May 8, 2017

Happy Meals = Healthy Meals

Happy Monday!

As you read this, my family and are probably in Oregon visiting my son, Paul Jr., and my mother and her husband.

Later in the week, we’ll be cruising down to San Francisco (as much as possible we’ll enjoy Highway 101 along the way home) to visit the awesome Mind Pump Media team.

The Mind Pump guys have asked me to do a series of recordings on audio and film at their studio, so I’m excited to share with them again.

I’ll be sure to let you know when these new offerings with Mind Pump Media are available for you to enjoy.

In my blog today, I will share:
1. Happy Meals = Healthy Meals
2. C.H.E.K Advanced Training Program Completions

Let’s get started!

Happy Meals = Healthy Meals

Stress at the table during meal times often has negative long-term effects on many aspects of our body-mind health.

I know this very well from personal experience. My stepfather had very strict rules at the table, and not following them often resulted in immediate pain!

I recall being a child sitting at the table in a state of “high alert,” consciously monitoring my every move in hopes of being able to, at least, eat my food and avoid something much worse.

In my quest to heal my own challenges with food allergies, food intolerance and related issues, I studied physiological and psychological literature extensively.

Today, there is a significant amount of research showing how stressful eating can be linked to issues like food intolerance, anxiety, depression and a wide range of digestive, eliminative, metabolic and glandular disorders, and more.

In our Holistic Lifestyle Coach Program we teach our students the science of holistic Primal Pattern® eating and how being aware of Dr. Diet’s gifts will prevent you from debilitating dis-ease.

In my vlog today, I’ll give you a general overview of the two main branches of the autonomic nervous system, and explain how they relate to our response to the environments in which we are consuming meals.

Also, I share an example of a case history to show how powerful changing your eating environment can be.

I finish by giving six tips for optimal eating, digestion, metabolism, assimilation and elimination.

1. Avoid eating at work in the working area or even the building if that is a busy stressful environment. Go outside or somewhere pleasant to enjoy your meal, even if the best option is to sit in your car and enjoy some music that supports digestion.

2. Listen to soothing music. The best music I’ve found to aid us during meals is new age spiritual music that has a flowing energy to it. Music by Stephen Halpern and Hilary Stagg are examples that come to mind.

Music that you can’t drum to because there is no structured beat helps activate the parasympathetic nervous system, aiding the digestive and related processes.

There are now many good quality CDs and downloadable tracks of nature sounds. Listening to the sound of a creek flowing, the wind blowing or the ocean waves are all excellent for meal times.

3. Don’t work and eat (at the same time)! Pause and create time for yourself and Dr. Diet.

4. Avoid eating with stressful people at meals. If you are a child or teenager and your parents are the source of your stress, encourage them to read this blog or watch my vlog!

5. Use a worry sheet to disengage from your mental chatter so you can enjoy your meal without unnecessary stress.

I encourage the use of what I call a “worry sheet.” Simply write down everything you are worried about on a sheet of paper, then fold it and stick it in your briefcase, bag or pocket.

Once that’s done, trust that the world will look after your worries while you eat. If you are afraid you’ll forget something important to worry about while eating — no worries — it will be there on your worry sheet when you are done!

Be brave enough to love yourself and your food, and enjoy creating a happy, healing mealtime environment for yourself (and others if you aren’t eating alone). Nobody enjoys eating with a stress-bucket at the table!

6. Don’t rush meals. I encourage the approach taken by the Taoists, which is encapsulated in the simple saying, “Drink your food and eat your water.

I hope you enjoy your meals in a peaceful environment moving forward, by knowing that your optimal choice would be to invite Dr. Diet to your table. These simple steps I’ve outlined in this blog support your greatest return on your energy levels too.

If you are a parent, this is very important: You will find it much less stressful to manage the energy at the table and support the body-mind in enjoying and integrating the foodstuffs than treating a lifetime of health problems among your children!


How To Eat Move and Be Healthy – Book

The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need! – multimedia ebook

Identifying Your Primal Pattern Diet – MP3 Audio

C.H.E.K Advanced Training Program Completions

Exercise Coach with Carl Weston, Toronto

Please help me welcome and congratulate our newest Exercise Coaches in Toronto!

Their instructor, Carl Weston, is one of our newest teachers to join the C.H.E.K Faculty. Carl is a dedicated practitioner working at his studio in North York (Toronto area):

I am sure that Carl’s skills were much appreciated as this course is all about the science of utilizing proper assessments and exercise prescriptions so that a client’s corrective program will mirror their unique individual needs and therapeutic goals.

Well done! I am looking forward to meeting you as you advance through the C.H.E.K Practitioner Program.

Tennis Conditioning Specialist with Leigh Brandon, UK

Congratulations to the students who attended Leigh’s course in Lancashire. May your new skills take you to a new success in your game!

Leigh is a highly skilled faculty member who also co-wrote the book: The Tennis Biomechanic’s Manual. He is an avid tennis player so I am sure he shared his passion to upgrade your own skills.

Last Opportunity to Participate with Donal and Cathy Carr for their upcoming Wellness Retreat at Wybalena Organic Farm in the hinterlands of Byron Bay.

They are excited to share their inspired C.H.E.K lifestyle showing participants how to eat, play, create, move and rest in a nurturing setting. There are only a few spots left, so if you live in Australia this is the retreat for you!

Wybalena owners, Julian & Rianon Mateer, follow and believe in holistic sustainable living and as part of their thriving land, a permaculture farm provides the majority of the produce for guests and staff. “Pasture to plate,” just like how nature intended.

My Zen in the Garden Day is now sold out! I am really excited to share my day with you!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog today.

I look forward to sharing more with you next week.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek