dogs face off with each other. She puffed her feathers up, opened her tail feathers like a Chinese fan, and to my surprise, this little tiny humming bird began to hold her own!

What a joyous experience to interact so closely with Mother Nature.

The Mind-Body Connection Pt. 2: Creative Sex Potential

Today, we drop down one level to explore the tai-chi symbol and the Holy Trinity. I extend my discussion of how ZERO – PURE POTENTIAL – UNCONDITIONAL LOVE (as functional equivalents) both contain and express tai-chi; tai-chi and LOVe actually mean the same thing, as I explain.

In my discussion, I share some of my personal experiences and understandings as to what Consciousness is relative to the concept of “conscious of (ego)”.

Mind-Body Model PC Blk Bd

I share the Holy Trinity model found in most world religions, and use both Christian and Hindu assignments of the positions of the Holy Trinity so you can appreciate the parallel beliefs that exist at the root of most religions.

My discussion includes the use of a tea cup to exemplify two essential qualities of the yin-yang complementary expressed as functionality and utility. I feel this concept helps people better comprehend how tai-chi expresses itself in all aspects of life, including the material.

MInd-Body Connection Pt 2 Blk Bd

One of the main educational objectives of my vlog today is to highlight what “Sex energy” is. I explain that though commonly thought to be the energy associated with copulation, it is actually a much broader expression than that.

Creative Sex energy is tai-chi being expressed in the body as the Creative Sex energy that provides the life-force for all acts of thought, word, and deed.

Suggested Resources:

Those of you who are interested in course materials or programs I’ve created that work with these principles as a means of helping you create and live your dreams, as well as finding balance in your life will be rewarded by the study of:

1. PPS Lesson 1: Determining Your Legacy – online program

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3. The 1234 For Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease – Audio MP3 + Workbook

4. The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need! – multimedia ebook

I hope you enjoyed my blog and video today.

Many thanks and gratitude to CHEK CP/HLC Instructor, Ashley Mazurek and her partner Carmine for sending these lovely gifts.

Paul Ashley Gifts

Ashley sent me a beautiful, handcrafted clay mug and Carmine gave me a beautiful hardwood box with a saying by Jimmy Hendrix: “Knowledge speaks – Wisdom listens”.

Thank you for all the love you share with the CHEK Institute and our student base Ashley!


Thank you for all your love and support of Ashley in her journey as a teacher Carmine, and for the lovely box! Love the message!!

Reading that message made me ponder how much time I spend speaking vs. listening…?

I settled at a nice balance of 50/50; hopefully that doesn’t make me have intelligent and half wise…but either way, I’m at peace with growing into my inner-ears as I age and get wiser 🙂

I look forward to sharing news of my teaching trip and Pt. 3 of our series next Monday.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek