May 7, 2014

Movement As Medicine Pt. 4/7 Stabilization

Happy Day to All!

Penny and I made it Australia.

She found us a lovely apartment on the beach not far from Donal and Cathy Carr and Place of Chi in Northern Beaches, Sydney.


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I’ve been recovering from jet travel and working to complete my presentations while here.

I’m keeping it balanced though by getting to the beach for some fun rock stacking with Donal Carr!

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I got over to visit the students in the HLC1 class that Donal Carr was concluding.


Congratulations to all of you who are making a difference by embracing and living a Holistic Lifestyle! It was fantastic to meet you!


Today, I head off to Lake Macquarie Resort to begin teaching HLC2 for the next five days!

I’m looking forward to meeting more students and spending five days with them teaching them my 7 step coaching model. We’ll have a great time for sure!

I’ll post updates along the way.

Movement As Medicine Pt. 4/7: Stabilization


In this series I’ve been discussing Movement as Medicine and the integration of how to use movement to increase vitality, health and wellbeing.

These vlogs are only snapshots of what you can learn in any of my more very comprehensive Advanced Training, correspondence and elearning courses.


I give a working overview of what I define as stabilization:

1. The ability to contain and control the flow of energy and information through the body, and

2.The ability to maintain optimal instantaneous acts of motion in any functional space-time orientation.

Segmental stability is the prerequisite of gross stability. I provide techniques and tips to help you get started.

I hope that you enjoy my vlog today.


Movement That Matters – book

Scientific Core Conditioning – correspondence course

Accessing Core Function – correspondence course

Scientific Back Training – correspondence course 

Scientific Shoulder Training – correspondence course

I also wanted to Congratulate the students who just completed Faculty Member Angie Lustrick‘s HLC1 course in NYC!!

I’m very proud Angie, she is very enthusiastic and her students love her fun, knowledgeable style of teaching! Great job Angie!


Love and chi, Paul Chek