October 2, 2013

The I~WE~ALL Of Relationships, Pt.3: The ‘WE’ Tree Of Relationships

Happy Wednesday!

WE Love

I hope you are all enjoying my current vblog series on The I~WE~ALL Of Relationships. I’m enjoying sharing what I’ve learned with you.

I’ve been very busy coaching clients, working with my instructors, revising programs, and much more. Amidst all my business, I did get into the gym for a lovely workout. I did six mini-circuits of box deadlifts, single arm Olympic barbell rows, and reptilian crawling.

While training, I’ve been listening to Alan Watts excellent Cd series titled “Out Of Your Mind”, which always brings a great flow of Spirit to my heart.

I’ve probably been through this series a good seven times and still learn a tremendous amount from this true Master of life. I can’t recommend it enough for anyone wanting a healthy, unbound spiritual philosophy.


Today, I will be conducting a complimentary webinar titled “How To Be A Healthy Business Owner – The CHEK Approach”, where I will share 10 essential principles that will help you maintain your health, vitality and sanity as you build your business. In this webinar at 12:00 PM (PST), I will cover:

  • The 10 essential principles of holistic living that Paul follows to stay fit and healthy on his global seminar tours and running multiple businesses. He’s not missed a single day of work due to ill-health in over 29 years!
  • Why you must have a chief dream, goal or motive for your business and life in order to effectively manage and direct your personal life-force energy.
  • The Last 4 Doctors you’ll ever need and how to introduce each doctor into your life for sustainable well-being – without all those expensive medical bills most regular doctors charge!
  • 5 critical planning factors that you must use when creating any project, otherwise you will find yourself over-scheduled, over-worked and overwhelmed.
  • How to make better choices that support your dream, goal and objectives. Plus what can you learn from previous negative experiences and why sub-optimal choices can be valuable to your life-process.

We are also going to give you TWO FREE BONUSES just for registering for the webinar.

My 10 Tips for Healthy Ergonomics is a resource you can share with your clients to help them set up a work station that supports a healthy posture – enhancing all the great training you do with them!

And, my article, A Holistic Approach to Training & Coaching for Optimal Health & Well-Being, which requires a little more thought and attention when you read it, and introduces an integrated model to life and wellbeing.

If you are ready to clarify, simplify and live holistically (in balance), this webinar will be invaluable! I look forward to sharing with you!

WE Tree Blk Bd

The I~WE~ALL Of Relationships. Pt.3: The ‘WE’ Tree Of Relationships

In my vlog today, I share a relationship building/healing concept I created some years ago for my PPS Success Mastery students (www.ppssuccess.com) called “The “WE” Tree”.

In this video, I expand on my previous two videos in the series, showing how to go about creating a WE tree. I explain the importance of having core values that are affirmative of your dream, as a means of supporting “Our Dream”, or the dream that gives motive to doing the work of cultivating and maintaining a healthy relationship.

I explain how to explore each others core values and make decisions based on:

1. What you feel you MUST have in order to feel safe and be healthy in relationship to your chosen other.

2. What you WANT in your relationship so that it is more enjoyable.

I then share the process of determining if you can honestly compromise your values needs in honor of your partner’s needs. With an honest exploration of each other’s needs, one can come to determine if the relationship will be a labor of love, or just more labor…

I conclude by sharing Napoleon Hill’s perspective on ending and starting new (love) relationships, and encourage everyone to be brave enough to be honest about meeting their individual needs, and seeking to find people who share harmony in core values.

Friday, I will share the final vlog in this series, which looks at the “ALL” level of relationship development.

I hope you enjoy this short lesson on creating a “WE Tree” today.

HLC 1 San Francisco 

Lastly HLC 1 begins this Friday in San Francisco with Angie Lustrick. This is her the first time she will be teaching for us.

Some of you may remember Angie from the CHEK Conference in San Diego a couple years ago when she won The Ultimate CHEK Professional contest, as voted by her peers.

I was in the audience for this competition and was truly blown away by Angie’s amazing presentation. She is an excellent presenter with a great sense of humor, spontaneity, and best of all, Angie is a living testament to the CHEK approach to holistic living.

If you are ready to launch yourself into living a holistic lifestyle and becoming a living example for your family, friends and associates, now is your chance to be taught by a truly authentic teacher.

As you might have read previously on my blog, Angie’s skill set is broad. She’s got multiple degrees, including degrees in energy medicine, nutrition, and biology, not to mention that she’s a practicing shaman-healer.

I’ve experienced Angie’s amazing healing abilities myself can’t express how excited I am to have her on the C.H.E.K Institute Faculty team of instructors! Thanks for being such an amazing woman, and example for the world Angie!

Angie rock stacks

If you want to learn more about our HLC training program, click here: www.CHEKInstitute.com

Love and chi,
Paul Chek