March 23, 2011



I hope the day embraces you and guides you to fulfillment.

Today, I’d like to share some insights as to the nature of Spiritual evolution.

As you are surely aware, there is much turmoil in the world at present. Our resources are being taxed to dangerous levels. Collectively, we have dangerously tainted the waters, skies, reduced top soils to dangerously low levels, and overheated the planet.

Our medical, educational, political, banking, and industrial systems are all based on an isolationists or “science based” model. This “idea-based” model of perception seriously negates wholeness and perceives compartmentalized outcomes as legitimate measures of success, all the while negating their cost to wholeness – to the planet and the people at large.

We have more disease and suicide in any category you can measure than ever. People have become dangerously complacent, allowing “State” to make critical decisions about the use of resources.

We have given up our rights to represent our individual values, allowing the state to determine how we are represented internationally. Terrorism continues to be the “call word” to justify war, which is essentially yet another mode of deception to justify theft of resources with smoke and mirrors tactics.

Is there a gift hiding amidst the rubble here?

The world evolution means to evolve, to become something greater, more beautiful, more functional, more compatible with the reality of the given time and environment. Darwin’s view of natural selection could be stated as describing that which inevitably occurs (for better or for worse) when any living organism doesn’t adapt to the selective pressures of nature.

But, what is our nature?

We know we are not just a body.

We dream and have very vividly real experiences without any perception of a body. Therefore, we must be more than just a body.

We think, yet we know that we are more than the sum of our thoughts.

We come to realize this when we’ve done everything we thought we should do or be doing in our relationships, yet we experience emotions that defy logical thinking.

We can’t just be emotions, because without thoughts to interpret our emotions, we would have no means of differentiating happy emotions from sad ones, emotions of connection from emotions of disconnection.

So, if we obviously aren’t just body, mind or emotion, what are we?

If you are reading this, you are sentient. To be sentient means that you are aware of your thoughts and feelings. You are aware that you live, largely as a product of ESSENTIAL relationships.

Consciousness then, must be our first and most essential relationship, for without it, we can’t be sentient.

Without consciousness, we can’t care for a body. Without consciousness, we can’t choose, this or that thought or emotion, nor could we interpret our feelings. All our relationships ultimately depend upon consciousness as First Principle.

Evolution Of Spirit
Spirit is a word that describes the transition of states. When anything (sentient or inert) becomes more of, or less of, spirit is expressed.

Spirit and movement express each other.

Consciousness as a principle is not dependent upon spirit.

Consciousness, as I experience it, is a state of Absolute Equilibrium. I describe consciousness as the reconciliation of spirit.

When spirit moves anything, “consciousness of” emerges. This is the source of Mind as an overarching principle; mind, movement, time and spirit are interchangeable in this regard.

We naturally evolved with nature such that our bodies were created as they are now. Therefore, the environments we were in created the bodies we have now. That is anthropomorphic evolution.

Yet, we clearly have different minds or mental structures than other creatures in nature. Would you be able to drive your car to work if suddenly, your consciousness were replaced by that of a dog? No.

Therefore, you see that though a dog’s body has evolved to serve its function in nature, the dog has taken a different path of psychogenic evolution; dog bodies have dog minds and emotions.

Human beings are the tip of the evolutionary sward so-to-speak. We have evolved to the point of loving ideas more than we love the reality of the relationships we once honored as essential to our survival.

A dog doesn’t honor having a cool looking car. The dog honors having enough to eat and enough water to drink so it can express its dogginess.

As we’ve fallen in love with “things”, we’ve become like dogs that worship cars and castles while at the same time, ignoring what is essential for not only our own survival as human beings, but for the survival of all life-forms that support our own.

We have created systems for feeding, watering and protecting that are exclusive. We feed and water ourselves without any respect for the very fabric of life from which we feed. We evolved to the point that we even forgot that we need each other.

Our evolution has been so overly psychogenic or mind-based, that we not only place greater value on our money and stuff than we do our own bodies, but we also place more value on our stuff than the bodies and lives of other human beings. We became so heady that we developed systems of religion that worshiped words on paper as god and were willing to kill GOD to defend them.

Consciousness, Unconditional Love and God all represent First Principle Realities.

If consciousness were conditional, there could be nothing in the universe as a knowable concept save that which consciousness expressed as a condition at that moment.

If God were simply Jesus and not Buddha, there would be no Buddha.


Just as consciousness (Unconditional Sentience) affords sentience of this or that, once we’ve evolved to the point of realizing that what is most stable, reliable or permanent within our being is Consciousness (Unconditional Love!), then we find our ultimate direction in life.

If you read the world EVOLUTION backwards, you will find a message, a message that informs you of your ultimate evolutionary state, one that exemplifies both the alpha and the omega. Evolution read backwards and decoded reads:

Any “it” is but a “thing”, the product of spirit. But even spirit, which is a transitional state of potential energy expressed is something – it is governed by laws or “conditions.”

If you study the lives of the great spiritual masters, they all taught that God IS EVERYTHING. There is no one person that is or isn’t more or less God than any other. Indeed, they teach that there is not even a person that is more or less God than even a cockroach!

We have all evolved body and mind to the point that now, to go further, we must collectively learn that there can be no – it – you – love, for loving a car more than the soil, the rivers or the trees halts spiritual evolution and anchors it in matter.

Mother Earth and Great Spirit are now taking us into the next stage of our evolution.

We are now to learn how to love Unconditionally and to nurture that which is essential to life. Only when those that are in love with ideas evolve to being in love with life will we all – meaning all in and of Nature – experience Love and Life Together.

We all have one home; Uni-Verse!

We only have each other.

In THE ONE, there is no “it”, just “ALL”.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek