May 21, 2013

Happiness Essentials

Good Day to you!

We often hear comments like, “you should be more happy with your life”, or “Why are you so unhappy all the time?” But what does that mean? What is happiness?

Does it mean you should be happier the way the person making the comment views happiness?

Does it mean that you should be more like the person offering their observation or judgment?

What if that’s actually the source of a person’s sense of unhappiness?

Today, I’d like to share my personal view of happiness from a holistic point of view. This is only “my point of view”, so you won’t find it in texts your can refer to. My views are based on a life of study of all aspects of holistic health.


Stars at night

When we look up at the stars at night, we see proof of the immense, unimaginable, even immeasurable energy that creates and drives the universe, creating the movement of life.

The energy of the universe is so abundant and powerful; it creates stars, planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and all things falling under the titles of “existence” and “nature”, including us.

Walter Russell was a genius who left very detailed, accurate descriptions of how the universe and all in it are created.

Polar and ecliptic vortices WR

In the Walter Russell diagram above, you see two axes; a vertical and a horizontal.

The vertical axis represents the Eternal interchange of the positive and negative pressure fluctuations emergent from the Zero Point universe.

ZERO has two essential qualities or polarities.

Zero Empty represents the emptiness of space, which expressed as the emptiness within all things; an atom is 99.999999999% empty: A cup is only useful as a cup because it is empty.

We all know that a bank account balance of zero represents a different reality than a bank account that is overdrawn, which would reflect the negative pressure attributed to the quality known as “yin”.

Zero Full represents that which we see as projections; if something is there and you can count or weigh it, you have a positive, or yang expression of zero point energy.

Because ZERO has nothing to abolish, to loose, everything we see as “this or that” has essentially been wound into existence by the interchange of the two pressure conditions expressed in and as ZERO.

A simple way to clarify that there is nothing to take and nowhere for creation to go but back into itself was presented in lecture I watched by Stephen Hawking. He said (in paraphrase), consider the surface of the earth (ground state) as ZERO.

Now, take a shovel out and start digging a hole.

Once you’ve dug a hole a few feet deep, you will see clearly that your efforts to dig the hole have created a pile next to the hole that contains exactly what you took out of the hole.

Though it looks like you have changed your yard (the universe) by taking something out, you have actually only borrowed from zero; to the degree you borrowed (dirt) to make the hole, you also now have a “positive credit” of dirt next to the hole.

This process, according to many current scholarly estimates based on our understanding of the zero point field (see, The Field, By Lynne McTaggurt) is eternal! It is the nature of ZERO.

In my estimation, this perpetual “standing wave” of cosmic energy is the source of consciousness. If the zero point reality wasn’t there, there would be no-thing to be conscious of.

WR All Seeing Eye

For thousands of years, seers, healers, oracles, master yogis, rishis, wise men and saints alike have all told us that everything is alive…everything is conscious!

When asked, “How can I find God?”, St. Francis of Assissi is on record for saying in response, “What you are looking for, is what’s looking.”

This is a good example of what I’m referring to. We are products of the universe as human beings, just like every other animate and inanimate thing is a product of the universe.

But what is looking through the product (body-mind) that we call “self” isn’t “a product,” It “IS”.

I believe the “IS’ness” of consciousness is created by the wave function of the zero point field.

Rumi says, “Beyond judgment, there’s a field, I’ll meet you there.

To “judge” means to make two; one right and one wrong. Rumi is speaking about “a field” beyond judgment. This “field” can only be THE SOURCE FIELD, for it is the only field there can be in the Universe that isn’t created of the functionally antagonistic expressions of zero.

In my 4 Doctor system of teaching holistic health, the vertical axis demonstrated in the Walter Russell diagram above is represented as a vertical line with Dr. Movement at the top (yang), above the equator, and Dr. Quiet (yin) below the equator.

This paring reflects that there are two primary states in all our living experiences:

1. Quiet or Silence: Dr. Quiet is represented as non-moving, but pure potential. One who is at rest has the potential to move.

2. Movement: Dr. Movement represents all movement that can be measured or known, or even unknown. If it moves, it is under the domain of Dr. Movement.

This is the axis that creates nature, existence, and provides the energy source for Consciousness to have things to be “conscious of”.

The Cosmic Pendulum WR
Here you can see Walter Russell’s Cosmic Pendulum diagram showing how the Universal Clock ticks away eternally alternating between high pressure (yang) and low pressure (yin) conditions.

This diagram is essential to my explanation because Dr. Quite relates to acquiring enough rest to restore “potential energy”, and Dr. Movement expresses how you convert your potential into movement, or action in life.

The great teachers have forever been telling us that when we live and move in the flow of the universe (or nature) that life is much easier and often more rewarding.

Therefore, in my 4 Doctor system, the vertical axis I’ve just described is the power station that supports all creation.

The perpetual interchange between yin and yang produces a inexhaustible power source both is, and produces SPIRIT.

All things are spirited, and all things get their spirit from the One Source of ZERO; which I equate to Unconditional Love; zero can’t impose conditions, only potential.

Only you can decide if having a zero balance in your checking account is a “good or bad condition”. Outside of any such judgments, zero, and therefore, all existence simply “IS”.

Masters, such as Buddha, have repeatedly encouraged people to “drop their desire for things.” They do so because as long as you desire “things”, you are imposing an illusion upon yourself.

The illusion is that there is something missing in you. Something you don’t have.

If happiness is created by “acquiring things”, then you are likely to only feel happy by making piles, all the while not realizing you are simultaneously…making holes.

This results in what I’d call the “long route” to happiness…


1. ZERO is the state from which the Universe emerges.

2. ZERO has two pressure conditions or “Potential states” if you prefer. They are yin-emptiness, and yang-expression; which is really yin turned inside-out on itself and vice versa.

(To better understand this concept, try doing a Google search on a Mobius strip and it should become more clear to you.)

3. ZERO’s offspring is Spirit, which expresses the energy of transformation of yin-to-yang and vice versa. All things are created by, and powered by Spirit.

4. The Universe, and our world are positive expressions or projections that can only exist because they are supported by their equal and opposite energy potentials. The vertical axis is the Power Source from which Dr. Happiness and Dr. Diet emerge as reflections of each other.


CHEK Mandala
The Ouroboros is The Snake that eats its tail. You can see the Ouroboros wrapped around the “I AM” of man in my CHEK Mandala, which overviews my holistic system of teaching and living.

Notice here that the vertical axis surrounded by the tai-chi symbol, representing the two pressure conditions of ZERO; GOD = ZERO = UNCONDITIONAL LOVE IN THE CHEK HOLISTIC LIVING SYSTEM.

You see a watermark of man, which represents that man is “seeded” in the Kosmic unfolding – Kosmic or “Kosmos” is a Greek term that means the inclusion of the physiosphere of matter; the biosphere (organic life); and the noosphere or the energy field representative of mind.

If the snake were lengthened, it would create the W – E axis in my 4 Doctor system. The W – E axis represents individuation and embodiment. All living beings individuated or embodies as “this or that”, have needs.

Follow the Tree Of Life backward and you end up at bacteria, viruses, and fungi, all of which have needs to meet to sustain them as living things.

Because the SOURCE of ALL things is the vertical axis, it is essentially the power station that creates the backdrop and energy for the creation and sustenance of life itself. It goes on with, or without you and I.

Where there is a human ego, the power of “choice” exists. Where there is an ego, there is self-sentience.

The self has to be maintained such that it lives within the energetic and environmental constraints predetermined by its own construction; a bee must meet the requirements for maintaining its “bee’ness” and we must meet the requirements of maintaining our “humanness”, or we begin to express progressively more chaos than order.

This can occur at the physical, emotional, or mental level of our being; it should be realized that as chaos rises in any level of our construct, it infuses itself to each other level. A person whose body is healthy can soon begin having signs of fatigue and illness due to disruption of the mind-state, or emotional state and any combination thereof.


The vertical axis created by the functional antagonism of the two qualities of ZERO creates the universe and all things in it, and provides the energy to sustain them, in whatever form that may be. Therefore, at this point in our discussion, the vertical axis will represent the outer environment; any and all that is “outside” your skin.

Dr. Happy as archer

If you look at the diagram I created by superimposing an archer over Walter Russell’s Cosmic Pendulum, you can see an ancient Taoist expression for the human mind.

The archer’s bow is in the vertical axis. It represents the energy potential of the environment; we are all living in the same world here, so the world itself, less human beings, would represent the vertical axis or outer environment.

Dr. Happiness is that aspect of our soul-ego construct that “chooses this or that”.

Dr. Happiness holds the bow and aims it at what “s/he wants”, representing desire. The greater the desire we have, the greater the perceived sense of emptiness (yin).

The degree of desire is expressed by how much energy Dr. Happiness (the archer) puts into pulling the bow string.

By pulling the bowstring, Dr. Happiness is extracting potential from the environment or vertical axis. The resting state of the vertical axis, if you recall from our conversation above is ZERO.

The more desire-energy Dr. Happiness (in you!) generates, the greater the debt being created; or the more energy you are borrowing from ZERO.

Just as what goes up must come down, willpower is the yang equivalent to the yin of the pull: the harder you pull the string, the more explosive the action of the arrow; when the debt is paid back, all things come to rest gain – zero. Debt paid.

But since we keep having to meet our biological and psychological needs, we keep experiencing the desire state that is perceived as a negative (less than zero-balance) state.


In my experience, happiness really emerges as an authentic quality when you make the following realizations, and live in accordance with them:

1. ZERO IS the Truth of the Universe.

2. ZERO provides the two potential states of desire and will express each other eternally as existence or nature.

3. The vertical axis of Dr. Quiet – Dr. Movement in this instance, represents the outer environment, from which we gain energy and sustenance.

4. The horizontal axis represents Dr. Happiness (the archer) and Dr. Diet, the target of the archer’s will.

5. What the archer shoots and consumes through body, emotion, or mind is, and can only be an expression of the SELF, the WHOLE.

To the degree that we disrupt the balance of the environment, we disrupt the balance of, and nature of energy and resources from which Dr. Happiness can draw on; the archer must have something to point the arrow at, and there is a real time lag built into existence to allow experience to occur; without it, the universe could not experience itself.

Matter is the key to the time lag; an imaginary ice cube doesn’t melt unless you imagine it melting but a real one melts and if you run out of water there’s no way to make more ice cubes; if you kill all the deer, there’s no more deer to eat.

By the time the environment balances itself (the deer and water return), your life may be over, but worse yet may be the experience between being unconscious with your bow and arrow and running out of the things you’ve killed off unconsciously.

We must remember, Dr. Happiness doesn’t just point his/her bow at physical things, or animals like deer. Dr. Happiness can point at emotional experiences, mental experiences, relationships, etc.

When Dr. Happiness learns to use the bow of the ego mind to hunt and nourish itself without creating chaos and imbalance to the degree that happiness isn’t coming at the cost of individual, social, or cultural (world) imbalance, then Dr. Happiness stays happy.

This happiness is the happiness of wisdom.

This is the happiness of knowing that if you eat all the strawberries in the garden tonight because your emotions are all over the map, there will be no strawberries for many many nights to come because of the lag matter creates in nature; you have to wait until next spring to plant, raise, and eat them again!

The challenge arises when human beings eat all the strawberries, then point their bow at the cows, eat them all, then go after the pigs, then the fish, then the birds, then ruin the soil, then… they have nothing left to point their bows at but each other.

Now, turn on the TV and watch the news (but use a European channel or you’ll just be fed a bunch of fake strawberries to keep you deluded into thinking it’s forever open-range bow hunting season).

What have we killed off, and what have we pointed our arrows at to attempt yet again to fill the emptiness inside ourselves?


My personal conclusion is that true happiness is an expression of the joy of sustainability. When we know we can feed ourselves without creating more problems than good, it gives us a sense of deep joy or happiness because we feel safe.

When things get challenging, one with true happiness isn’t so likely to fly off the handle and act irrationally because that scares the deer away! Sometimes things go as we planned, sometimes they don’t.

When a person has achieved true happiness, there is room for some fear, some excitation, some sadness, some empathy and compassion. When I kill a dear, I feel sad inside. I know I have taken a life.

I know I have taken the life of a sentient being that has favorite foods, favorite places, a family, and is aware of the sun and the moon. I cry inside.

When I eat the deer, I don’t see the deer as being “dead”. I see that the deer is now becoming transformed into a human being. I see that it lives on in me.

I speak to the Deer Spirit and Mother Nature, and I assure them that this deer was not taken in vain, and that I will live and love fully with this deer and do my best to make the world a better place for all of us, including the deer.

I let the Deer Spirit know that this is not death, but an investment in a more balanced future for them.

I am happy because I know how to hunt.

I am happy because I know how to use my “Bow of Mind”.

I am happy when I’m not what others call “happy”, because I know that all of us, like the deer, must flow with the ebbs and tides of the river of life.

I’m happy because I know that I too am being eaten and enjoyed, that in some special way, my life experiences (for better or for worse) were expressions of the universe, and like the universe, they can only be enjoyed and consumed by the universe.

Developing true happiness isn’t something that gets you by today, in hopes of surviving tomorrow.

Developing true happiness is knowing that you understand the nature of love and that regardless what your ego sees, your soul knows all along that you are hunting and eating yourself as a means of creating happiness.

True happiness is knowing that though the Truth of your SELF is ZERO, you can sustain yourself in the lag time granted to every-one, which we call life.

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Christening New Water Charger
This weekend, I rebuilt my water charger to handle five gallon glass bottles.

Penny found a source of quality local water in glass (Palomar Springs Water) here that’s quite good. I can’t justify shipping Evian in glass any longer because between adding good sea salt and charging my water, I can produce an excellent product and save a lot of money and environmental stress.

This new one took me about six or seven hours to build, not counting the hours of digging rocks from the brush.

In the image above, you can see me pouring water over it to Christen it. This is my own little ritual, but it sure feels great when that water starts evaporating in the sun! The chi field is amazingly strong. It pulses so strongly I can feel it across the property.

Healing tools on charger
Here you can see how I charge my healing tools. They collect the chi from the environment, and hold the resonance of the charger, which helps add those natural frequencies back to a person’s body and field as needed.

Aya Snake on charger
Here you can see my little snake that Troy Casey brought me from the Amazon rain forest. Next to it, you can see a jade stone necklace with the ancient symbols for life on it. I use gemstones like this to adjust the frequency for our needs at any given time.

Well, that was a long one today. I really felt it was important to share this perspective with anyone that is willing to take another viewpoint of happiness.

It makes me sad to see marketing corporations preying on people’s misunderstandings of life and reality, which is only degrading society and nature.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek