March 9, 2015

MEDITATION: The Use Of Sound and Silence

Happy Monday!

I hope you all feel rested and inspired for a new week of creative dream weaving.

Today, my video blog is about how to use sound and silence to enhance your meditative experiences.

After I share that, I’ll share some highlights of recent CHEK Course Completions and I will finish with some highlights from my recent work with Mike Salemi.

I’ll finish by sharing a DVD I just watched for the second time and thought you may want to enjoy.

MEDITATION: The Use Of Sound and Silence

Meditation is a topic I’ve blogged about recently, which I followed with a blog on an active form of “work-in” meditation called the Horse Stance Dynamic (as shared in my book, “How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!”).

In my video blog today, CHEK HLC1 and HLC2 Instructor, Nutritionist, and shaman, Angie Lustrick joins me to share a method of inducing meditative states that we use in our own practice.

By using sound to “engage the ego,” and silence to “rest the ego,” like you’d rest your muscles after a hard set in the gym, we can enter a state in which silence speaks to us.

For some, silence speaks in images, for others sound, for others as a “knowing”, and for some (like myself), a mix of all of these at different times or sometimes in the same experience. The method we share today is very simple, and works for anyone willing to practice.

We hope you enjoy “meditating with us” today.

If you would like to learn more practical methods for accessing your inner-voice (soul) for guidance in choosing foods, and other aspects of your life, feel free to invest in the audio recording from my webinar titled, “Identifying Your Primal Pattern Diet.”

You may also find the Dr. Quiet audio recording useful; I share seven methods of meditation suitable for busy minds.

Recent CHEK Course Completions

Please join me in celebrating our newest graduates from Holistic Lifestlye 1 and 2, Exercise Coach!

HLC1, San Francisco with Jator Pierre

Jator taught HLC1 in San Francisco this weekend to a group of lovely, motivated students. I love having Jator teaching our Chek HLC program because he is a very grounded, passionate, experienced man with lots of love and wisdom to share.

Jator is fast developing a great following of students who are excited to take the HLC journey with him, and we hope to have him teaching HLC 2 as soon as possible so his students can follow him deeper into their training.

Thanks for dong a fantastic job, as always Jator!

If you would like to attend any of the CHEK Institute HLC1 training programs with our skilled faculty, please click here for the CHEK Institute schedule for the USA.

As I mentioned in my Blog last week, Angie Lustrick completed teaching HLC2 in the UK to an eager group of upcoming holistic coaches.


I feel so good to know that Angie is sharing her passion, skill and expertize around the world. She too has quite the following. I also want to thank Leigh Brandon (CHEK Faculty) and Gavin Jennings (CHEK Academy Director) for their support during the course.

Exercise Coach with Dan Hellman in Toronto Canada


I am honored by Dan Hellman’s continued commitment to providing a great experience when he teaches any of the CHEK Courses. As a skilled physiotherapist, Dan has a great eye for details and the gift of expert delivery of course content. Thank you Dan for your continued Love!!

Congratulations to all of you who are bringing my work into the marketplace through each and every one of you!! You are the living Inspiration to all in your communities!

Mike Salemi Visits Heaven for Work-In Training

Mike Salemi is a fantastic athlete that I’ve been coaching in Russian Kettlebell competition for the past two years.

We’ve had a lot of great successes together and were going for Mike’s second Russian Kettlebell Masters in the 40 KG class.

Unfortunately, Mike’s grandfather passed away two days before the competition, so we both felt it was wise to stay out of the completion. Mike spent time with his family to celebrate his grandfather’s life.

Mike and I met this weekend for some “work-in” training as part of his active rest cycle before we enter competition training again next week.

Angie, Vidya and I worked with Mike on creating inner-stillness through ratline, chanting, and painting.

To create a workout that depends on work-in qualities, Mike, Angie and I went out to my stone circle.

Rock Stacking Paul Angie Mike

We cleared the previous stacks and began something new. In the photo, you can see Mike’s stack on the left, mine in the center, and Angie’s are the one on the right and the small one in the back of the photo.

Mike has done zen In The Garden with me once in the past, but today, he got the chance to wrestle with some of my big stones, and to learn how valuable working-in for both guidance and active rest between sets can be.

We all loved the art we left for the locals to enjoy from their homes on the hillsides overlooking our property, and for the birds and animals to enjoy too.

M Salemi Mandala 1 3-8-15
Mike continued to amaze all of us this weekend with his painting. Mike hasn’t done any paining since art class in high school, but my lord, look at his first mandala, and the first time for him to ever paint with acrylics!


I was very impressed with his art, and all the deep meanings in the symbols he used. Mike recently got a new dog, which he dearly loves and has a great time with.

Mike shared a video of him and Maya “toning” together, which I just loved.

If you want to “have a howl…”, Click on the link below and enjoy experiencing the loving bond of Mike and his dog, Maya:

Thanks for a great weekend together Mike!

You never cease to amaze me Bud!

The Voice DVD

I just watched a great DVD titled “The Voice”, which interviews a number of experts on metaphysics, consciousness and looks into our potential for cultivating and experiencing enlightened states as human beings.

The video shares some very interesting studies that highlight “global consciousness”, as well as showing the effect different meditations or spiritual practices have on the structure of water.

The DVD program shares some of the new technology for measuring and imaging the human aura or energy fields, and will be quite interesting for people to see that are unaware of this technology.

I particularly enjoyed the commentary by Dr. Gary Schwartz, a man with MANY advanced degrees and a very open-mind coupled with deep, honest wisdom.

Dr. Schwartz has several interesting books on the market, and is a guest in a number of interesting DVD’s I’ve seen. Check it out on youtube:

I hope you all have a lovely week.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek