December 24, 2012

The Art of Christmas

Happy Monday and Christmas Eve to You!

I hope you are having a wonderful day and that the sun shines upon you.

I’ve been enjoying a lovely, lazy couple days off with people I love sharing with. Rory is in town visiting us, so we are enjoying Vidya’s great food, drawing, doing tai-chi, and watching a movie or two.

Thursday afternoon, Angie Lustrick visited with her dog “Maggie” to visit and have a little mini Christmas of our own. To celebrate our day together, we drew this mandala:

This piece of art expresses the wholeness of life. It expresses the metaphysical principle, as above, so below.

It expresses our joy in creating something together. We hope you enjoy it and that you feel inspired to create something fun for you and that your joy spreads around the globe.

Yesterday, Rory, Vidya and I fasted through the day and took some cleansing tea as we enjoyed the fire and drew to our heart’s content.

Once it warmed up, we took our art supplies outside to draw in the sun.

When I draw, I’m often expressing my own inner-meditations on concepts I desire to understand more thoroughly, and/or express more efficiently to those that have less understanding than I do.

The concept I am most intrigued with is GOD. I spell “GOD” with caps because this represents THE ABSOLUTE GOD.

I love the concept of GOD because GOD can’t be known or understood as this, or that. No arguments can be waged over GOD because any expression of what GOD is or isn’t, is an immediate departure from what GOD symbolizes.

As I meditated in GOD, I had the vision I’m about to share with you now. Vidya took some photos as I drew this image so I thought it may be fun to see the vision unfold.

Here you can see me outside drawing in a state of bliss. I’ve been drawing for a couple hours now, but hopefully you can see the word “GOD” woven into the two beings.

The two beings merging to share the One Eye (Consciousness) represent yin-Female and yang-Male.

She represents the in-folding or embodiment of space (gravity) while He represents the un-folding or enlivenment of space (levity); looking or interacting brings consciousness to a specific space-time experience.

As you look at my drawing, you may notice that if you focus on any one face or location, your perception, and the feelings within you will change. Standing at different distances from the image will also great expansion and contraction in your feeling self, altering what can be perceived.

I then began to add some life to the fountain of wei-wu-wei, or action-without-action. Just as there is, and can only be ONE ABSOLUTE GOD, there can only be one Mind.

All ideas or acts of perception can only occur within the totality of space-time as relativities.

All perceptions of the relative (this, not that) are expressions of vibration; all vibration is signified as “OM”.

OM and God mean the same thing. The totality of all that can be know as this, or as that.

All such perceptions require a subject-object relationship, in which Absolute Wholeness can’t be known; there is no subject-object relationship in and as THE ABSOLUTE; people never fight over GOD, only “God”, based on their own value judgments as gods.

If one is to meditate on the challenges the ideas of God have created by people acting them out, most challenges emerge from ignorance regarding the function of love, which is relationships.

Regardless of our differences in viewpoints, we all share the same land, water, sun, air, and space on earth. There is MUCH more we have in common, and (can) share with each other, than we lack together.

When we get rid of any ideas “about” (means “around”) God, we realize all we have is our Universe, our sun, our earth, and each other.

For that reason, we have every reason to be motivated to work with nature; without nature, we have no basis for being, existing.

Without each other, we have no basis for being, existing; without relationships, love has no function.

Therefore, my drawing expresses that LOVE IS GOD.

We know a GOD IS EMPTY because GOD can’t be measured. We know GOD IS FULL because everywhere we look we see things – we see Existence.

All things, when perceived in relationship, are full of relational space; the space between me and you can’t be excluded from our relationship.

That the only “God” that can be known is the one we can perceive; all perceptions are based upon exclusions. I agree to exclude your feminine when I agree that you are a man; I agree that if I perceive a horse in front of me, that I’m also agreeing I’m not seeing a dog or a spider.

My completed drawing symbolizes that though there are apparently two people, they ultimately share One Mind or Consciousness.

Though there are two people there, they are made out of the same stuff, from the same universe.

The whole drawing forms a heart, through which life flows. The black paper represents the ABSOLUTE, and NOW. All things seen are expressions of Every-thing becoming Every-other-thing. This is “Spirit” unfolding Eternally.

Vidya drew three beautiful pieces of art while Rory and I played away with our own. I’ve shared a couple of them with you here. I called this one “Vidya’s Heart-Flower”.

This is what she said is being expressed: “I wanted to more fully be present with some of my transformations of late. To get out of my own (structured) way I decided to change my approach to the page and draw what I felt using my non-dominant hand. This is what was expressed.”

I called this one, “Vidya’s Elements Meeting”. This is what she said is being expressed in this beautiful piece: “Anytime I can get into nature, I become elated with joy and experience a deep sense of peace simultaneously. The ocean is very soothing for me, so I imagined what it might look like to sit with a friend and see the natural expansive vista before us in a restful connected state of serenity. This is what manifested.”

This is the cool piece Rory drew:

There is a lot of symbology in Rory’s art. I enjoy looking at it because it’s quite relaxing to me. It’s a nice marriage of the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether/space. We always love creating art with Rory. Thanks for sharing Bud!

Well, that’s it from me today.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas day tomorrow.

I’ll look forward to sharing another blog as soon as I can.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek