October 4, 2013

The I~WE~ALL Of Relationships, Pt. 4. (Final): The “ALL” Of Relationships

Happy Friday to you!

I hope you are all enjoying life each day.

If you have been having challenges, it’s good to remember that every dawn gives birth to a new experience – up. We often forget that we’ve made it through many challenging experiences, only to end up laughing and having a good time soon after.

I have been flat out working with clients, so my time has been very limited. I have managed to keep up with my exercise and tai-chi, as well as my evening IR sauna treatments.

I’ve been enjoying my artwork in the evenings. I’ve been watching a new show called Blacklist, which is quite well done; the lead actress will certainly get some testosterone rising in the men, and probably a lot of ladies who are unbounded in their love expressions too!

The I~WE~ALL Of Relationships, Pt. 4. (Final): The “ALL” Of Relationships


In the final part of my 4 part series today, I share some concepts on how our love and awareness naturally grows to include the “ALL” of life and the world as we grow, heal, and become empathetic and compassionate lovers.

I share a view of the evolution of the soul based on Rudolph Steiner’s teachings, which I’ve found to be the most functional, and accurate in my clinical observations.

I conclude the discussion by sharing that we can do far more for generating world healing and world peace by loving and healing ourselves than running around town beating the drum of conspiracy theories, or fussing about bad politics, and the likes.

I hope you enjoy the conclusion to the series and that my perspective offers you another way to see yourself and the world.

Have a fantastic weekend taking some time to spend in nature and enjoying your relationships!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek