February 13, 2017

Rhythmic Stabilization Exercise

Happy Monday!

I hope you are enjoying the process of creating your dreams each day.

Today in my blog, I will share:
1. Rhythmic Stabilization Exercise
2. HLC 2 – 4 Doctor Mastery Training Starts Soon!
3. Show-N-Tell With Paul

Rhythmic Stabilization Exercise

Rhythmic stabilization exercises have been traditionally used in orthopedic rehabilitation to enhance the function of injured joints, tendons and ligaments.

They are also used to improve coordination and stability in regions of joint instability.

Because of the rhythmic oscillations produced by this form of exercise coupled with the conscious intention to hold a specific joint position, rhythmic stabilization exercises aid in pumping out toxins from injured tissues and metabolic waste, which often accumulates when stabilizer muscles become hyperactive to stabilize an injured or unstable region.

In my video blog today, I demonstrate a few different methods of using rhythmic stabilization exercises and give tips for their optimal use.

Those of you who want to learn much more about the scientific application of exercise for postural correction, rehabilitation, general and sports-specific conditioning will be well served to study the following correspondence or e-Learning courses:
1. Scientific Core Conditioning
2. Scientific Back Training
3. Program Design
4. Advanced Program Design

Upcoming Tennis Conditioning Specialist Training Feb. 17-19

Join C.H.E.K Faculty Leigh Brandon – author of the Tennis Biomechanic Manuel – in Carlsbad to learn the fundamentals to take your game to the next level.

Leigh is one of those special people who has the gift to see the details in the movement. He will help you to move better, hit harder, more consistently and accurately, whilst preventing injury!

You may register at the C.H.E.K Institute: Tennis Conditioning Specialist.

HLC 2 – 4 Doctor Mastery Training Starts Soon!

When you are a true master of what you do, you are much less likely to be challenged to generate the income to create the life you really want and need to live.

It is always a primary interest of mine to find ways to help my students master my C.H.E.K Practitioner and Holistic Lifestyle Coach teachings, both for their own well-being, and for the well-being of humanity and our planet.

Traveling away from work for extended periods of time has become both complex and quite expensive, limiting many C.H.E.K Professionals from the opportunity to gain mentorship and mastery with my guidance.

Penny has been encouraging me for several years now to start an online mentorship program because the technology is quite good now. (She did her Masters in business through Colorado State University many years ago via web-based distance learning, and found it very practical and effective.)

Recently, I came around to starting my first online Mastery Program for my CHEK 4-Quadrant Coaching Mastery students, and I’ve been very impressed with how well it has worked for all of us.

We can all see, interact and experience the live classroom experience without the extra travel or expense, and we can eat and sleep at home and be with our families too.

My students love it and are doing fantastic with their training. In fact, I’ve found it even more effective than traditional classroom training because the sessions are spread out by 1-3 weeks, allowing students to take in digestible portions of training, then go out and apply it between sessions.

They love it because we don’t cover so much each session that their mind is exhausted, and they have a hard time putting it all into practice.

To give all of you HLC 2 Practitioners who may be shy about the online learning experience, or who’d like to get a feel for what the training will be like, I will be offering my first of 14 lessons, Feb. 22 at 10:30 a.m. PST. This first session is absolutely FREE to any student who has completed my initial HLC 2 course, or the 2014 updated version.

Once the second lesson starts on March 15, 2017, registration will be closed. So, if you want to achieve mastery as an HLC 2 Professional, and experience the many rewards life offers those who are masters, please go here to learn more and register: CHEK HLC 2 4 Doctor Mastery Group

A Special CHEK INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY with our Partner Gavin Jennings

Gavin Jennings is looking for qualified individuals who want to excel in their chosen professional field and become part of a growing CHEK center.

You must be experienced working 1-2-1 as a personal trainer or coach (preferred). Current CHEK Qualifications are not necessary as all successful full-time team members go through the entire CHEK Academy.

For more information, visit Gavin’s clinic website www.thecentreforwholehealth.co.uk.

Please send a Professional CV and cover letter to [email protected].

Applications close on March 5, 2017.

Show-N-Tell With Paul

The Blessing Of Donald Trump

(Evan Vucci / Associated Press)

I feel the great blessing of Donald Trump is that he embodies much about us as individuals and a nation that we ignored in the past and kept nicely tucked into our shadow-selves.

Any nation has a collective unconscious, which cyclically regenerates all the patterns of behavior that have become habitual, for better or worse.

I think most of us would agree that there are many things the U.S. does very well, such as marketing, selling, building, creating novelty and accomplishing the seemingly impossible.

If we are conscious enough, we also see that the ways we allow government to manipulate truth and use our military industrial complex as a corporate sword has had, and continues to have, very dangerous consequences.

Those consequences include infringing on the rights and resources of other nations under false pretenses, racial and ethnic discrimination and destroying the lives of countless families and the well-being of their children.

If we are conscious enough, we see a government-backed medical system that operates on the outdated modes of scientific materialism, reductionism and enforces a dogma that keeps people around the world from knowing the truth about the science of holistic health, energy medicine and the legitimate power of ancient/native healing technologies that are pawned off as quackery.

Our presidency and government has become something of a soap opera (and not even a good one!), allowing us to see just how terribly shallow we as a people have become, and how we have come to vote for people that express far less wisdom than greed and private agenda.

Donald Trump’s challenges with women mirror the imbalance of male and female energies in our populace today. While women exert their rights to exercise their free will to have, or not to have a child, the Bible once again becomes the axis of ugliness.

As the philosopher sage Shankara cogently stated, “You cannot understand scripture until you are enlightened, and when you are enlightened, you don’t need scripture.”

It seems that we are experiencing a bursting through of the collective unconscious, which is a great opportunity to wake up or follow the habits of many people who fell asleep under the influences of distorted leadership in civilizations past.

My mother, who is naturally very concerned (she’s wise!), shared the links below that you may find worth being informed of if you are a woman, and/or want to keep Donald Trump accountable for his actions as the President of the United States, a job not well suited to sleazy business practices and disrespect for people who don’t fit his personal agenda.

How the Indivisible Movement is Fueling Resistance to Trump
A group of former congressional staffers put a document online two months ago to help mobilize citizens. To everyone’s surprise it has grown into a genuine citizens movement.

How to boycott Trump businesses: https://grabyourwallet.org/

I feel this is an important opportunity for each of us to look inside and see what part of us is offended, irritated or disappointed in Donald Trump, and know that to the degree that he brings reactions other than empathy, compassion and affirmative action, we have found our piece of him in us.

Regardless of what we say to each other or under our breath, it is only through healing, waking up, growing up and showing up that we will create a better future for the U.S., and that means the world.

I work on my part every day and I invite you to do the same, for we are each cells in the collective. God Bless Donald Trump, for his luminosity is so grand, it makes our shadows “visible!”

Mana Bumi

Angie recently took Mana to a local park that has peacocks, so this was Mana’s first time to see one. Angie said he was quite captivated by it.

Angie got an annual membership to LEGOLAND because Mana just loves it there.

He loves the water squirting out of the ground, and seeing all the kids, the many different activities and rides there.

Angie loves taking him out each day to do something fun and interesting, and I love that.

Mana definitely has dad’s genes in him, and LEGOLAND seems to be a good place to find some hot babes to stimulate his creative imagination.

While they were at LEGOLAND recently, Angie saw an artist doing cartoon style drawings of people and paid him to do one for Mana. Cute eh?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog today.

I look forward to sharing something fun and informative with you next week.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek