July 26, 2011


Happy Tuesday to YOU!

I hope you are cultivating well-being for self so others can emulate your wisdom. That’s the easiest way to initiate world-healing.

Personally, I feel that path is much more effective than bombing and shooting people who disagree with you or have fear-based ideologies governing their thoughts and actions!

I had a lovely, productive day yesterday. I spent a few hours with Gary and Mark from www.ptenhance.com filming new exercises for the CHEK Practitioner’s exercise library.

Those of you yet unfamiliar with our offering through www.ptenhance.com may want to take advantage of their free trial offering. Gary Crozier has created an amazing system for exercise professionals to manage their clients, create excellent programs with video instruction and much more.

I had a lovely workout yesterday too. I coupled walking lunges with squats and reverse crunches for four circuits. With the hot days we are having, a circuit workout makes as good a detox program as a good sauna or steam bath!

I also had a great business development meeting with Penny and Vidya. We are working with our staff to fine-tune the institute’s offerings so it’s easier and more fun to be a customer or student of the institute.

I always enjoy tuning any system to create more harmony. Wherever there are relationships, there are opportunities to fine-tune and grow!at least that’s my experience.

Today I’ll be busy with client coaching, a staff meeting, and video production, and some writing if time permits.

I hope you all have a beautiful, productive day. Today, I’m working on my spiritual life by being more aware of when I’m doing things to please others instead of doing things that are my authentic expression of my own choices.

It’s a challenging road to adjust ourselves so that we only do what is truly a gift of our own love instead of doing what we think we have to do to get alone, or get what we want. We never really know who we are until we get into “self-witnessing” mode. I love it there. I learn so much about myself and my motives.

I invite you to join me in this witnessing exercise today if you’d like.

Let’s spend a couple moments talking about MIND today, shall we!



What a beautiful mystery MIND is!

A Universe that came from nowhere!
A Universe that is gong nowhere!

How can we possibly say the Universe is going somewhere when all apparent “some where’s” depend on a relative destination; could you know where anything is without a reference for where it isn’t?

Who’s at the wheel of this Grand Mystery? Could it be you? Me? Or could it be all of us?

Do we even know who’s at the wheel of our beautiful planet Earth as it flies through space at some 68,000 miles per hour?

How is it that spiritual Masters like Sai Baba can manifest all sorts of things out of thin air?

Would a master like that, who was teaching people for his entire life about the mysteries of MIND really risk everything just to play pranks on people? Or are such masters showing us the Abundant Potential of MIND?

Have you ever noticed that how you use your mind has everything to do with the experience you have?

How many times have you approached a relationship opportunity tainted by the doubt of others and found it to be other than what you projected?

Have you ever found that what people told you didn’t match your experience at all?

How did those of you programmed by your parents to believe sex was bad feel about it when the opportunity presented itself?

Were you unable to feel the joy and connect fully because a fictitious god in the sky was watching and tabulating your sins? How is sex different when people get over such preconcievd, programmed notions?

Aren’t these excellent opportunities to see that our mind creates our reality?

Isn’t it amazing what can come of any situation if our mind is open to the Abundance of Possibility?

I remember seeing an interview between Ken Wilber and Father Thomas Keating, an amazing Contemplative Christian Priest in the DVD: The Future of Christianity.

Father Keating explained so beautifully how when he was a boy, Mother put limits on the cookie jar. When he would sneak an extra cookie or two, he felt guilty. He went on to explain that after 35 or more years of contemplative prayer in Union with the Divine, he came to realize that such limitations are pretty funny for God.

He said, “Now I realize that the cookies are there for the taking”. He was implying that it is we who put limitations on God’s offering, not God; he isn’t speaking about a father figure in the sky, but is speaking of The Mystery when he refers to God.

Father Keating is an EXCELLENT example for all Christians as to what Christianity is really meant to be!

MIND has the power to create a Universe, beyond measure, beyond our capacity to understand, even with the best technology and the greatest science minds we have.

MIND is the product of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE (UCL).

We must remember that UCL can’t say “NO”! To do so would be at once, to create a condition, dooming us to the constraints of a watchmaker.

Why would the Creator put limitations on a cookie jar when the Universal Cookie Jar is overflowing with abundance? Look up at night!

In almost every world-crisis situation, there are those that remain open-minded. They are the ones that find solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems.

As I show in PPS Lesson 1, if we each take a moment to review our own past, we can usually find a number of instances where we thought our freedom was lost, or someone we loved was surely going to die, or some other catastrophe was eminent.

But did it always work out that way? No. Not likely.

We are all given instance after instance to see and experience the limitations of our mind. We are given instances to see that our own self-imposed limitations distinguish us from those who have learned not to impose such limitations on themselves.

What’s the difference between a person that can complete a fire-walk and the person right next to them that gets burned? Nothing – other than use of mind.

I’ve done a fire-walk. It was exhilarating to say the least! Very Real! All around me were scared people who honored their fear far more than they accessed their potential. They got burned feet! I could smell burning skin everywhere.

Yet, among them were many befitted with amazement that they had overcome their self-imposed limitations to do the seemingly miraculous. They completed the fire-walk and had not even a sense of heat as they walked the 30-40 feet of coals burning at 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit; I read the thermometer Tony Robbins put in the coals myself!

Because UCL is THE TRUTH of our existence, to express the Unconditional is our Birthright.

I’ve seen Buddhist monks and yogis pierce their bodies with swords, put burning hot, glowing, melting metal against their tongue, sit naked in the freezing cold mountains with wet sheets wrapped around them and dry them in minutes, all through effective use of their minds. Noting hurt them!

Now, the doubting Thomas’ of the world inevitably poo-poo such demonstrations. But they also do the same when most any opportunity for growth or awareness emerges!they create their own box; they want you in it with them because “misery loves company”.

But who really looses here?

Can you untie a box from the inside, or do you have to go outside your own limited beliefs to untie the box of ego-mind?

We don’t need to pierce, burn or torture ourselves to learn to use the Universal Powers of MIND.

Could you even be here reading this if MIND wasn’t so powerful as to create “you!” – a living, breathing, thinking, functioning human being? How much more evidence do people need?

How can anyone look up at the stars at night, or see the amazing pictures from the Hubble telescope and still remain closed minded as to the Gift and the Mystery?

An Offering

Each morning when you get up, try stating what you HAVE experienced that day in positive affirmation. Be as clear as possible.

For example you might say:

“Great Spirit, Spirit Beyond Spirits, Spirit with no name, no shape, no form, no color, my beautiful soul, thank you for this beautiful productive day of sharing my love with family, friends, students and staff! Thank you for the beautiful food you’ve given me to fuel my body-of-experience! Thank you for the patients you gave me to be present with each person’s needs while honoring my own. Thank you for teaching me how to love fully and receive love fully today!
We are safe
We are home,
We are Whole!

Ah Ho Great Spirit!
It is done!
It is done!
It is done!”

Next, in your heart of hearts, be brave enough and willing to hold yourself to the standard you’ve requested of MIND.

if we ask for love and support, but don’t return that gift to the world, can we possibly be aware that the gift has arrived?

Walter Russell beautifully states that the Universe operates on a 1:1 ration; it matches your every action in reciprocity. The Universe moves your dreams toward you at the same pace you move into creating your dreams. That’s the 1:1 offer.

If someone is expressing negative emotions toward us and we react in kind, are we not at that moment choosing not to accept the very gift we’ve requested?

Are we not being open minded enough to realize that all people are loving the best they can at that moment?

Through our chosen awareness, can we not pause a few seconds and listen to their inner-voice with our own and feel for their unmet need? Only when we are brave enough to be different can we ever know the potential Abundance of MIND.

When we live in a world populated by those that worship limitation, we can easily fall into the trap of believing such limitations.

How is that any different than being a person that believes they are fat and it’s hopeless to try and be healthy because the medical system tells us that many us are fat because we are expressing “the fat gene”?

Is that really true?

How many such people’s reality would completely change if they were open minded enough to ask the Universal MIND to guide them to the wisdom of well-being, and then remained open and aware to the offer when it arrived.

We have all had plenty of training and opportunity to limit ourselves, to become “average”. Yet, can you possibly be average if you are the product of THE MIND OF THE UNIVERSE?

Wouldn’t that be to at once believe that what created the Universe makes mistakes?

If that’s so, you may want to consider how amazing it is that some 10,000 asteroids fly past the earth on any given day and we’ve been granted the gift of life without becoming a cosmic billiard ball thus far!

We may want to consider what science reveals about the exquisite complexity and radially limited range in which human life and nature exists within; physicists like Einstein have told us over and over again that if conditions in stars were even a micro-fraction of a percentage point different than they are, life could not exist as we know it!

Is this all but an accident of chance?

Wouldn’t that be akin to thinking that if you threw a hand grenade into a print shop that a beautiful book would fly out of the explosion, created as a result of that explosion? Even a child knows better than that!

We are all the products, the joy and the experience of MIND.


Therefore, the only conditions of MIND are self-imposed by our own ego-minds.

MIND is the joy-toy of UCL, and we are that.

May we all celebrate the abundance of MIND together today and celebrate that Source is forever offering us opportunities to emulate TRUTH and BEAUTY.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek