October 9, 2013

Rotation Dieting: Pt. 1: What is Rotation Dieting?

Happy Wednesday to You!

I hope you are all breathing a full breath and enjoying the change of seasons. It was a nice, cool 54˚ as I drove into work this morning, and there are all sorts of amazing birds around the Heaven House passing through in migration.

I got into the gym for a great deadlifting session yesterday and was happy to be pulling some big sets after not having time to do any heavy lifting for the past couple weeks. I always feel younger after a good heavy lifting session .

Rotation Dieting: Pt.1: What is Rotation Dieting?


Today, my new vblog series on rotation dieting begins.


Rotation dieting is a system of food rotation designed to decrease the load on your immune system, while at the same time, increasing nutrient variety.

In Part 1. (today) I share a basic overview of rotation dieting. I explain that using high quality, locally farmed foods is best for rotation dieting. I share the importance of eating foods based on seasonal availability as a means of increasing nutrient variety as well.

Rotation dieting is also very helpful for reducing environmental toxicity. When you consider the high levels of mercury in fish, and the high levels of chemical toxicity in any and all commercially farmed animals, putting foods into rotation becomes a logical step toward reducing body-burden.

One of the resources that I mentioned in my video is the work of Lawrence Dickey, Clinical Ecology.

I hope you enjoy the series and apply the principles I share to upgrade your health and vitality potential.

Part 2 will run on Friday, Part 3 on Monday, and the final segment of the series will be posted next Wednesday. I hope you all share the series with family and friends that could use a little boost in their vitality!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek