May 23, 2013

Soul Creating Life, Music & The Barefoot Conference

Happiness to you!

In my blog today, I share:


2. A clip of Layne Redmond’s new (BEAUTIFUL) music video.

3. Information on Matthew Wallden’s upcoming Barefoot Connections 2013, June 22nd & 23rd

4. Upcoming zen-in-The-Garden this Saturday!


Soul Creating Life
S: Spirit is a mirror, looking at itself, wondering “Who Done it?!”

O: ZERO is the answer to Spirit’s question, but spirits look — they create Mind.

U: Unity is what your spirit-mind is looking for; who did this? How did this happen?

L: Love is the answer to all such questions.

The infant loves its mother because she is itself.
The child loves mom and dad because they define its self.
The adolescent desires to love others because it wants to feel itself.
The adult loves life when love becomes the means and the end.
The one who has found love along The Way in life, smiles in the end, for who is afraid to meet LOVE, yet again.

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Layne Redmond is a shaman, Bee Priestess, and considered by many to be the worlds best female frame drummer (she really is amazing!). She makes EXCELLENT spiritual, healing music. Check out her new video with Mr. Mateus Aleluia, Fabiana Aleluia and Gabi Guedes. Footage of the festival of Iemanja, goddess of the sea. From the film Axé Orixá by Layne Redmond with Daniel Sabio.

It really is harmonious with my blog topic today.


Paul Jason tai-chi
I’m a big believer in, and promoter of being barefoot as often as possible! Shoes have their place and their place is where its not safe to be barefoot.

That said, as you use your feet naturally, walking around the house, working in your garden, playing with kids, or about anything if you are like me, you find that what was once considered “unsafe” for barefoot applications, isn’t any longer.

Trail hikes that once seemed impossible barefoot (or in 5 Fingers) now seem inviting to the foot. The body informs the foot, and is informed by the foot, just as your car informs you as you drive it, and you inform it to guide it.

As your foot becomes healthier, more functional, you are very likely to notice many other aspects of yourself improving, such as your posture, your sense of inner-calm, and your confidence in your own athletic ability, which enhances self-esteem and autonomy.

Matthew Wallden, a highly respected and skilled Naturopath and Osteopath is also a Faculty member for the CHEK Institute.

He is also the UK distributor for Vibram Five Fingers shoes. He founded the Barefoot Connections conference in London, England last year. I was a speaker at the first Barefoot Connections conference.

It was a very good conference with many interesting viewpoints shared. The CHEK Practitioners I spoke to there (and there were lots of them!) really enjoyed the conference.

Matthew Wallden, speaking of last year’s Barefoot Connections conference stated:

“Two of the upshots of last year’s conference were the production of both a great video montage and a beautiful new magazine offering information on exactly the kinds of topics we all need to hear more about, in the shape of “Natural Born Runner“, Edited & Produced conference delegate John Eddington.

The first issue hit the shelves in March this year, and is available as a free download here: “Natural Born Runner.”  The second issue will be due sometime shortly after the conference, so keep your eyes open.

Barefoot Connections 2013, June 22nd & 23rd will be here soon. Have a look at who will be attending, take a peek here: Barefoot Connections 2013

More about the format of the two days will follow soon.

zen-In-The-Garden Saturday!

I’m very fortunate that I have an opportunity to share an entire day with my students and friends on Saturday, May 25 for my zen-in-The-Garden one-day workshop here in HEAVEN. I still have a couple of spots left. If you would like to join me here in Escondido CA, I’d love to meet you!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek