March 21, 2011

Quakes, Knots, Rocks, Humming Birds and Life

Good Day To You!

I hope this message finds you in wellness today.

I don’t normally watch the bad news hour, but this morning, I was curious to see if there was any earthquake activity in Northern California, particularly around the San Francisco area on Sunday, 3-20-11.

Indeed, there was:
Recent earthquakes near San Francisco, California
Time Magnitude Location
17 hours ago 3.3 Northern California Map
Yesterday 3.5 Northern California Map

I’m glad that the city itself didn’t shake to any significant degree. When you have the ability to see and perceive events, interpreting them can be challenging.

Sharing your feelings in this regard is always a little scary because you may, or may not actually help someone. Since my message was to “become aware” as to your surroundings in case of an earthquake, I am happy I shared since that awareness is essential to have if you live near fault lines. I would encourage all of you in areas known for seismic activity to stay tuned to your awareness as the earth goes through Her adjustments at this time.


Sunday morning, I met with my Zero Force Coaching (ZFC) client Sven. Sven is studying modern shamanism and has been working with me to perfect his shamanic practice methods so he can more effectively guide his own clients as a CHEK HLC Practitioner.

Sven recently attended a spiritual group meeting that includes the use of a powerful healing tea called Ayahuasca (pronounced “I-uh-was-ka”). He’s done many such healing journeys, which have ranged from beautiful and blissful to deep, dark and challenging visits with the shadow-self.

Sven asked me to help him process his most recent journey because he was surprised that he still had that kind of pain stuck deep down inside him.

I explained to Sven that we generally heal in layers, as though peeling an onion; we also accumulate chi (Qi) or life-force this way too. Having worked with Sven for a few years now, I have seen him heal a tremendous amount. I knew that he was just getting down to the hard stuff stuck to the bottom of the pot so-to-speak.

I shared a method of reconciling his inner-pain and turmoil that can be used with any problem you have in your life, which I why I asked Sven if he’d mind if I shared our process with you here – hoping that you would try it for yourself when needed.

To begin, I handed him a sheet of watercolor paper and asked him to draw a big circle in black. Then, I asked him to draw a picture of what he felt was trapped inside him that still needed to heal. That is the more dense, almost heart-shaped image near the bottom toward Sven’s left hand.

Next, I asked Sven to put a red dot just inside the black circle to represent each of the other 30 or so people at the meeting. I then chanted with him to enter the dreaming mind state. I encouraged Sven to go back to the meeting and take note as to whether he kept his stress within, or whether he shared it with the group?

He noticed that he had kept it within himself. I explained that this is why he’s still feeling unresolved; he tried to handle his challenges himself. Spiritual groups function as extended family or tribe.

I then asked Sven (in dream-state) to offer his challenges to the group, passing his mandala around to each person so they could use their unique perspectives to help him convert his pain into beauty.

Each line you see emanating from the core of his challenge represents the gift given by each member of the group. By asking each member to take a crack at untying his knot, we transform the pain or burden of sharing our pain into a fun game, like a Sudoku puzzle or Rubik’s cube.

After spending one hour going through the process, Sven’s pain knot transformed from something that looked chaotic, knotted and potentially painful to being something more akin to a seed of love.

When we completed the exercise, Sven felt much more integrated and happy, as you can see here. Sven learned (just as you can by using the exercise!) that when he has pain, he can offer it up to his family, tribe or circle of friends, giving them a chance to create beauty out of pain or a challenge.

The beauty of this exercise is that you don’t have to burden your friends or circle of friends personally. You can do the exercise in dream-state and meet them there, where they are accessible at all times.

Once you’ve done the exercise, you learn that you are never alone and that by opening your spirit to others in dream-world, you can reciprocate with your creative energy and learn to create beauty with, and for others. This way, we learn to love and trust ourselves and others as co-creators. We learn that we can solve any problem more effectively together than we can alone.

Try doing this with each and any of the problems in your life, or the problems you feel the world is facing now and see what happens?

If you feel inspired to share, I encourage you to blog or post videos of your healing experiences and processes on sites like

If you haven’t seen my latest video on, it is called Love Heals Pain and is an example of the kind of sharing I feel all wise ones need to participate in now so that we can handle the changes we are, and will experience as a world community or tribe.


I continued my normal practice of creative self-healing in my zen rock garden this weekend. I had fun building a new rock formation. It started out as a beautiful, but very complex double spiral. After several hours, just as I was putting the cap stone on, it all collapsed!

I had a chuckle, stood back, and to my surprise, there was a beautiful double spiral configuration there before me. This one though, was much more stable. I finished it off. You can see me here putting on the final stone.

Again, I learned that whatever collapses is an invitation to be present with what is emerging and should never be seen as a failure. Remember, the world, and cities, are all piles of stones. When things shift, shake and/or fall, it’s an invitation to move out of the old and create new beauty.


Just outside my kitchen window, a mother humming bird built a beautiful little nest. She wisely built it under the overhang of our roof where the many hawks that hunt from above can’t see it! Here you can see her with her two little babies.

Vidya and I watched her return to feed them. They are growing very fast and soon, they will be too big to fit in the nest. That means they must learn to fly on their own or die. T

his process occurs in each of our lives when we go through puberty. If our parents don’t support us in learning to fly and experience our own individuality, we become as big, hungry birds that crowd the next.

Eventually, if we don’t honor our inner-voice, we attract challenging situations to ourselves so we can learn to cultivate our own healthy independence. Otherwise, we can’t become effective contributors in any family or tribe; we simply become stuck as children in large bodies and often adopt a victim mentality!

Mothers, Fathers, be careful about “over-protecting” your children. Doing so is to crowd your nest and create birds that can’t fly on thir own. Being too forceful or over-controlling with children is to force them to fly before they are ready. This too leads to crashes!Though you are likely to label your child with this or that problem, the truth is, they are mirroring you back to you.

Sunday, it was raining and I had worked hard in the garden Saturday so I decided to so some art.

My inner voice led me to creating my Life Mandala. This mandala symbolizes what I’ve come to share and learn to master in this lifetime.

I don’t want to say too much or I may block you from your own inner-experience of what my mandala has to share with you. Feel free to leave a comment as to what my Life Mandala says to you?

Thanks for joining me today. I hope you have a beautiful day.

Remember you can share your challenges or pains with your spirit-tribe anytime, anywhere by entering dream-state and offering them a chance to create beauty with you. You are never alone!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek