October 11, 2013

Rotation Dieting Pt.2: Why Use A Rotation Diet

Happy Friday to You!

I hope you’ve enjoyed Pt. 1 of my current series on Rotation Dieting.

I’ve been as busy as a man can be of late, but having a good time working with amazing clients while keeping up with all my other work and staying fit at the same time.

It is with great joy that I will take the weekend off! I see rock stacking and art in my immediate future.

Mark and Kristina PKMLotus
My clients Mark and Kristina blessed me with this beautiful piece of art yesterday by mandala artist Paul Heussenstamm. I really love it! It represents the feminine and the energy of the heart. I think I’ll mount it on my stone fireplace where it will be the main feature of my office space. Thank you Mark and Kristina!

Rotation Dieting Pt.2: Why Use A Rotation Diet

Rotation diet pt 2
In my vlog today, I cover the digestive physiology that is essential to understand as a motive for rotation dieting. I explain the issue of leaky gut syndrome, and how rotation dieting both calms the immune system and helps the body heal from a wide variety of health challenges. I also explain why joint pain is so common among people with leaky gut syndrome and food allergy/intolerance.

I hope you enjoy the vlog today!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek