March 22, 2011


Hello and beautiful spring morning!

I hope you are experiencing yourself as a living expression of the Earth and the Stars today.

There are many changes taking place in the world right now, as I suspect you are well aware of. They include:

  • The destruction of resources due to over-investment in intellectual ideas that are largely motivated by profiteering.
  • Wars that have to do with both fighting over territory and supposed dictatorships, yet, when we look at the connection to oil, another view emerges!
  • The Canadians are working hard to invigorate the oil industry due to large oil-sand cashes in Alberta. Such marketing, if effective, will serve only to inhibit the exploration and use of free energy technologies.
  • The rainforest is being cut down at an alarming rate specifically to cultivate “cash crops” and the natives are being pushed off their lands by oil companies that have hired gorilla armies to do their dirty work.
  • The health and intelligence of our children at large is diminishing at an alarming rate. David Suzuki showed photographs of corporate logos and of common plants to elementary school children. They were easily able to identify all the corporate logos, yet, hardly any of them knew what common plants they were looking at; they didn’t even recognize a Daisy! Approximately 50% of children today have never seen a farm animal with their own eyes.
  • Large food corporations (such as Nestle, Pepsi and Coke) are buying up major aquifers (water sources), capping them and privatizing the sale and distribution of water. In many areas of the world, this has resulted in natives being left without water. In western regions, this has resulted in serious disruption of water tables, causing serious environmental hazards. Current research shows that the number of plastic bottles from daily water sales alone is enough to wrap the globe four times if the bottles are strung end to end!
  • We are filling the streams, rivers, and oceans with exceedingly dangerous levels of toxic chemical waste. This is killing nature!
  • We have allowed government to be taken over by large corporations. Some of the most powerful corporations in the world are the ones harnessing and selling electricity. There is an abundance of free-energy technologies available. Though we could easily eliminate all use of oil, coal and nuclear powered plants for the production of electricity, it hasn’t been allowed by the large corporate powers or their governments because of the massive profits they make by raping the earth of natural resources and selling you what is rightfully your birthright.
  • Monsanto and other such biotechnology corporations are infesting nature with genetically modified seeds that produce plants that don’t seed. These plants are not congruent with nature, are toxic to the body and extremely dangerous to feed children!

What Can We Do?
It is easy to become overwhelmed when looking at the scope and depth of the world situation at present. Yet, there are many simple things we can do each day that will make a huge difference if we all participate in loving and caring for Mother Earth together. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Recycle anything that is recyclable.

2. Only buy organic foods and support local organic farmers whenever possible.

3. Do not purchase any product that is dangerous to the environment or your health. This will require that you enter into acts of awareness.

There are many items, such as soaps, air fresheners, drugs, commercial products etc., that are very damaging at large, yet offer what appears to be convenience or immediate gratification. Fast food restaurants are one such example. If the money spent on fast (JUNK) food each day were diverted to small local farmers, we could rehabilitate the soils in a few years and grow children with bodies and brains that work. We would see the downfall of the drug and modern medical industry as a byproduct of healthy soils, waters and foods.

4. Spend time in nature. Get to know Her. Meditate with your back against a tree and let the tree spirits talk to you. They are wise but few listen because they have their ipods stuck to their head instead. Develop a relationship with houseplants. Notice how they respond to your love and emotions – the atmosphere you create through your thoughts, words and deeds. They can teach you a lot about yourself!

5. Don’t flush toilets until they truly stink. In our house, we have a rule: If it’s yellow, let it mellow – if it’s brown, flush it down. If everyone in the world flushed the toilet one less time daily, that would save enough water to feed all the people in the world without water that day and leave plenty to use for other intelligent purposes!

6. Don’t wash your clothes until they are truly dirty. If you wash your clothes often because they stink of your own body odor, take the hint and clean up your diet and lifestyle. The sweat of healthy people doesn’t stink, it smells natural.

If you have to dowse your body in purchased scents so you feel safe to share yourself, you are only selling deception and will attract sick people that smell like plastic flowers into your life so you can experience the truth of yourself. Why not just commit yourself to healthy living and attract healthy living people into your life?

If you agree that we could save a lot of water each day by flushing the toilet less, imagine what would happen if we each did one less load of laundry a week? Not to mention the reduction in chemicals being released into the environment from all the toxic detergent soaps being used.

7. Avoid participating in any religion that in any way creates division among man, for all such division ultimately ends up as the impetus for wars that torture the Earth! If God is real, then worship everything and everyone, for their can be no other source of life than God. If God isn’t real, then worship everything because it’s all you’ve got!

It is time to become mature about our spirituality and take responsibility for our own common sense. Letting others tell you what God wants is avoiding the use and responsibility for your own mind and actions. If you want to know what God wants, simply get silent inside and listen with your heart. You will learn that God wants nothing and gives everything. Before participating in any religious dogmatic practice that produces segregation among man, ask yourself, What would Love do now?

When you die, you will meet your mind. There is no escape from the actions toward yourself or others that created pain or were against life. All actions that do not allow self and others to truly L-I-V-E are by definition E-V-I-L, the inverse of life.

We must each take account for what we created in our life and the lives of others. That includes being lazy or participating in acts of stupidity. You don’t need to be a genius to know when your actions are degrading life, but you do need to be lazy and convince yourself it’s OK because so many other people are doing it.

If your body is covered in wool, I forgive your ignorance. If you have a body that looks human, you have a human brain and the responsibility of being human. That responsibility is to care for all the other life-forms that don’t get to vote. Your vote is your actions. Remember, never judge a man by the creed s/he professes, but by the life s/he leads!

When you look into the earth plane from your afterlife and see how many children are lost, confused, poisoned and dying due to the accumulated actions of others who chose to be sheep instead of intelligent human beings, the pain of empathy is likely to be so strong as to draw you back in to start cleaning up right where you left off.

Let’s all start now and celebrate life together so we can feel good about what we leave Mother Nature and our children.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek